Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't and i won't ever get football!!

Due to the FIFA season, people ALWAYS ask me ' did u watch that bonita game between who-and-who yesterday?' n i ALWAYS reply 'I don't watch the bonita game n i don't intend to...' they will then give me this look as if i just came back from Mars which will then turn to look as if they're gonna teach me all about the bonita game.. It ANNOYING!!!! Who cares if some-nation lost a match.. and it would make a grown man cry.. Yesterday, the match between Ghana and Brazil got my dad all pissed.. Telling me that he don't wanna watch such a useless team playing and who-and-who should be sacked and they're not playing well and he was practically screaming in my ears but he still watched the WHOLE match to the end.. Due to the massive coverage on the newspaper about how women are equally passionate about the game and how they will watch the game with their husbands and how the whole family as in the dad, mom, bro, sis and everyone will watch the game together... My dad actuall said, " Why can't our family be like this (while pointing to the picture in the newspaper about the whole family dreesed in their jerseys and all..) See, this is what a REAL family should be..." Me and mom curtly replied " Well, ur in the wrong family then.." My dad is so passionate about the game that he didn't even watch the Canadian F1 race the other day... F1 is like his first passion.. He loves watching F1 and he NEVER misses a race.. So, i was the only one who celebrated Alonso's victory in Canada.. Well, Don't get me wrong, i don't have ANYTHING against the bonita game.. Well, I do love some players and i think they're really good looking and all (the main reason why women watch football..) but they're charm isn't enough to keep me entertained until the whole game ends.. They're cute, but NOT that cute!!

Morale: I'm DESPERATE for the FIFA season to END!!!

Monday, June 26, 2006

My bro is sooo dead funny!!

This really funny picture is taken on the way home from Segamat.. God, If my bro sees this, I'm soooo DEAD!!!! Anyways, he'll never find out.. ha..ha.. and the Teddy is mine.. Ha..ha.. He snores!! and he drools!! Ewwww... He ain't heavy, he's my Bro.... which i like to embarrass..

Cousins 4ever!!

This is the first time that we're taking a picture.. Most of the time it's the guys that are so camera shy!! Can't really see but wait till i brighten it a little bit.. Thats me right in the middle.. Shortly after this picture was taken, The camera had an unfortunate case with the washing machine and is deemed useless now.. This picture is taken at Rachel's wedding in Segamat, Johor.. We really had fun!!

I'm having a week from hell..

Well, after a lousy week, Say hello to a brand new sucky week!! Why does it seem like my assignments are never-ending? Basically, i got two assignment due on wednesday.. Media Law and Radio.. Was so stressed out for Law that i haven't even start my radio.. Not to mention that i need to learn how to use Flash.. because Flash is unfortunately coming out for my finals.. I'm not gonna repeat and spend another semester doing stupid Flash!!! I'm determined not to!! Still typing my Law.. Seems never-ending.. Not to mention my Public Relations presentation on Friday and Copywriting finals next week.. Oh, and not forgetting my Law class test on Friday and my finals coming right up.. then, Campus friends meeting. It's so hectic and I'm so tired... Nearly cried cause i didn't know how to use the stupid Flash!! Flash makes me angry.. I hate stuff which i can't understand!! I'd rather do a hundred Law questions than one Flash scene. When will i be able to blog about nice and happy stuff? why am i always complaining in my blogs? What makes it worse is that i haven't seen or hang out with my best-est(our creation) friend for such a long time!! The last time i went out with her is on the beginning of the month and god i MISS her!!! Now u all know why my blog is called My Desperate Thoughts..

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Lose some, Gain some

Well, let me first enlighten eveyone with the terrible week i had.. But, the optimistic me thinks that why should i complain about my week when i'm lucky to have been through this week alive, and happy with my friends and family? Ok, i always listen to the optimistic me.. The best part about this week is that my dream finally came through.. I FINALLY GOT MY iPod MINI!!!! I'm still a little estatic and happy but trying my best to act normal.. But i'll kinda miss my cousin when he goes back to Sydney today.. Saw him looking so down when we sent him to grandma's house this morning.. Anyways, I just don't get it with the random question in the profile section.. I got a pretty stupid and not to mention silly question.." the love potion u brewed taste horrible.. how would u drink it?" stupid huh? anyways, gotta go now.. Till next time..