Monday, October 30, 2006

I'm an Artemis!!

You scored as Artemis. You are Artemis - goddess of the hunt









What Greek goddess are you? (Females Only) (PICS)
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I'm a Fairie!!

You scored as Faerie. Faerie: Aren't you a cute little flying person? Faeries are earth spirits. They live among each element completely hidden. They have cousins called Pixies. Pixies however, are very mischevious. They enjoy tormenting other creatures for fun. Little pranksters.. I hope you never meet one. Pixies have a bad reputation for finding a creature and clinging to them until death. Faeries can be somewhat close to a Pixie, but mostly they are loving, playful, and carry with them a child-like enthusiasm for life. Hide among the pedals of a Daisy, you are a Faerie.













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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Raye is so great!!

I've been craving for authentic nasi lemak for some time now. Not the un-orginal ones but i want the ones with steaming hot rice cooked with santan and a pandan leaf thrown in served with a hard boiled egg and spicy sambal which is not too spicy. When i visited my malay cousin's house, i managed to satisfy my cravings. Besides that, they also served kampong fried chicken and my favourite sambal tumis prawns cooked with petai. The desserts were heavenly and the best is the company.

The majestic tiger.

My niece, cousin Illyia actually made this strawberry masterpiece!

My favourite sambal tumis prawns with petai

An assortment of raya cookies with a western touch!

The traditional malay kuih, Kuih Bangkang!

My lovely niece/cousin Illyia just came back frm Czeh Republic

My nephew/cousin Izmir!!

My bro and Mir listening intently to my dad.. LOL!


America… Land of wonders and opportunities… Last night me and my bro was talking about dreams until almost 3 in the morning. I know that I’m not destined for the normal life.. No one is but they just sort of settle into the rhythm and realized that they are just going to be happy living a lie. A lie that they tell themselves that they wanted all along.. To lead a normal and a non-existent life. A usual cycle where they graduate, look for a job, settle down, have a family, work till they cannot work ,
lead the life of a responsible law abiding citizen till the day they die. They content themselves by forgetting their dream and saying that their dreams now are for their family and they practically live their live for their family. That’s not a dream, it’s an obligation. I realized that people used to have dreams and everyone has dreams but why did they give up their dreams for? Many people said that they did not give up their dreams, their dreams just changed. They became afraid of the unknown; they want to lead the life, their parent’s lead. They want to make their kids lead the life they lead. When dreams die, the people also dies along with they dreams. Dreams push us to succeed, and to have faith in our self. I have dreams and they’re

1) Write a book.
2) Visit 3 countries of my dreams- Greece, Egypt and America
3) To NOT lead a normal life.

So far I’m working on my book titled “Superstar Immigrant” and I hope to finish it as soon as possible. My brother told me... “Why bother when you know you’re going to fail?” and I told him that I dare to dream and I dare to fail. I’d rather die trying than wake up 20 years from now wondering what could have been. At least if I tried, there’s a 50-50 chance that I just might succeed. Fulfilling a dream is not merely fulfilling a dream. It’s that feeling inside, that sense of achievement that surpasses every high, orgasm or what ever great feelings that people are in loved with nowadays. Dreams pushes us to do our very best, with determination and hope anyone can have their dream come true. I love the Mariah Carey’s video; Through The Rain that shows a young girl that ran away from home to fulfill her dreams to be a singer and she became successful and how about Coyote Ugly that tells the story of a small town girl who dance in bars in skimpy outfits just to fulfill her dreams and they guy who fell in love with her and who’s dream is to fulfill her dreams. Dreams are very subjective. To me, dreams will allow me to lead an extraordinary life. A life that most people can only dream about. A life where I can live like I’m dying and live it to the fullest! I want to be like the lyrics in Rascall Flatts song, the soundtrack to the movie Cars; Life Is A Highway…

Life’s a road that you travel on, When there’s one day here and the next day gone, like the road that we travel on…Sometimes you bend, sometimes you standSometimes you turn your back to the windThere's a world outside every darkened doorWhere blues won't haunt you anymoreWhere the brave are free and lovers soarCome ride with me to the distant shoreWe won't hesitate, to break down the garden gateThere's not much time left todayCHORUSLife is a highwayI want to ride it all night longIf you're going my wayI want to drive it all night longThrough all these cities and all these townsIt's in my blood and it's all aroundI love you now like I loved you thenThis is the road and these are the handsFrom Mozambique to those Memphis nightsThe Khyber Pass to Vancouver's lightsKnock me down get back up againYou're in my blood I'm not a lonely manThere's no load I can't holdRoad so rough, this I knowI'll be there when the light comes inTell 'em we're survivorsFulfilling one’s dream is a long and winding road.

I know that in order to fulfill my dreams, I’m going to make my parents mad, sad and angry but I hope only time can heal them and someday, they will somehow respect my dreams and be happy for me instead of subjecting me to lead a normal life. And finally in Paris Hilton’s new video : Nothing In This World… In the end there’s the word… DARE TO DREAM.

The vile and the Horrid.

This has got to be the most vile crap i've ever drank in my life!!! Unfortunately Chai people loves this drink.. and swears by it!!

The ingredients.

The bitter, disgusting, horrid and every word in the dictionary that suggests UGH!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hari Raya!!!

I don't know what is wrong with me and why am i trying so hard to keep in touch with my heritage. After very recently had the urge to keep in touch with my chai-ness and celebrated Moon Cake Festival, I now decided to keep in touch with my Malay-ness and celebrate Raya! For those who don't know, my father's side is proudly international. So, for me it's nice to have so many Malay relatives and i can celebrate so many festivals. Unfortunately, i was in a rush so i forgotten to take my camera along with me to snap some pictures.
We first visited my Malay relatives in Ampang and we were treated to a scrumptious traditional malay dishes and also Western dishes. I forget to mention that we're part British also. Maybe next time when i visit them, I'll remember to take my cam to take pictures of my ancestors. The array of food comprises of lasagna, mashed potato, tomato rice, beef rendang, chicken rendang, dry beef rendang, sambal prawns, nasi lemak, briyani rice, and almost 10 types of cakes!! Had fun talking crap with my cousin who also happened to be my best friend in high school. and they're were many people there, such as foreigners, indians, chinese and they're were lots of family members. Nowadays, everybody is equal and everybody is some what mixed. The next time any form ask me to state my race, I'll put Malaysian instead of Chinese.
Feel really lucky to have so many family members and also pround of my some what complicated ancestral tree. Hopefully I'm able to put the picture of my ancestors up as soon as possible. Till the next Raya, Love and kisses from me!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I Dream of Jeannie.

I recently received another bundle of joy when i got Jeannie on Sunday!!! She's a handful apart from Skipper... Oh, did i mention that she's an American Cocker Spaniel? So she's kinda smaller compared to Skipper which is a Cocker Spaniel.. Cocker Spaniels are so intelligent and so lovable and so adorable!! They will surely get a lifetime of my love.I love them both so much!! Well, Double the joy, Double the fun, Double the happiness and Double the mess!!

Me and Skipper and Jeannie!!

Me and Jeannie

Skipper's look of LOVE!

Jeannie looking for fun!

She's kinda small but she's a handful!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Birthdays and Cousins

My darling cousin, Wen Jing

Me and Boy- Boy

Me and Wen Jing

Boy-Boy is such a cam hogger

Wen Jing looks so innocent

My bro's sbirthday cake!! Fruit Flan

The birthday boy, Darrell.. who's birthday is just 4 days after my birthday!!! And he insist that he's the most handsomest, coolest, leng chai..... and the crappiest!!! He thinks he's so hot!!!.... But he's so Not!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Birthday!

Delicious Sweet and sour crabs

Steamed Man tou

Quaker Prawns

La la and bihun

Fried Mantou

Deep Fried Squid

4 Beans fried with Belacan

My Mom

My Grams

My Dad

Beautiful view.. So hazy!!

The entrance to the restaurant. It's built on top of a sea.

The view before entering the restaurant

My Birthday cake!!!

The view of another ship from the restaurant.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Pre-Birthday-Lunch at Dragon-i

Went to 1 Utama on Saturday for my pre- birthday-party lunch with my mom, and some colleagues from work which was really fun!! Wasn't able to buy as much stuff in Curve but still manage to buy quite a lot of stuff!! Had lunch at the exclusive Dragon-i and find out that i actually kinda like Chai cuisine. I love the deco and the ambience and the food..... It's AMAZING!!!! The price is equally amazing la... Some pictures from the restaurant to experience what i've experienced.. I especially liked the feeling of walking past all the Terracota warriors to the entrance.. It's like, they're scrutinising your every move! Freaky and exciting at the same time..

The mysterious and exciting Terracota warrior.

Their famed dish, 'Siu Long Bao' Which is so darn good!! Fell in love with this dish!!

The Elegant entrance to Dragon-i, 1 Utama

Their Sour n spicy soup.. Too thick for my liking..

The flat oblong shaped mee... Kinda bland... But the prawns are really fresh!

Their wipes... They have the history of the 'Siu Long Bao' printed on the back..

The only dish i did not eat! It's fried pigeon!! Terribly inhumane!

For more food, Pls visit Dragon-i at 1 Utama or Mid Valley..

MoonCake Festival..

Recently, Decided to keep in touch with my 'chai-ness' and celebrate my FIRST Mooncake Festival and it was disappointing!! There i was, lighting all the candles, and the wind will not stop blowing.. And i meant that, once 15 or so candles was lit, It will blow straight off.. then, my mom helped while i took a picture. Enjoyed delicious moon cake with jap tea under the moon... with the garden lit with lanterns.. the feeling is priceless... but i don't think i'll do it again coz it's not worth the trouble..

Candles on the gate!!

Mommy helping with the candles!!

I like my mooncake Lotus Paste with single yolk!!

How dark!

Moon cakes have to come from Tai Thong!!