Saturday, November 18, 2006

Sceneries and Stuffs I Just Gotta Share!

My latest fascination is with clouds and colours. These are the images that inspires me nowadays. Clouds; as a representation of my dreams and colours as the representation of the impact people make in my life!

The peaceful and quite view of Nusaputra; my new hoouse. (Note: I used house instead of home)

The colourful M& M's. Melt in your mouth, Not in your hands! (They do melt in your hands!! Liars!)

The setting sun of my home.

On my way to Seremban when it started to pour. The clouds was grey, white and black... Amazing!

The Beautiful Side of the Moon

Would you believe it if i told u that these are the pictures of the moon? My mom didn't believe me when i told her that. I learnt this technique during my photography class in college and in order to get these pictures, just move your camera! U can achive so many beutiful images of the moon this way! Just make sure that the moon is bright and full!

Just hold the capture button on the cam down and do a circular motion with the camera while holding the button down.

Hold the button down and draw a R shape.

The most simple and basic image; Just 'pull' the camera or make like ur drawing a line down.

A simple scribble.

Try drawing simple patterns and alphabets.

It's so simple and easy; but the outcome is so beutiful! Just move ur camera into anymotion you want while holding down the button! Try it!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Perfect Man.

Was watching The Perfect Man recently and it's scary how a movie seem to connect with your life. I've already accepted the fact long time ago that Prince Charming does not exist and there is no Perfect Man either. Sometimes a girl don't need a perfect man. just a man who loves her and treats her right. Thats all. Well, I do, at least. Ok, in this movie Heather Locklear plays a mother who shifts states everytime she gets dumped and Hillary Duff plays the daughter that is quite used to her mom's desperate ways until they shifted to Brooklyn, New York. I feel that i can connect to Heather Locklear and in a scene she said, "If you run away, you'll be running away for life." I don't want that. Maybe all my talk about dreams is because i want to run away. Another line is that " You must open your heart to love and to get hurt and not running away". I've always admired those people that are in a relationship. They're really brave to take a risk. I'm not and i never will be able to do that. I really love this story because i'm not only running away, I'm also running away from myself. Believe me when i say i've run away. Whenever there's a confrontation, i run away. when a guy says that he loves me, I run away. I never stay long enough to get hurt or for people to know me and because of that; i missed out a lot. I guess no matter what, I'll still be running away from myself in the future. Telling myself that I'm fulfilling my dreams but I'm just running away. Well, no matter what, I somehow believe that the Perfect Man do exist. He is called your Soulmate. Worried that you're never gonna find him? Well, it's up to your Fate. I believe that my Perfect Man is out there, some where waiting for Fate to bring us together.