Wednesday, August 06, 2014


If you haven't read about my first visit to Enya Mareine, you can read it HERE. And if you haven't read about my gown choosing day at Enya Mareine, you can read it HERE!

I wanted a whole post with the title Enya Mareine because this is the best decision I've made and I'm so happy! I've also been recommending this place to anyone that's gonna get married soon! 

DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE PICTURES, They were taken by my sister, Karin! 

This is my 2nd fitting and I'm so confused! I LOVE these 3 dresses and I simply cannot decide which 2 to pick for my pre wedding shoot. 

Would really appreciate it if you could help me out... 

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

GlamGlow Mud, Malaysia

 I read many rave reviews HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. There's actually too many reviews to link here. I've read enough reviews to actually buy the product! And no, The Hubby has no idea how much this costs! Why? Out of 10 reviews, I read 8 of them loves the product, 10 of them saw improvements in the products and the the other 2 wouldn't buy it again because it's expensive. And only 1 didn't like the product, AT ALL. 

I rushed back to Sephora the next morning, I saw it the evening before and came home, did my research and decided to purchase it the first thing in the morning. Anyways, I made the right choice because they were selling a gift set at Sephora and a teeny 34g jar was 240MYR Any variants ($76 after conversion) 

I got the gift set (240MYR) that comes with a 34g SUPERMUD CLEARING TREATMENT (White jar) and a smaller 15ml YOUTHMUD TINGLEXFOLIATE TREATMENT (Black jar) which was quite worth it! ($76+$24) 

I used a brush to put it on my face so it spreads better and I don't waste it on my fingers and I applied a consistent light layer. The mask smelled organic and natural. I drink lots of tea and I normally bathe with the tea leaves after that because it makes my skin so smooth and I recognize tea leaves in the mask. 

My skin is normally very oily and I tend to use at least 2 of those oil blotters every time and when I'm starting my menstrual cycle, I start breaking out. This is 5 days before my cycle. Ever since I stopped The Pill, I've been breaking out here and there. 

I tend to use concealer, heavier sunscreen, foundation and powder on my face every single day and it tend to take its toll on my skin. The picture on the left is BEFORE, I felt my skin was dull, I had lots of open pores near my nose and I felt little bumps on my chin. 

I left it on for 15 minutes (Was too excited and forgot to check the time!) and I used my Konjac sponge to remove the mask. 

I can tell you for certain that my skin has NEVER felt and looked so good! It's been 3 days since I applied the mask and my skin isn't very oily, because now, I only use 1 sheet of oil blot and I don't use much make up. I just apply my sunscreen and BB Cream.

And I can tell you that make up goes on smoother on my face and those tiny bumps are gone. I had a little pimple on my chin and after 3 days, it's gone. I was afraid to get the mask all over my pillow if I used it on my big pimple on my forehead. 

Overall, I would recommend you to buy the set (While stocks last!) and this is for Malaysia, if you don't already know. You can get it at all Sephora branches and personally, I think that it's money well spent. 

I haven't really tried on $10 masks that worked well that seems to be the complaints of most people in America on why they are not going to buy this mask again. In Malaysia, we're a bit deprived. 

I give this my seal of approval as one of the best-est and most expensive mask I've ever used. It really works wonders! 

Nike - Just Do It!

The Hubby thought that I was getting fatter because I stopped swimming after the whole bacteria infection on my face incident. For my (very) be-early birthday, he got me head to toe Nike! I have sports bra, top, pants, socks, and THE LATEST Lunar Cross Element Training Shoes

I got excited and put on my gym clothes and Instagrammed myself, and guess what? Nike replied me on Twitter!!! And it was epic!!! It was really motivating! 

THANKS @Nike!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Blood Donation

Dear Haters, You claim that I took drugs and is a bad influence on my students? Here's me donating blood, like I have been donating every year since 2005. 

Also, after class, some students decided that they want to donate blood as well, with me and they all donated their blood. 

So, anymore stupid, shitty and ignorant thing you wanna say? 

I have to say thanks for the publicity! I got so may more hits on this blog of mine! 

Peace out!

Monday, July 21, 2014


I'm going to say this once. It's not The Jews, The Americans, The Palestinians killing each another. 

It's humans killing humans. Period. 

It's the state of nature of men to wage wars because according to Hobbes in Leviathan, "So that in the nature of man we find three principal causes of quarrel. First, competition; secondly, diffidence; thirdly, glory.  
The first maketh man invade for gain; the second, for safety; and the third, for reputation. The first use violence, to make themselves masters of other men’s persons, wives, children, and cattle; the second, to defend them; the third, for trifles, as a word, a smile, a different opinion, and any other sign of undervalue, either direct in their persons or by reflection in their kindred, their friends, their nation, their profession, or their name."

And those studying History would know that since the first war in Mesopotamia, there's been wars in different parts of the world. 

There has never been a decade where, there weren't any wars. I still stand in my believe that waging wars in part of our DNA. 

In conclusion, wars did not happen because of race or religion, it happened because of human sins. So, boycotting, hashtags or sharing gruesome pictures won't help. You want to help? Pray. Simple as that. 


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Married - Designer Bridal Room

The Hubby still insisted that I buy at least one wedding gown and told me not to worry because he wants me to own the gown. 

As we were in Hugo Boss, Pavillion, We saw the signs that Designer Bridal Room was having Sales and it was up to 50% off designer gowns! We decided to check it out. 

The Sales staff was extremely helpful and I'm a plus size girl, I'm not ashamed to say it and they still managed to make me feel like a princess. We were assisted by Lee Sa and she was so enthusiastic, helpful and giving us tips and making me fit into the most gorgeous dresses.  

Can't you see? I feel like a million dollar princess here! She even gave me a Cathedral Veil to try on and I look and feel like a bride. Honestly, I feel so scared and excited at the same time! I LOOKED sooo different!!! I look like a wife and I couldn't recognize myself. 

I'm wearing a 16,500MYR gown from La Sposa, a 2,500MYR Cathedral Veil and 1,500MYR "sleeves" from Annasuly. 

This is the actual dress from La Sposa that I tried on and its a tube-like dress and the church needs me to cover my top, hence the Annasuly "sleeves" that were pinned to the dress. 

I really recommend going to Designer Bridal Room at Pavilion when you're looking for a wedding gown. Do make an appointment by clicking HERE

They have all the loveliest brands such as Pronovias (My fav!!), La Sposa, Rosa Clara, Annasul Y., and Lusan Mandongus. 

Here's some web sites that you would want to check out. La SposaAnnasul YPronovias.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

More Shit

This is not my picture, I got this picture off Facebook 

Instead of walking away, I'm gonna stand up and do something. 

I'm a good person and I'm damn good at what I do. 

I've made lots of enemies online because I'm too outspoken for my own good and I'm too opinionated for their liking. 

Unfortunately, their plans to hurt me back fired because, even if I have nothing left in this world, I have my integrity, my strong sense of moral values and my innocence.

Besides, my God will not let my enemies destroy me. 

During Mass, I was "awakened". Call it Holy Spirit, call it God, call it Divine Intervention but my message was to work for God.

When you work for humans, they take you for granted and it resulted in me, being burnt out and 
I have too much of misplaced anger and my emotions are unbalanced. 

So, I'm putting God first and dedicating my service to Him. 

Have a blessed Sunday everyone....

Friday, June 27, 2014

Shit Happens

Apparently, this old, neglected blog of mine has been receiving some anonymous complaints recently. Some anonymous person misinterpreted my blog and complained. According to this person, I'm a drug junkie, free loader that "forced" my students to read my personal blog. 

Those who has been reading my blog knows that this blog has been around for more than 10 years. My stats are clear for all to see that I receive less visitors that Aung San Suu Kii under house arrest. Those who has worked with me also know that I'm professional to the core. 

I would like to reiterate that:

1) I DO NOT use nor condone the use of drugs but I am guilty of abusing alcohol. In my post, I used the word substances to replace alcohol because I wanted to self censor the word so, not to insult my Muslim brothers and sisters. FYI: Drugs that they accuse me of, would normally refer to narcotics or ILLEGAL substances.  

2) "Going to Amsterdam and getting high" is a phrase that my sisters and I use to describe irresponsible behavior and mostly, my sisters are the only ones who reads my blog. FYI: It's more or less like a feeling of euphoric fun and irresponsibility and Amsterdam. Please, watch some movies.  

3) Focusing on my job doesn't mean teaching because being a teacher, my job doesn't only require me to teach. I have other aspects of my job such as writing my paper and applying for scholarships and also, writing my research proposals for my PhD. FYI: Read my previous blog on how I love doing what I do, before you judge me. Do not be jealous of someone who actually has a job they enjoy while you're probably unemployed. 

4) What I am guilty of is, I NEVER edit my posts and everything you read is straight from my mind and that is somewhat wrong because people are able to misrepresent what you mean. On the other hand, this is ME. I am open with my feelings and my feelings are raw. 

It saddens me that sadistic haters exists in this world. But then again, I am held responsible for my words, thoughts and actions and I can be accountable for this but, if since you're anonymous, how accountable and responsible are you? 

Well, All I want to say is, good job. Please show yourself so I can add you to my focus group. I'm in the midst of writing a paper of honesty and anonymity on social media, is it a bad thing or a good thing? and if you would like to participate, please, tell me. 

I have a clue on who you are cause my blog rarely get any hits, I receive less than 10 readers per post. So, nothing is preventing me from running a reverse IP check. But, I'm not going to because I want you to reveal yourself. 

Just because I'm an educator, that doesn't mean I'm not a human being with no emotions and not entitled to my own thoughts. I can say that I'm a better human being than you claim to be. So, I'm taking this as a learning process to edit my words and thoughts to prevent it from being misconstrued by irresponsible parties. 

Thank you for teaching me this lesson. I have indeed, been taking to power of this blog for granted. Its funny how they pick a few lines to attack my character but neglecting to see my real character through all my other posts. 

Unfortunately, you mess with the wrong person. I have a wholesome character and I'm ready to defend it whenever the need arises and I believe that you're somebody if you have haters. Best of all, if you have anonymous haters. 

I also accept responsibility for phrasing out words, that you may misconstrue.  

I stole this image from TotemHead because it sums up what I feel.

I'm a Catholic and I say Our Father 5 times a day and this is how it goes:

Our Father who art in heaven,
Hallowed be thy name,
Thy Kingdom come, 
Thy will be done, 
On Earth as it is in Heaven,
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us, of our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us. 
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil. 

To end this post, I quote you Ephesians 4:31-32
"Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you."