Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Well, had so much fun with my frends for 2 days in a row and it was exhausting! Went to Curve on an assignment with Wan and Bree to catch the Chinese lion dance and Chinese New Year merriments in video and also to make our own video of totally embarassing ourselves... Wan impersonating some dance in High School Musical and me and Bree doing the Macarena and Grease's Summer day!! all for public entertainment at the Curve!!! There must be something in our TEA from McD's!!!!! *BLACKMAIL!!!!* hahaha... And of course... SHOPPING!!! The next day, went to 1U with Suha to do MORE SHOPPING.. (broke.. as in MC Hammer Broke!) but still managed to buy SOME stuff that i just couldn't resist! Met with the little biatch ili and end up watching Epic Movie and spying on her boyfie.. Was a funny movie as it's a parody of Gnarnia, Willy Wonka's Choc Factory, Nacho Libre, Da Vinci Code and Pirates Of the Carribean with a twist of comedy! Then met with Ai San Hunny to create some ruckus at Karen B's house.. Overall, Girls really know how to have fun! Well, at least we do!

The lil biatch and the other puta playing Paris and Nicole.. Who's who? I really don't know..

The guilty members AFTER creating the ruckus at Karen B's!! Me + Ai San + Suha (Sorry couln't wait for you Karen)

Guilty!!!! Well, for Shopping..

I Miss You!!

Random Camhoring!!

We love the mirrors in the toilets!!

We're too vain!! Seriously!!

See what I mean?

Sabrina a.k.a Bree + Michelle a.k.a Elle... Wan's Nightmare!!

I love my biatches!!!

~you know you love me~

Monday, January 15, 2007

Genting, Here I Come!!!

Came back from Penang and left for Genting 3 days later and then went up to Genting 3 days later.. Again.. All this travelling is so tiring.. But i had fun though.. The weather in Genting is terrible as it was so cold, foggy and humid! My perfect hair was so unperfect.. Well, stayed at PeaceHaven because it was a steamboat 'party'... Met my cousin Evelyn there by surprise and also Gabriel. It was really fun despite the lodging wasn't a suite like the one in Penang and the lodging wasn't what i'm used to.. But it was fun nevertheless... Well, The experience of getting a baby monkey stuck to my hand and refusing to let go was a-not-very-pleasant-experience. Thanks to Gabriel for getting it off.. It's name was Kiko and it's very sweet but it's too clingy for my liking.... and besides that , i really miss Billy! Knowing me, love animals and unafraid of them wild or not, i'll touch them.. Anyways, i finally get to wear my scarf and jacket and look like those people in UK and i bought lots, i mean lots of stuff.. more than i ever bought in KL.. Well, there was this one time.... ok, out of topic.. Well, It was really great and REALLY COLD!!!! *brrr*

The gingerbread house.. Not for luring Hansel & Gretel!

The pretty fields of flowers..

The flowers seem to love the climate!

See, There was no sun!!!

Pretty, rite?

Fav of them all!!

See the fog/mist....

~you know you love me~

Mazda 3!!! (On my Wish List PERMANENTLY)

I was fortunate enough to be able to drive the Mazda3 i.6.. for a few weeks and i have nothing but praises for this car.. Well, here goes the review and this is my first time doing such review so i might not be very good at it and please pardon my mistakes.. I'll try harder next time.. Please remember that i'm not a professional or even a car enthusiast, unlike my dad.. oh, you can read the professionally written article on this car by my dad in next month's Hypertune..And i seriously doubt whether i even got the name of the car right!! And thanks to Jason for correcting me.. oh, and i really want this car.. i never wanted anything else well, i also want, a lap top, a guinea pig, a new bag, books... atc.. ok.. out of topic.. hey, I might just get the car if my dad strikes the lottery or something... Keeping my fingers crossed.. Well, I got a few PROS:
1) Due to it's rarity, I got so many people looking at me or my car.. Their jaws drop when they see i'm a girl and when i smile at them.. hahahaha... (Very good if you're an attention seeker like me :0))
2) The control of the car. It doesn't skid.. Love the handling!It's very stable not like light weighted car like Kancil or Protons.
3) It's comfortable.(For the price, i think it should)
4) I love the cool instrument panel display that glows red.
5) It's auto and also manual.

1) The take off is kinda slow. Tried overtaking some cars frm Penang and the take off was a dissappointment..
2) The price..(it might worth every single cent but..)
3) The gear. The gear is great but it took me a while to get used to it.
Well, That's all... God!! I SO WANT THIS CAR!!!

Cool instrument panel display that glows!!!

The sporty steering wheel..

The side speakers, and cup holder

The gear and the hand break.

The panel that looks like a spaceship.

The rear end of the car..

The front view of the car..

~you know you love me~


Suite New Year in Penang!!

Recently celebrated New Year in Penang and it was great.. Had fun sgopping, visiting, serving(??ask me about it) , doing tourist-y things.. relaxing and enjoying as i prepare to go for another holiday on the 3rd!!! Ha..ha.. Livin life and lovin it!! Stayed at The Northam and i finally could relate to the Suite Life Of Zack & Cody. Staying there, I never wanna leave.. Well, Ideserve it cause it's been some time since i've been on a holiday.. *muacks*

My PRIVATE jacuzzi!!! Heavenly!!

The metropolitan view from my room.

The rooftop cafe near the pool. The breeze here is like no other!! (ha..ha.. it rhymes..unintentionally!)

The Pool... Supposedly infinity but...

The Northam... With all its suites and Grandeur..

The Penang bridge

I Just have to show u guys this view..

Well, And this too..

~you know you love me~

Jingle Bell TIME!!!!

Well, I had an overall great Christmas!!! Unfortunately, The only ones who were actually celebrating Christmas was me and my Doggie.. And he wasn't in a Christmass-y mood also anyway.. Well, Here are some pictures on that day for your viewing pleasure.

My overworked iPod who kept on playing Christmas songs non stop..

My Jingle Bell Dog!! Note his I-Can't-Wait-To-Get-This-Thing-Off-My-Head look!

My favourite must have for Christmas!!! Santa Jelly Cake!!! Yum-mie!

I can't get enough of my homemade spaghetti with my Daddy's special sausages!!! A big FAV with my bro.

~you know you love me~