Friday, March 30, 2007

New Room, New Living Room and Easter Party!!!!

Like I promised, here's the pictures of my Easter Party and my new room and new living room. Had so much of fun during Easter and met some new friends! Kelvin and Timothy from Kenya and 50 Cent and Tenushe from Zimbabwe. The really know how to party. The band that was playing was Soul Out. Quite happenning..


Kelvin pointing to lucky Tenushe that got to go on stage and sing with Soul Out!

Everybody giving their support!

Had so much of fun, one person took her heels off!!

Pastor Catherine singing some songs.

Showing us how to do it!

See? this is only 1/4 of the ppl!

and this is slightly less than 1/2!



Me and Xiying!!!

Me and my "PA"!!! He's d greatest PA a diva would EVER want!! Thx DAN!!!

So... energetic!

So B.A.D! (Blessed and Delivered!)

Really Cool!

Me and Mr-Suddenly-I-Decide-To-Look-Hot Paul!

My new white bed and white bureau.

MJy white bookshelves!! Was really great that all my books can fit in AND there's more place for MORE books!!!

Trying to capture the bookshelves in front of my bed..

The new/precious and expensive chairs from some wood... Really unique!

~you know you love me~

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Randomization On Some Observant Musings

Yesterday had been a weird day. As weird as the picture <-------- Darrell got 'attacked' so we all (me, dad, & mom) had to go to Genting. Loved the spontaneity and we went up after work at 5 and we came down at 9... Then Wan announced that he quit his internship job and it was really weird coz it's Wan, Hello? He always play by the rules and he's uncapable to make such a rash decision. Then realized that our plan to go Sunway Lagoon can be brought forth. So, hopefully our Sunway Lagoon plan this Thursday comes true... Unlike my previous Genting plan which was a big disappointment! I'm seriously sick and tired of all my plan's "tak jadi"! First, me, Bree &Wan planned on going, then it became Me, Bree & Ili, which then evolved to Me, Ili & Suha and then finally Me & Ili and then cancelled cause we're too busy last Saturday. Normally, I take my well-deserved break on Saturday and Sunday but, all the new furnitures and all made me so darn tired! It was then i realized that my bro's room was slightly bigger than mine! So unfair! I know i promised that this post will have my new room pictures but, was too busy with my internship application to finalise the lay out of my room... so, i PROMISE that it'll be up in the next entry. Kinda worried about my Internship but... everything will be better if i can relax on Thursday at Sunway!!! I think i deserve the break! I'm so looking forward to Thursday, Hopefully i get to capture some really good pictures and hopefully my plan 'jadi'! Anyways, really worried about Mother Nature... The weather is really getting warmer!! I can walk in a T-shirt without any jacket or sweaters in Genting and the Winter in HK is replaced with Summer! The world is now suffering from Global Warming! People, stop your Open Burning, and use Public Transport!!! We're so selfish!!! Don't we realise that we can't "shift" to another planet? God!! Just got a call from Wan at approx. 3.30 PM and due to some 'unforeseen circumstances' (Bree), our plan to Sunway is cancelled and replaced with a day trip to Genting. I really hope AND pray that this plan works out instead!!!! Like i've said earlier, I'm sick AND tired of my plans being ruined!! I need to get away from it all....
Photos that WILL be up in my next post...
1) Easter Party pictures!
2) New room pictures!
....I PROMISE....
~you know you love me~

Friday, March 23, 2007

Getting Excited!

I'm so excited and i can't wait for today to end (at least AFTER my Easter party!) Tomorrow is gonna be a hectic and busy day! My new furnitures are arriving tomorrow! Now i must think of the lay out! and my room's color scheme is pure white!!! Loves it!! All pictures in the next entry!!

White is soooo timeless and fuss free! also conventional, refreshing and clean!!

~you know you love me~

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Tribute, Some Good Food, and A Whole New Mood

A lot has happened over the week.
Saturday, (17/03/2007)
Let me start by saying that my beloved hamster, Hammie (amptly named) has moved on after so long! He was looking rather poorly on Friday and after a consultant session with "Dr. Shah", who said that he's going to die! well, he did, God Bless His Soul on Saturday and the Heavens cried the whole day! He was as Great as the greatest Hamster can be, and equally as smart! He watched TV with me and he's a cute ball of fluff! So, my parents saw how sad i was, decided to go furniture shopping. We went to IKEA(the must-go for furniture shopping) first and followed by lunch at One Noodle(my favourite food! Shanghainese and siu loong bao) in SS2. After that, we continued shopping till around 9-10 PM! Bought new furniture for the living room, re-modelled my room and my brother's room! went to bed... Too tired!

Sunday, (18/03/2007)
Sunday start after F1 with Kimi finishing first, even though i much rather prefer Alonso.. but, Kimi equally great! so, had to bathe my baby Skipper and clean Hammie's cage and all. Then, realised that the furnitures will be coming in next week so had to clear all my stuff from my room. God! I didn't know i had so much of stuff!!! My books alone filled up my brother's room! and all my other stuff filled out the whole upstairs living area! and that living area is a gym mind you! You can imagine how much of stuff i had!!! By the time, i was done clearing my stuff and painting it, It was already dinner! Had a nice dinner at Simply Penang. Shah and Denis came over at 9-ish to conduct Hammie's funeral. Said some prayers that went like this :
SHAH: We're all gathered here today for one and one reason only which is...
DENNIS: ...because Michelle was careless with Shah's hamster and it died!
ME: (swatted Denis) OI! No la!!!
SHAH: *ahem* To pay our last respect to the greatest hamster of all...
DENNIS: Hhahahaha... Shah stand like that, I stand like that, n Michelle stand like that!!!!
ME: (mumbled some crap!) Bursts out laughing!!!
Finally, we then buried Hammie in a place with lush greenery at the side of a field! We all got bitten by mozzies and it sucks! Parents would disapprove of us going to padangs at 10 something at night but there wasn't anything spooky! Just Dennis saying that he say something move, and he heard something and it turns out to be mozzies!!!
Was so tired, so i went to sleep!! Had fun... Don't feel so sad after all!

My thanks and appreciation:
Shah for being the Dr. and the funeral conductor!
P.S: Can u faster get ur streamyx?!!
Denis for his sense of humour!
P.S: Can u quit being against mass culture and sign up for Friendster?!!
Retail Therapy!!

~you know you love me~

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Food, Glorious Food!

I had many wonderful lunches for the past two days and already i don't know what to eat next.. Had lunch at Robert Harris with some ADP friends and then went to Tu-Long a very classy restaurant in Mid Valley with mom and Aunty Candy and Serene for authentic Shanghainese food(the only Chinese food that i actually enjoy!) The chef actually made la mien so fine that each mien could be threaded through a sewing needle and he's in the Guiness Book of Records.. It's written in the menu! I'll leave my tastebuds with the professionals! and after that had dinner with Grandma, Uncle Andrew and family and Uncle Ronnie and family. Overall, I would rate this week as a great week!

The dumplings at Tu-Long

The Thai chicken for dinner.

The i-don't-what for dinner..

Courtesy of Darrell and his Sony Ericsson CyberShot of some kind of sea animal..

One of my favourites; Trademark taufu.. Literally translated from Chinese.. Again, Picture courtesy of Darrell and his SE CyberShot!

The la mien from Tu-Long

My favourite siu loong bao from Tu-Long!

The flat Shanghainese mee from Tu-Long

The delicious fried rice from Tu-Long

An eye for detail! Still prefers the one from Dragon-i though!

Fried calamari rings from Robert Harris

Supposedly macaroni and cheese but...

Robert Harris.. The food is good!

The appetizer Shanghai style; Pickled cabbage!

Some unknown thing which i ate which was kinda tasteless!

~you know you love me~

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Padre del Vida's Birthday!!

Since it'll be my Daddy's birthday on this Wednesday (7th March 2007) So i thought it'll be great to dedicate an entry to one hell of an extraordinary man! To sum it all up, He's all that i'm not and i'll never be him.. Let me start from the beginning of what makes him extraordinary.. Well, his first job is a musician in a bar or a hotel n he's a very talented guitar man... Secondly, he's a great writer... He wrote for NST n now Hypertune... Oh, did i mention that he's absolutely in love with cars? He was a rally driver before and because of an accident in China he gave up but not yet beaten, He became a rally manager.. so, i have already been in a rally car when i was really young.. it was fun, living life that way... Well, he's also a really nice man... never once hit me.. hahaha... gives me allowance, and promises me a Mazda 3, a self- professed international shopper, buys me stuff from all over the world, loves to talk about himself (just like me, loves to talk about myself) funny, bring back nice cars for me to test drive(many jealous ppl!! My dad got the best job!!), and yea, VERY nagg-y!!! But still, i don't one anyone to be my dad but my dad!!! Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!! May u have all the best wishes in the world and may you have many wonderful birthday's to come!!

Getting interviewed by the press and the TV ppl... See the rally car?

My daddy and my mommy...

One for the camera!!

Me and my Daddy!!!

~you know you love me~