Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I hereby declare a hiatus for as long as i need because i'm feeling very uninspired right now. I'm going to have the best parties for Christmas, New Year and all... I'll only upload my pictures next year... Till then, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Feliz Navidad y próspero año nuevo!!!!!

Lotsa love,

~you know you love me~

PS: I will however be constantly updating these
following spaces...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Favourite Time and Favourite Place

My favourite time of the year is coming soon and no one loves the Jingle Bells, Christmas Tree, Walking In A Winter Wonderland more than Me!!! This year i hope, christmas will bring forth warmness, prosperity and renewed faith... I'm getting ready all my Chrismass-y stuff... Trying to perfect the Gingerbread Man Cookie and updating my iTunes with all the Christmas songs, Wrapping Skipper's present and making the house more Christmass-y since it's only me and Skipper that's celebrating Christmas.. I need the Christmas Magic even more this year... Despite being really optimistic about life, i sometimes hope that Santa can wrap and present me some guy that fits my wants, needs and expectations... till then, i'll be waiting and "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

One of my favourite places has got to be the airport. Seen the Westlife "Home" video...??? The airport is a paradox of contradictions... It's the place when i can be the happiest person on earth and also the saddest person on earth... Just feel a little lonely since Shi Nee is busy and Ili Bakhtiar-Tan is worried... and i feel sad and depressed... Baking Lemon Thyme Shortbread don't seem to console me... I need my weekly fix of Gossip Girl...

Darling Kerwin

I cannot tell you how much i adore Kerwin... he's so

adorable and i can't help but love him to bits... oh, i

forgot to tell you guys that he's my brother... as in

brother-brother... for real...

But i rarely see him...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

OctoberFest 2007!!!

Hey, People!!

*In the spirit of Gossip Girl, I dedicate the whole blog

post ala Gossip Girl... All I Want Is Everything!!

Sighted: M, SS, SN, I, and T going crazy at

Octoberfest. We have always known what they would

do for booze… we just didn’t know what they could do

with booze. I and her ex T was seen participating in a

little game for single people. Hmm… Which part of

SINGLE they don’t understand? After that, she was

seen canoodling with another ex JON. It seems that

who’s who is all here…except her boyfriend?

Booze is like a tinted glass that makes people think that

the world is a better place and make those unfortunate

looking ones, seem not unfortunate looking after all. All

of a sudden, love seems to be in the air.

Those who are single are lured into the celebration with

the false promises of Y. Good looking but bad for you.

Those who are not so single, blames everything on the

alcohol. What about those who are in a relationship but

insist on being single? It’s a game of love out there and

you lucky people can read all about it… right here!

Our friends M, SS, SN, I and T was seen screaming Ho!

With a beer bottle in their hands while pointing at one

another… Girls, you don’t need to make it obvious…

we all know!

Later at Carls Jr. the party continued with the arrival of

A, B, and J. I wonder where I and her “cousin” J is?

Probably making out somewhere… Tip: why not ask

SN? I think the bar which she was last seen shoving her

tongue down an Indian married man’s throat was

strategic enough to make out and yet private enough to

hide amongst the foliages.

Their happily ever after was rudely disrupted by the

arrival of M, a wanna be poser. We can all watch

helplessly as M hopes to ignite the fire of love with A

and poor B could only hope A loves him enough. Is M

from Bronx-fields? Where is our favorite cousins? Still

looking for a place to rendezvous? Try the toilet next to

Carl’s Jr.

The night ended as soon as it started with everyone

high and talking nonsense. Maybe a love lost can be

rekindled? It’s always good to know that when

everything goes wrong, there’s always booze and with

the help of a little drama, life seems a little better!

Told you it would be hot!!

you know you love me,


Gossip Girl

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Some Things!

Ili with her new do...
blood donation

me with my new cut...
This ad really speaks to me... Ads nowadays rarely have substance and i must say that this ad is good!!

I cut my hair coz i'm just too tired of my old hairstyle...

And this is just one of the people that cut they're hair besides me!!! My slut Paul!!!

I'm wondering whether is this the hottest summer or

what?!! People are slowly changing the way they look

and i think thats hot is they have the right cut and the

more drastic it is, the more hotter it'll be!!! It seems that

everyone around me has cut their hair or at least

planning to... (how could you not succumb to peer

pressure?) Let me see, Xiying, Shi Nee, Ili, Paul, Me!,

and then Dan (he'll be cutting his hair as soon as i find

out what cut looks hot on him!)

But then again, massive changes have been happening

lately... I think i'm materialistically blessed but

spiritually empty!! Been busy downloading and

watching Gossip Girl and i finally came to the

conclusion that i'm addicted to the bloody series!!! I

mean, I need a new addiction since Psych had it's

season finale last Wednesday!!!!

Gossip Girl is like drugs, wait.... no!!! better than

drugs!!! and finally discovered the MOST AMAZING,


chip cookies EVER!!! It's moist, and chewy and warm

and oozes chocolate!!!! But it's a tie between SUBWAY

(yes, THE sandwich Subway!!!) and Keebler

CHOCOLATE LOVERS!!!! I can seriously say that it's

better than sex...Anytime!!! And i would seriously sell

my soul for the cookie!!!

I decided to establish a Clean Teen Club... For those

who are living under a rock, and missed the latest

season of One Tree Hill, CTC is a club with the

objective of remaining a virgin till forever... In other

words, return to sender unopened... well, we accept

virgins and born again virgins!!! Anyone interested? I

would be the Prez and ili is my Vice... Seriously, It

doesn't matter if you're not a virgin... as long as you're

a virgin from the back!!

I'm planning to go crazy at 1U's Octoberfest!!!! If you

can't attend the real thing, attend a fake one, read up on

Octoberfest (i seriously recommend and

talk and act as if you've been there!!! Another hint, take

loads of pix with beers and all!!! The key word here is


Looking forward to KDU'S Annual Blood Donation

Drive... it's healthy despite what others may say about

blood donation!! I've donated 3 times already!!! and

volunteered for 2.. so far, i'm all good!!! It was great

knowing that i did a good deed today..(karma) and i

couldn't get the pix of my bag of blood...

More pictures during Octoberfest!!!! Better be there or

else..... Those who are not invited, sorry!! By the way,

did i forget to mention that Alkies are IN???!!

~you know you love me~


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Ipoh Day Trip! (17/10/07)

Kampar fish balls
Kampar fish balls which was very good!
lou shee fun
claypot chicken rice
our feast!
turtle shaped bun
the biggest i've ever seen!! for prayers only!
pomeloes!!! doesn't it look like alien spawns?
loved this black and white shot!
while i was walking down the street!

Madrekins buying lotus pods!
Caramel custard (culture shock material!)
chee cheong fun
chee cheong fun in curry

more turtle shaped bun!! was too cute to resist!

The ipoh famous Foh San dim sum.. (was moderate BUT EXPENSIVE!)
iced ipoh white coffee! (i personally still prefer my Starbucks!)
Would look better if its Starbucks?
Me and Tammy cam-whoring!!! (This is what happens when moms talk!)
See, what i mean?

Went to Ipoh on the Wednesday October 17 with

Madrekins, A. Candy, Angelene, A. Candy's mom to

meet Tammy n her mom in Ipoh... After a 3 hours trip,

we finally arrived in Ipoh at 10-ish. Met Tammy n her

mom for breakfast in Foh San for dim sum... not that

great n expensive.

Then went household shopping... between madrekins

and A.Candy, they brought back 6 mops, 4 brooms, lil

kuali, knives, mixing bowls and etc. Then was sooo hot,

had to have ipoh's famous white coffee... Cam whore a

lil while and buy lotus pod, salted chicken, pomeloes,

duck and biscuits!! I'm still in a culture shock of how

cheap things are over there!!

After that, went to a temple to but turtle shaped bun coz

it's A. Candy's favourite!!! was so busy coz it was

some chinese festival going on... Then I got

discriminated by some chink! (in chinese)

Joss Stick seller: Pretty miss, want to buy some joss

sticks to pray?

Me: No thanks!! (smiles)

Joss stick seller: You don't pray ar?

Me: huh? erm.. (before i could answer)

Joss Stick seller: Why you don't pray ar?

me: walks away... (felt judged)

while waiting to buy the turtle bun, thot i could just

peel a small piece and try...

A. Candy: wei, Michelle, ur not supposed to eat the

pink part la!!! (laughs)

Me: (chokes because nearly swallowed the said pink


A Candy: (laughs) it's like a skin, u must peel it first!!!

Turtle bun girl laughs and think i'm ABC (American

Born Chinese!)

Not proud because only i can discriminate people not

the other way round! Especially not some joss stick

selling chink!

Later, A.Candy and madrekins had to extort pomeloes

from the lady and the CRV boot is running out of space

to put any more stuff!!! Brought back 10 over pomeloes

between them!! Then went to Kampar to have authentic

fishballs... was too cheap at almost 0.40 cents per

piece!! (it cost almost RM 1 here!) and claypot chicken

rice small which turned out to be enough for 3 people

and it only cost RM4!! Hence, the culture shock...

After that, bought a mash potato maker, toothpicks, and

dunno what... Then got stuck in the jam for some time

and arrived home at 9pm just in time for the season

finale of Psych!!!

next post will be about my birthday presents which i


~you know you love me~