jueves, abril 10, 2014

White Wedding - So, You're Marrying A Foreigner?

I'm pretty sure when little girls were little, most of them, dreamed of a white, church wedding. If not, after watching American romantic/chick flick movies, they would want a white, church wedding.

At least, I wanted a white, church wedding. The problem with having a white church wedding here in Malaysia is, it's not as easy as it seems. You see, MOST churches that are built from the ground are Catholic churches and these are the quintessential churches with white marbled floors, chapel like architecture. 

You see, since Malaysia is an Islamic country, you don't find many churches on the ground. Most churches operate from shoplots and only a few Protestants church are on the ground and its more of a hall rather the chapel type that catholic churches are famous for and also some Methodist church, etc. 

What society failed to tell us was, in order to get married here, you or your spouse, have to be a Catholic. I wanted a mass for my wedding so, I've been attending the RCIA since last year; 2013 and I will be baptized this 2014 Easter. So, I will be having a Mass for my wedding. The church that we chose was St. Ignatius in Kelana Jaya. It's big enough for a comfortable ceremony and small enough to be intimate. 

So, here's the requirements for a marriage here. Besides, worshipping here, there are requirements. 

I spent 3 hours in Putrajaya just to get documents to get marry. That 3 hours is not to register my marriage, just to enquire about the documentation! I spent 1 over hours at Jabatan Pendaftaran Malaysia giving me a whole checklist.

Then, another 1 hour plus at Immigration Department just to get another checklist. You need to go to the Immigration Department only, if you're marrying a foreigner.

Anyways, If you're marrying a foreigner and you're Malaysian, I hope this will help! I wished that someone had told me what to do and etc and I hope this will help you. 

Don't expect to get everything done in a week because it's IMPOSSIBLE. It took me 2 months of travelling between NIGERIAN EMBASSY-JPN-WISMA PUTRA-JPN-IMMIGRATION-WISMA PUTRA-PALACE OF JUSTICE- NIGERIAN EMBASSY-JPN. Be prepared to drive from Ampang embassies to Putrajaya. 

My job is pretty much flexi hours hence, most Mondays and Tuesdays were used for running around KL and Putrajaya. And I'm glad to say that we FINALLY made it!!! Our ROM is on the 6th May 2014.

I suggest to do everything in Putrajaya because Wisma Putra is 5 minutes drive from JPN and the Palace of Justice and Immigration are all walking distance from JPN. So, it's quite convenient to a certain extent. Depends on how you see it. Most MALAYSIAN government offices are really efficient and I'm very impressed. They're doing a very good job and even The Fiance is very impressed. 

Identify the visa on his/her passport. (Student/Work) 
If he/she is a STUDENT, then you're in luck and you should read on. Work visa, I will be unable to help you. 

Before you start, you should allocate 1 day to go to the immigration department and JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara) to collect the documents. 

FIRST, You need a consent from the IMMIGRATION DEPARTMENT. You need a form called PERMOHONAN PENGESAHAN PAS BAGI TUJUAN PERKAHWINAN WARGANEGARA ASING. You will have to fill 2 similar forms. 

Please take note of the requirements before heading back to the Immigration. The Immigration in Putrajaya closes for lunch between 1-2PM and either than that, it was a breeze dealing with them. It was one of the fastest, and most effective government department. 

Secondly, you need to go to JPN with all your documents. I would suggest that you get your spouse to get a CONFIRMATION OF MARITAL STATUS stamped by their embassy in Malaysia and then attested by Wisma Putra. Once you have all the documentation, you can go to JPN. 

And you need a translator, to translate the second page (for foreigners) and you can run over to the next block in Putrajaya called the Palace of Justice to get a court translator to sign off for about 5RM. Please dress appropriately and if you have relevant documents, make sure that their embassy stamps it and get wisma putra to attest it. 

If you're marrying a Nigerian, you will have to go to JPN and request for a "Pengesahan Status Perkahwinan" and then, get it attested by Wisma Putra. 

You will have to write 3 letters and then submit it at the Nigerian Embassy. They will call you for an interview on Thursdays and then, only, they will stamp and attest your spouse's marriage documents. 

Once everything is done correctly, and JPN gives you a "Surat Temujanji Upacara Perkahwinan"
You have to set a date with them, 21 days after the day you submit your documents to JPN. Please check the names and the details before leaving the counter. 

If you need more clarifications, please inform me. 
I hope that this helped. You can drop me an e-mail HERE

lunes, marzo 17, 2014

Wedding Preparations!

It's been a hectic few weeks ever since we managed to book the church for our wedding. We've been engaged for quite some time now, about 2 years and we just never really got to the whole planning a wedding thing. 

And if you don't know how to start planning, for your wedding, do it in a church, they will tell you the available dates and you are "forced" to have your wedding then. 

Our wedding will be at St. Ignatius Catholic church where I can have my white wedding! You see, back then, most of my little girl friends would dream about a white wedding, but, no one told us that in Malaysia, if you want to marry in a white church, you need to be Catholic or your spouse needs to be Catholic. Oh, if both of you are Protestants, you won't get a pretty, chapel like church. I have at least 5 friends that are planning to get marry, all whom are not Catholic asked me, "How can I get marry in your church?" One of the reasons why I spent almost a year in RCIA. 

Once the church is settled, it includes floral deco, musicians, venue, marriage classes, etc. Time for the "fun" part. The whole dress hunting. I've been to many, many wedding service providers and most of them will advise you to get their pre wedding package. I can tell you, just sign for their pre wedding packages. The cheapest pre wedding package I've discovered was 2,000MYR plus 4 gowns for picture taking purposes and 1 gown for the actual day and car deco, hand bouquet, picture frames and books. 

I went to MyDreamWedding because I fell in love with their gowns and just to rent their gown, it's close to 3,000MYR and their pre wedding package is about 7,000MYR EXCLUDING wedding photography. Wedding photography is about 3,000 +...

Then, we decided to go to SS2 area and at the junction, right at the corner, you'll see Precious and they quoted us about 5488MYR for pre wedding AND wedding photography. It's one of the cheaper packages and it includes about 3 picture frames, photo books, car deco, hand bouquet, etc... I would recommend this place. What I didn't like about this place was the gown was rather Chinese. Lots of big flowers and appliques and etc. 

Then, we visited Enya Mareine and met Sasaki, I highly recommend this place. It's borderline. It's cheaper than MyDreamWedding and more expensive that Precious. Besides Precious, we were unable to choose what we want. MyDreamWedding didn't ask us what we wanted, rather, they told us what they would give us, which The Fiance didn't like. Enya Mareine has got to be the best and we are so happy with Sasaki because he took the time to ask us what we need, and he plans a package for us. 

We were so happy that we paid the deposit. Our pre wedding is about 5,000MYR for a pre wedding shoot in Johor on a farm!!! I love animals and this is absolutely amazing! And he threw in 3 picture frames, photobooks and 2 jacket for my dad and bro. And I get 4 gowns, car deco and hand bouquet. We also signed up for their wedding photography package for 3,800MYR for 10 hours, 2 photographers and photobooks. 

For more info, you could drop me an e-mail or call Sasaki/Precious. 

Next, we had to look for a reception venue because The Fiance is expecting international guests and it's gonna be a small reception of max 50 people. Just international guests and immediate family and good friends. We enquired from ACME bar, Tamarind Springs, Maison Francaise, Ciao, The Smokehouse - Majestic Hotel, Signature The Hill, Rama V, Sassorosso, One World Hotel and finally The Royale Chulan, Damansara. the cheapest would be The Hill at 1st Avenue, BU at 100++/person. 

But we decided with The Royale Chulan and we are in the midst of discussion. Right now, the price per person is going at 150++/person for a Western menu. 

If you're interested, drop me a line...

Once you enter the shop, you'll be greeted by a lush seating area on your left and a registration table with very friendly sales people that are more than willing to chat with you.

The ceiling is decorated with lights with warm glows and lots of Venetian window that allows maximum light into the place. 

This is Sasaki and I really admire him a lot. He's so patient and if it was me, I would have a throbbing headache by now and here, he's planning our package for us. 

I'm gonna talk more about Enya Mareine because I fell in love with this place. The place is really classy but with personalized services and they make an effort to accommodate to all of your requirements. I really wanted a pre wedding shoot with animals because I LOVE animals and no other places could offer that. So, if you want extremely beautiful pictures, excellent services, and you're getting married, do pay Enya Mareine a visit. The gowns above is just for fun to see how I would look in wedding gowns. I have yet to choose my gowns. 

Anyways, if you want any advise, do call them or drop me an e-mail... And most of these vendors are negotiable and if you're invited to my wedding, do SAVE THE DATE!!!!

Baptism Dress

Been searching high and low for the perfect baptism dress. I've been in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) and I will be baptized this Easter and it's been a long journey! Classes every Tuesday nights and it's finally paid off!!!


Anyways, I found my perfect dress from DOROTHY PERKINS
Why I love it? Those that knows me really well knows how much I love clean lines and silhoutte and this dress is it!

Oh so happy with my purchases!!! 

martes, diciembre 31, 2013

The Swedish Embassy, Santa Lucia Celebration

I had the honor to be invited to the Santa Lucia event held at Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and was organized by the Swedish Embassy and the Swedish Institute. 

It was such a pleasurable, memorable and whimsical event because how many Malaysians are able to experience Santa Lucia here in Malaysia??? 

Prior to working with the Swedish Embassy, I thought Sweden was really oh-so-far and filled with snow. One of my Swedish University friend told me that the population of his town was 5000 and he would show me Google street views of his town and he taught me more or less about Sweden and H&M and IKEA taught me about Swedish textiles, culture and food. 

Sweden has never been one of my favourite countries because I can't stand stinky, fermented fish and the frozen cold weather. Once my work with the Swedish Embassy was done, Sweden became one of my favourite countries and I really do not mind staying in Sweden. 

The fermented, stinky fish that I was referring to, was called Silltarik (Herring plate) and I especially loved their smorgasbord!!! Silltarik is an acquired taste and once you give it a try, it's taste is pleasantly delicious.... I'm actually craving for it right now! 

Sweden is filled with lovely people and their hospitality is incomparable!!! Santa Lucia is such a magical event and I felt as if I was really celebrating Santa Lucia in Sweden! 

The Best Christmas Ever 2013

Are you sure that you "Don't care about the presents under the Christmas tree?"

Can I tempt you with some Turkey and some Swedish Ham?

Christmas is not complete without some toffee and chocolates!

The sweetest girl and her BF! HAHAHA! Merry Christmas from Darrell & Karin

Our many attempts at a family picture! Just laughing ourselves silly!

Me and my sister from another mother!


The Fiance is THE BEST!!!! Nothing screams CHRISTMAS than Chanel, all wrapped up!!!

I also got chocolates/stoking stuffers which were all amazeballs!!!

Also, my collection for Shrek and Madagascar is finally complete!

The Fiance never fails to give me a card on every occasion!!! 

 My souvenir from Japan from The Sister!!!

 My favourite place in the world, just because its so structured and everything is so organized! This year, you get a box with the purchase of 2 shirts!

This Christmas the the first Christmas with The Familia. It was nerve wrecking and oh-so-hectic! The Fiance and I were at each other's throat every minute and its normally followed by a screaming fest between us. 

I was beginning to hate Christmas because we spent too much, we were too hospitable, and I was tired and cranky most of the time and most importantly, everytime The Fiance opens his mouth, I feel as if he wants to pick a fight with me. 

At the end of the day, when everyone was just sitting at the dinner table, gorging themselves with food and after that, everyone was just chilling in the living room and just relaxing with each other's company, only then, did I realise the true meaning of Christmas. 

Christmas isn't about the presents, its isn't about the turkey or the wine or the Moet, it's about, being surrounded by your loved ones. People that you love and people that loves you unconditionally. I'm feel truly blessed to be able to spend Christmas with my family and my fiance. I really felt the LOVE!!!!

So, how was your Christmas? Do tag me to your blog!

Till the next time!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!