Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Gratitude Reflection

Well, since i won't be here and i'll be too darn busy during the 31st December and the 1st January 2007 to write this, i might as well stop procrastinating and just finish it done with it! Well after taking a good, long, hard look at my life, and comparing it to people which is not as lucky and this act humbles me. I feel like everything can change in an instant if we don't learn the art of appreciation. Well, here goes....
Things to be thankful for:
1) I got an imperfectly perfect nuclear family.
2) I got education.
3) I got something basic and constantly taken-for-granted handphone.
4) The most revolutionary must-have item my beloved iPod.
5) Adequate clothes to wear.
6) A bunch of imperfectly perfect friends which i could trust with my life.
7) Though i ALWAYS say that i'm broke, Well, I'm NEVER broke.
8) Won lots of cool stuff this year; Movie tix, bags, goodie bags, limited edition move merchandise and some other really cool stuff.
9) Had a great experience as a Student Helper... It was priceless.
10) Made many new friends through Student Helper.
11) Learnt to use Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash and also learnt to play Gunbound!!!
12) Another new house in Nusaputra.
13) I didn't have any MAJOR health threat not like my 2004's knee dislocation.
14) I managed to complete my assignments on time.
15) Didn't fail any subjects.
16) Discovered my self, my dreams and my love.
17) Got a whole load of new books.
18) In 2 months time, I'm no longer a P.
19) Learnt how to use those complicated looking radio thingy.
20) Saw how a movie is filmed real life.

What i hated this year:
1) Generally nothing except the little fights and those seemingly-little-unfair- scenes that actually doesn't matter a lot.

Touch wood, I generally had a great year and pleasant surprises along the way and that taught me to grow a lot and i really hope that the coming year will bring MORE happiness, friends, money, love, luck and everything good. Anyways, I hope year 2007 bring many good wishes and many returns to EVERYONE!!!!!!! Lotsa love, miss elle.

~you know you love me~

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Impossible Ideology of the Epitome Of Perfection

I've been searching for the perfect blog skin since... Forever!!! Just like my dilemma to get a new pair of decent shoes!!! When it's time to get new shoes, I conjure up the image of the PERFECT shoes... So, Been to every shopping mall in Klang Valley and even Penang and i didn't even see my Perfect shoes. I know what i want and i will not settle for less but my mom said i'm just too darn fussy! and that i should just make my own shoes! Well, back to my blogskin dilemma... I've been through so many skins to last me a lifetime and i still haven't found it... Yet. My friend was saying; Thank god it's only a pair of shoes... Next time, how are you gonna choose your husband? Newsflash: If you know me well enough, I Don't Need A Man or in this case, a Husband! I also can't help being a Libra... Libra are famous for their inability to make decisions... I know how irritated my friend feels whenever i call and not even a hello i say " Faster answer me; A or B?" And the poor person has to randomly choose an alphabet and the line will be disconnected before the poor person could ask why or say bye! And A was Waffle Crisp and B was Capt 'n' Crunch! See how i can't even make a simple decision as to which cereals to buy? God!!!! When will i be able to find my Perfect Blogskin? Or can anyone teach me how to create blogskins? Since i can't manufacture my Perfect shoes, I think i'm capable to create my Perfect blogskin!!!

~you know you love me~

Sunday, December 10, 2006

As Time Goes By

I walked into my room today and i saw that both of my calendars is still at November 03, 2006. I didn't give it much thought as there is no signification or whatsoever of that date. Days later, I begin to realise that it's actually 07 December 2006. Time passed so fast and i didn't even realise it. Soon, It's going to be a new year... Again. I'm not complaining but i feel like it's time i start doing my Gratitude Reflection. What I've learn and achieved and stuff that i feel grateful for. Besides doing a list of what i've lost and gained. Sometimes people say; Wait till next year, la.... I realise now that it's not such a long wait anymore. Time is such a difficult thing. Who knows when our Time will run out? Hopefully, I really hope that I've at least achieved some things to be proud of and also be more thankful with what i have.So, I hope my streamyx connection is good and i also hope that i won't be too lazy to on the computer on 31 December 2006 to write about my Gratitude Reflection. Wish me luck!!!