Friday, April 20, 2007


I’m having so much of fun with my internship that I’m

beginning to have doubts about going back to

college. I mean I am going to extend my stay there till August

but it’s inevitable that I’ll have to go back to college sooner or

later. Never in my life had I dreamed about this perfect job. I’m

always worrying about the future especially my career as I’ve

NEVER wanted to lead the rest of my life sitting in the office

doing a 9-5! I keep worrying that I will never be able to get this

job again in the future… I guess, it’s not my dream job but it’s

the kind of job that it’s worth waking up at 6am in the morning

for. Going back to college is really difficult as I’ve always

wanted to do a double degree and I still love studying even

though I’m not exactly the 4.0 or 4-flat student, but more of a

50-50 student. Theory AND practical is equally important. I love

my extra curriculum activities. I miss the student’s social life. I

miss being bitchy, mean, flirty and misbehaving in general... I

miss trying to convince people to join my club and to donate

blood… God knows I miss all that! And also my friends!!!

Unfortunately, my mom don’t see it the same way I do which I

feel really, really sad. All I want is for her to support me as in

morale support despite my mere allowance. She thinks that

The Star doesn’t pay me enough. Sometimes, it’s not about

the money but the experience. It’s hard to communicate with

someone who doesn’t share your ideology but my mom is still

my mom. I mean I understand what she feels but can she

understand what I feel? It’s disappointing at times when we

hurt people we love. I don’t know how to tell her that I’m

extending my stay there. I guess when the time comes I’ll have


I’ve been talking to my bestie Suha aka Shini lately and I came

to a conclusion (a grown-up conclusion, mind you!) about love.

We, humans are constantly looking for love… actively like me

or just waiting for The One. If we can’t find the One, we fill the

emptiness in our hearts and soul with material goods. When

we fill one hole, another hole is waiting to be filled. In the end

of the day, we just keep filling and filling as we drown deeper

in our materialistic needs.

On the other hand, after searching for love for so long, we’re

afraid to love another person once the person is found. Why

are humans so complicated? As you already know, the person

is……Me. In our life, we’re constantly searching, and when we

finally found it, we get scared and run away. Sometimes, I just

wish if I was a little braver. But then again, it wouldn’t be me…

Till then, my search continues. Maybe the One is in front of me

all along or maybe the One is still actively searching for me?

~you know you love me~

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Thing Called Style

I’ve recently started my internship at The
Star and even on my first day, It was an
eye opening experience. I went to little Dally’s funeral. The little Myanmar girl that
was brutally murdered and her hands was severed and was later found amidst some
bushes. Well, It was really sad to see such a small coffin and to see her mother cry
and scream and holding on to Dally’s coffin as if she’s drowning and the coffin is a
float. Well, that’s my first day. The Star is a great place as the people there were really,
really nice. Made lots of new friends.. I got Primary school friends, Secondary school
friends, Tuition Friends, Friends-since-kids Friends, Driving school friend, College
Friends, Law, Raj, Teh & Partners Friends and now The Star friends!!! Even though
some of them are kinda strict, they can teach an intern a whole lot of stuff that RM
30,000 can’t even buy! (RM30, 000 is how much my parents paid for my Diploma,
The whole 2 years course, of course) The following week on Monday, I went to Mid
Valley to attend a press conference on the increase of 10% on leather footwear and
selected leather goods and it was great! People treat the press with respect and really
good service. (I so adore my press tag!) On Tuesday, I alone used Public Transport
(As I’ve NEVER, EVER in my life used P.T before!) to get to Ampang (I’m so happy I
survived my first P.T experience!! It’s not stylish but I have no choice!) And to the
MCA Public Complaints office to interview Michael Chong over the land fraud.
Thank god for the 3 months in Law, Raj, Teh and Partners that I’m able to
understand conveyancing terminologies. It’s so rampant, these thieves nowadays.
People should really keep a close watch on their belongings. Even if it’s chucked in
the Land Office for 30 years now. It’s a responsibility to keep a close watch on you
stuff. Once it’s stolen, they make a big fuss! It’s like leaving a Rolex by the poolside
and walking away… Only a person stupid enough wouldn’t take it! Well, Michael
Chong didn’t say that. It’s my own personal thoughts. It’s off the record. Ooooh, and
I’m REALLY, REALLY happy that I got a new notebook. Updating my blog is so
much more mobile, fun and convenient. At least I can be those people that sip latte at
Coffee Bean and still look stylishly busy typing on their lap tops! It’s so Parisian, Chic
and stylish! Like I ALWAYS say, If you must do it, Do it in style, or don’t do it at all!
Too bad didn’t get a VAIO though… would love one in Green! (It’s so IN and Stylish!!
Not like Black!! But I guess Black is Contemporary) But what the heck, HP Compaq
AMD Turion with NVIDIA graphics is good enough.. Even though I have to share it
with my bro…Oh, continue with my internship, I was wearing heels and walking
everywhere until I got blisters. Well, if I were to do so much walking, I might as well
do it with style… Walking around, leaving foot prints of my Jimmy Choo’s and my
Manolo Blahniks everywhere! (Well, Maybe not Jimmy Choo and Manolo but I
WILL GET them soon enough!) Back to my internship, it would be an
understatement to say that I’m attached (no pun intended) to my job? I ADORE my
job… I LOVE my job!! Haha! How many people can actually say that? They’re always
complaining what a shitty job they have… all the time! Well, it’s my dream job and
I’m learning everydayI mean, I loves it because 1) It’s NOT a 9-5 job!!!! 2) Meet so
many people! 3) Always on the go!!(No need to sit around the office!!!) 4) Working
hours!!! (I’m at the office at 7.30AM until maybe, 8.00-8.30PM) 5) the experience!!!
Finally, the most stylish book that I’m reading now is Sari and Sins. Just a little
message, There’s a Cloey in EVERYONE!!! It’s just that I show that side off… You
know the compliment I got: Someone actually said that I’m so Paris Hilton!!! (Can’t
help smiling!) Sometimes I think it’s a sin to be The-Girl-Your-Parents-Warned-You-
About or The-Girl-Your-Parents-Would-Die-If-They-Found-Out-About!! They can
continue saying that I’m mean, naughty, bitchy, whatever I don’t care…. But at least I
accomplished it with STYLE…

~you know you love me~

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Place Called There

My ‘contract’ ended as at 5.00 PM on 30
March 2007 . My job as an Admin Assistant
stopped after 3 whole months.
And I thought I’ll be happy but now I’m not so sure… You know, when we settle into ‘
The Rhythm’ of getting up at 6.20 AM working till 5 PM and getting used to Miss
Teh, Cheh-Cheh Chai Yan Yan, Miss Soon, Mr. Raj, Mr. Brian and Mr. Kiu and also
Mr. Edward. Honestly, I had fun working there and I’ve learnt a lot of stuff such as
prepare invoice, patience, perfection, open and close files, service tax and case studies
and my vocabulary consists of SPA (Sales and Purchase), LOD (Letter of Demand),
Bundle of Authority, Conveyancing, Affidavits, Litigation, PA(Power of Attorney) and
hundreds of other law terminologies. I’ll also admit it that sometimes its so busy that
I can explode.. Imagine answering my handphone “Hello, Good Afternoon, Law, Raj,
Teh & Partners” before realizing it’s my friend on the line!? And for 3 whole months,
people kept on asking “What’s a mass comm. Student doing in a law firm?” and I just
smiled and until now, I still haven’t found a comeback. Like every company there’s so
many fights and laughter especially Mr. Raj, Mr. Brian and Miss Teh! It was quite
funny to see them arguing like little children! Now, I’m just waiting for my internship
to start and hopefully I get into The Star. Finally, I wanna say a big thank you to
everyone at Law, Raj, Teh & Partners for such an eye opening experience and the
freedom for me to be in class on time and also be at work… In a way, I’ll kind of miss
everyone there! I’ll miss answering the phone, I’ll miss the environment, the people,
the clients, the hustle and bustle, the silliness, the EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!
And I quote Mr. Kiu “ You learn something new everyday, and today on your last day,
you learnt how the doorbell worked!” So, I guess that means no more waking up at
6.20AM, and sleeping at 9PM EVERY night like those lifeless people! Can u imagine
me, who normally sleeps at 1-2 AM have to reschedule my whole sleeping hours?
Well, it’s ok cause I finally got my phone! Hahaha…

~you know you love me~