Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Weird Art Work Part 2

To enjoy these pictures, an open mind and a sharp eye would be good.and endless appreciation to the artist...

Weird Art Work Part 1

This two pictures are my source of fascination. They're weird in one way and yet artistic in another way. and yet only a genius can come up with such artistic works... I really admire them... I may not know a thing about art, but this is remarkable. and now my love for art has been restored.

Amigos para siempre

The times i missed the most is during my school time. From this picture, everyone could see the bond we shared.. We were so close to each other. How i wished, and wished that we could remain like this forever? Unfortunately, life is reality.. even though we were once in the same college, We all had separate lives and separate priorities.. I was busy with events, Mary was busy with her love life and suha was busy with her course mates. Sometimes, we rarely see each other. But now, suha has graduated. i'm even more busier as i only have 2 sems left and mary has a bf. Somehow, i got to be thankful that we were in the same college, Not many friends end up in the same college. Now, all i wish and hope is that we stay together until d end of time.. but, i have to get real. Life isn't that easy. God!!! I'll miss them once it's time for us to go our separate ways...

Morale: I'm DESPERATE for us to remain friends forever.

Monday, July 10, 2006

My blog in Es-sepanyol

Since i almost forget how to write in Spanish, I better start practising. Ok, It may seem a little rusty here and there but at least i'm making an effort. Here goes, Por fin yo finalmente obtuve a otro bebé a mi colección. Además mi perro, yo obtuve un hámster.. ¡Dios, Es tan mono!!! Tiene 2 ojos amoratados pequeños y brillantes. Pero adoraré todavía mi querido de perrito de bebé... Mi mamá es tan cambiada. Normalmente ella dirá no en seguida antes del escuchar mi explaination. Ahora, ella dijo si.. algo. aún cuando quise obtener un ermitaño. Adivino que tiempo cambiará a personas. Mi papá apenas no actuó nada nuevo.. Hizo ni piense que él cuidó o molestó. Pero es agradable tener más animales favoritos. Por lo menos ellos pueden mantener mi mente lejos cosas y cualquier hago, yo los pondré primero. Cosas especialmente estúpidas. Ahora, mi perro duerme luego a mí. El es tan conectado a mí y a donde jamás voy, él sigue. El es tan adorable. Pero él necesita alguna independencia y no sólo dependiente en mí. Ahora, puedo ni doy un paso fuera de mi puerta dentro de unos pocos pasos. Si hago, él empezará a ladrar como loco. Ellos me hacen tan feliz y ellos me dan un nuevo significado a la vida. y ellos me enseñan responsabilidad. Yo no sé lo que prescindiré de ellos. Ellos son el amor de mi vida. ok... how was it? Quite bad isn't it? ha..ha.. I'll try harder next time...

Morale: I'm DESPERATE to have more pets

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A trip to the Marketplace

Last Saturday the trip to the market reminds me why and how much i hate going to the market.. Firstly, due to the imbecile people that do not know how to park their car and double park in an already narrow road.. to get to the market itself took minutes in a normally minutes street. Secondly, to find a parking. In a normal market, finding a parking itself can make a person thank god.. Thirdly, buying the groceries... All the old ladies kept on shoving each other and they say we should respect them.. god!! they don't even respect each other!! and people wonders where the younger generation learn their rudeness from.. Mystery solved..Thirdly,the filth is DISGUSTING!!! crows eating chicken organs and all.. the smell really stinks!!! Fourthly, to manoeuver a car out of that god forsaken place itself is hell.. People don't seem to be able to read simple road signs like NO ENTRY!!! and ONE WAY ONLY!!!

MORALE: I'm DESPERATE to don't have to go to the marketplace ever again!!!!