Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Some Random Thoughts On Some Randomness

Ok, the word 'Random' itself was created by my cousin who thinks everything, I quote "Is so random!" Well, i totally agree... Life itself is random and why the hell do i still try so hard to understand it?!! I don't know, maybe it's just me.. I like to know how stuff work.. some scientific explaination so i don't have to believe in the existence of a Superior Being... I've always thought that believing in Faith, Hope and Magic are for weak people that just want to cling on and believe something; Something call HOPE. This entry is about well, dissappointment. I've always believe that the 4 worst thing a person could feel is Betrayal, Dissapointment, Death and Love and so that's why i try VERY hard to NOT inflict on others hoping that i would never, ever have to feel the 4 feelings... But so far so good, i've never had ANYONE inflict those feelings upon me before. Unfortunately, I couldn't say so myself.. I've inflicted those feelings on myself especially Dissapointment... I don't know why, Try as i might, I've always have high expectations... I'm a Perfectionist.. Not only for myself, but also for my love and for my friends up to the life i wanna lead... So, it's really frustrating but so far i've experienced 2 dissapointments which is from my friends, a few more from my loves, a lot from my family when i was younger and a whole lot from myself... Thank god for my ADD so i rarely feel dissapointed for long... I think on average it lasts for a few hours and then i forget about it.. What made me write this is because i felt my biggest dissapointment yet... Shall not say names.. but the person i thought i know turned out to be a *this part shall remain censored to protect those who are under 18* People says what goes around, comes around... Is *effing* talking through their *arseholes* I've never inflicted pain on others (even if i did, I didn't mean it!) so why the hell am i feeling this way?!!! The world is just unfair! It's a cold, cruel, and mean world that we live in.. There's no way I'm going to lower my expectations because i believe our expectations will take us to bigger things in life... Through expectations, I've taught myself how to use chopsticks, Tie my hair up using a chopstick and cook decent meals... And most importantly; I wasn't the slob that i used to be.. Ok, I gotta go back to work... I'm feeling better now... In fact, Better than before... Thank God i found out what type of person so i can move on better.. To tell the truth; I've Moved On!!!

~you know you love me~

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Around, Round To Genting Here We Come...

One day after coming back from Damai Laut, we went to Genting... Since the new car is an MPV, we paked Grandma, Uncle Ronnie, Aunty Meau Khee, Wen Jing and Chee Hong.. My 2 most cutest and the most adorable little cousins... and also the naughtiest!!

Up to something naughty!

Trying to act cute..

Nagging like an old man!!

So cute!

Thinking of what to do!

~you know you love me~

Chinese New Year!!!

Had a great time at Damai Laut with my mom and my dad... unfortunately Darrell had to work so, a bit bored.. well, after getting stuck in the holiday jam for almost 8 hours... just because Typical Malaysians jam up the rest area to get free Nescafes.. we finally arrive in that beautiful place... We had our dinner and then straight to bed. The next day, we took our private boat to Pangkor... It was a frightening experience for me as i'm terrified of the water.. Overall, it was great and what's a great holiday without the great food and a great new car? i'm gonna let the pictures do the talking...

Our supposedly 'family gathering dinner' 5 seasons!!! These pears actually contain curry chicken..

The foil wrapped..

...herbal infused chicken!! Taste as great as it looks..

Me about to eat the pears..YUm!!!

The delicious food!!!

The breathtaking view..

Oooh... the Orang Asli guy... sexy!

Enjoying the fresh air through the sun roof of the Mazda Premacy!!

Getting bored in the van taxi at Pangkor so i decided to do some cam-horing..

At a temple.. some mythical story...

Me daddy and mommy

Me and mommy cam horing with mandarin oranges...

Me and mommy again... by the beach..

Me and daddy by the beach..

The view of the ocean..

The hotel view... Beautiful isn't it?

The view from the beach...

My dad in the boat... our private boat... Loves it!!

I so, don't look scared rite? Me and my mom doing some cam horing before we arrive at Pangkor..

The little fishing village in Pangkor...

~you know you love me~

Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Not Easy, To Be Me!

Everybody is special in their own ways. Even Me! I personally feel that each and every one of us have different masks. Thats why i chose this masquerade theme as my blogskin. Masks, as in the way we act, speak and behave vary from different people. We don't act the way we do with our friends with our parent right? With my friends, I'm more outgoing and crazy while with my parents, I'm more of a good girl. Here are some questions i had to answer when some magazine which will remain anonymous interviewed me recently. Well, here's a toast to the only person that matters the most, Yours truly, ME!

1) Describe yourself in 10 Words.
Crazy, Outgoing, Shy, Intelligent, Bitchy, "Plastic" according to Wan!, Sweet, Kind! MATERIALISTIC, and Shallow. Can I continue talking about myself?

2) What do you hate?
People who are 'annoyingly blur', who hogs the right lane, who cannot read signs, who hogs the EXPRESS lane with their stupidity, 'Beyond' people and people who are 'unsmart'. People that are so called innocent and good.

3) What are you most thankful for?
Life, Family, Money, Friends, Poetic Talent, Books, Mi Amor, and most importantly, Education. (not in that order!)

4) What do you take granted for?
Well, Lots.. Life, Family,Friends, Health, Mi Amor, and Technology.

5) What people don't know about you?
That's for me to know and for them to find out. Ok, I'm a very philosophic person. I love philosophy... makes life easier to get by and also that i'm a hopeless romantic and a terrible flirt and that i keep caterpillars until they become butterflies because i don't have the heart to kill them. I can also speak basic Spanish. (i learn fast)

6) What's your idea of a perfect holiday?
Shopping, watching movies with my friends and gossiping. (I'm a mass communication student, what do u expect?)

7) What are you afraid of?
Germs, Bacteria, People sneezing and coughing near me, cockroaches, and bugs.

8) The more severe things you're afraid of?
No Limewire and MSN Messenger. Seriously? If God decides to be cruel for one day and take away everything that i love.

9) Things that you do that others don't know about..
I'm fascinated with clouds. Whenever i am, I'll look at the sky and also whenever i listen to music, I try to write the words out. And whenever i hear Crazy In love by Beyonce, i dance to it! I sing wen i'm comfortable around the people i'm with and wen i'm really stressful.

10) Are you secretly obsessed with yourself? And why?
I'm having an affair with myself! I'm so into myself!! hahaha... Only when i've accomplished something. Like, now, I'm trying my hands on jewelry making and if i succeed, I'll be so proud of myself. And finally being able to converse in basic Spanish without lagging.

11) Any final thoughts or anything else we should know about?
I have a book on 50 things i must do before 50 and let me give you a glimpse of what i've done so far..
I've done a very complicated artwork. ( A few, And it wasn't easy mind you!)
I've sewed a scrunchie.
I've done tarot reading.
I've finished a very thick and boring book on Investment.
I've partied all night till morning.
Im attempting to complete the book i've been writing.
I've shopped till i drop. (Believe it or not!!)
I've drank too much booze and got freakingly drunk. (was so giddy and high!)
I've attempted to bake a cake. (was so bad i couldn't bring myself to cook dinner!)
I've learnt but not yet mastered another language. (i so got to take away my slang)
I've done jungle trekking in an orang asli forest for 3 over hours! (I really did, I swear!)
I've done things which you never imagined me doing!! hahaha..

Hopefully you know what type of person i am. Even i still don't know what type of a person i am! Well, that means, my journey in self discovery still continues.

~you know you love me~

There's (Gotta) Be More To Life, But What?

LIFE, Some people thinks it's a chore, others think it's a job. I personally believe that life starts after the happily ever after. Heck, i was born after my parent's happily ever after! What makes life worth living is in fact, Love. A simple word. It heighten a person's senses, makes them happy and it makes them believe in fate, and all that! Love, can bring a person so much happiness and yet so much sadness at the same time... How can something that bring so much joy, hurts so bad? The world is a very difficult place. Filled with inconsiderate and selfish people. People that would hurt you if they could. In fact, i'm the result of these people. I'm not bitchy to begin with. No one's born a biatch. Everyone hates Paris Hilton, for what? For being herself? Everyone claim that they hate backstabbers, liars,hypocrite, two faced people, but come on, EVERYONE is someone that we hate! People that say that they hate liars, is as if they've NEVER lied before. The person that we all enjoy hating is because they're the person we want to be. a person that's honest and true to themselves. I've never said or deny the fact when people say i'm bitchy because i know i'm like that. And people hate me for being true to myself? In this world, if you know a person who don't lie and backstab, that isn't a person. It's God. Start being true to yourself and lose that stupid, fake i'm-wholesomely-good act. Looks who's being a two faced and a liar! Well, i don't expect you to accept me when you can't even accept yourself! Love, is supposed to be forgiving, unselfish, loving someone more than your own life. But, in reality, who loves like that? Would you jump in front of a bus just to save a person that you admire, A person that you loved in silence? A person that you loved with all your heart, but a person that do not know you exist? If anyone is still willing to jump in front of the bus, i'd really admire that person. In fact, I'll start believing in Fate, Love and all that crap. Well, Love makes the world go round. Me? I don't really believe in Love but a girl's gotta believe in something and i would rather die than believe in fairytales! So, i guess that leaves Love for me to believe in. (reluctantly!)

~you know you love me~

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Chronicle of a Shopaholic Parody

Michelle, You're an IMPULSE SHOPPER.

Were you born to shop? Maybe it's the allure of new things or the fun you have along the way. Or maybe you enjoy shopping to relieve boredom or stress. Either way a little retail therapy seems to do the trick. We wouldn't be surprised to hear that you headed to the mall for sandals and came back with a new winter coat. It also wouldn't surprise us to find some clothes in your closet that still have the price tags on them. A seasoned and enthusiastic shopper like you knows that things are here one day, gone the next. So if you like it, its best to buy it when youve got the chance. And you'll definitely use it or wear it, eventually.As for gift giving, you might have a stash of goods that you picked up at some point that you can draw from. If not, its probably not that much of a stretch to think that you wouldn't mind going shopping for something. What's not to love about shopping and the thrill of the hunt? It's fun, exciting, and a great way to bond with friends. And if you find a few things for yourself along the way even better.

Seriously, I TRY really, really hard to stop buying stuff.. Believe it or not! But, try as i might, I just can't fight. There's this indescribable feeling once i blow my whole month's salary on a bag and clothes. Went to Curve on Saturday to JUST buy 5 hangers but somehow, managed to come home with a Limited Edition LeSportSac bag (I just couldn't help it!! It was 'economically' priced and LIMITED EDITION? Hello?), 3 picture frames (Can you imagine that it only cost 5 bucks? It's a steal!!), 1 Long bead necklace (It was on PROMOTION?!), Took a picture (It's for my driving license renewal), And spent almost RM50 at Guardian(One SHOULD NEVER scrimp on personal hygiene!) and within that weekend i spent close to RM200! on stuffs... I tried Walking Away( but somehow, i still THINK about it), I tried Thinking About Other Stuff( i'll automatically walk back to the shop!), and lastly, i tried REASONING AND JUSTIFYING (that i won't need it, use it and i'll flung it!) But to no avail!! Ok, put it this way, IF i don't buy it, I won't be able to sleep soundly at night and everyone knows i'm a grouch if i don't sleep enough and in the end of the day i'll still need to buy a bag so, if it's on discount might as well just get over and done with, right? I mean, in the end of the day, i'm still gonna buy it.. so, there! It justifies my purchases!!! I'm such a pushover for LIMITED EDITION, PROMOTION, SALE, DISCOUNT, OFF, and SPECIAL! I think i'm suffering from Compulsive Shopping Disorder and i need constant 24H Retail Therapy... Sometimes, I'm amazed at myself to be able to spend so much and where the hell i got that money from!! Well, now i just need to stop complaining to everyone that I'm Broke when i still have a few hundreds in my bank just waiting to make me very happy! Now, i just need to learn how to Shut Up!

~you know you love me~