Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Fly Emirates!!

The really cute Querk that guises itself in animal forms! I got Delhi the Elephant!!
First, put on it's removable and washable little elephant socks!....
...Then, its little elephant gloves, trunk and ears! (all removable and washable!)....
...And finally, its little tail!...which is also removable and washable!!! You now have your very own Querk!!
The Querk hand puppet..
UK Pringles and some nice tasting FruitFlakes in the snack box!!
The Emirates snack box!!
It also has a packet of m&m's but since i'm crazy for shrek m&ms, i bought a whole load of them!!!
My fav snack at the moment.. Pop one before dinner, after dinner, before i bathe, after i bathe, anytime!!!

The launch at Kids Zone, Plaza Damas, Hartamas...
Bright and colourful!! If only i was still a kid!!!
The launch!! The guy in d middle is Malaysia's Manager for Emirates!
Remember, fly Emirates!!
The media info kit!!

The really kid friendly place..
Me and MJ photo-op before the event started!!
Tumble, thumble!!
To me, its a scene out of Fergie's Fergalicious!!!
Even the lion is smiling!!!

I recently attended a press launch by Emirates Airlines

on the launch of their new product for kids.. Their new

rucksack and cool bag contains a Querk, a Dr. Seuss

book, Snack box, mag, and colour pencils.. Which i

also received in the goodie bag for the media!! It was a

great day as Me n MJ enjoyed the press preview of The

Last Mimzy which was a good movie!! Really good!!

Watch it!! After the movie at Mid Valley, had to rush to

Hartamas for the launch which i also enjoyed.. threw a

few balls to some kids and gave up after they started

shooting balls at me from a ball shooter... very funny!!

Btw, I'm extending my stay here!!!

~miss elle~


Monday, May 28, 2007

Assignment at Curve!!

Chicken Pie + Mash Potato @ Pie Affair
Some very delish chicken.. Claypot chicken if I'm not mistaken..
Roasted duck which mi familia del vida enjoyed...
Stir fried lotus roots with cashew nuts.. Quite special.. was very crunchy..
The delish chicken...
Some band performing in Cineleisure for The Star's Treasure Hunt!! Quite cool..
Nita, the runner up in Malaysian Idol performing at Curve for The Star's 50th Contest..
The bagpipes boys also performing at Curve for 50th Contest!!
Got so excited when i saw big apple donuts!!! Big Apple?? New York?? Duh!
I used to love eating these as a child and discovered it in a market!!! Can't remember what its called though!

Bagpipe boyz!!! lol...
Big Apple!!!
My Raspberry donut!!......
Mi madre del vida's Go Nutty!
Mi hermano's Choreo!!!!

Went to OU and then Curve for assignments on a

Saturday and it was the best week-end ever! Went with

MJ and it was quite hectic... From OU, rush to Curve...

Very tiring!!! Then Sunday was sick... sad! Well,

discovered some really good food on Saturday


Big Apple Donuts,

The Curve,

(right beside TGIF)

Pie Affair

Ikano Power Centre

On the left once you use the elevator down

LG, Next to A & W and across Uncle Lim's

Loong Foong Restaurant,

SS2, The Corner Lot,

(right after Maz International School)

~miss elle~


Saturday, May 26, 2007

An ili ramera and Soon seng Fryday!!

Soon Seng lovin' it!!
SS n ili ramera sexually harassing yours truly!!

The epitome of perfection!

I bite!!, We bite!! Don't we all??

Such focus!!!
It's supposed to be a cocktail!!!
Our Damansara version of "lala" fried bihun!!! which is equally tasty!
Up close and personal!!
The reason we travelled all the way to Kg Kayu Ara for.... Fried calamari rings!!!

As Usual...
SS's Banana Java Chips Muffin which is quite good!!
SS's Caramel something...

Grilled Chicken Chop at Hooked! The Curve!! Small but filling in a way!!!
Do I look weird here??
I'm Hooked!!!
The flavors of Baskin!!!
The delish cakes!!! Mmmm...
Had an overall great and memorable Fryday... Finally

completed my whole 72 pages Practical Training

Report (relieved sigh) after 7 whole hours in The Curve

Starbucks!!! Then at around 8-ish, we decided to go for

seafood in Kg. Kayu Ara coz we were all craving for

fried calamari rings... we arrived almost 9-ish and we

were famished but the food tasted so eff-ing good that

made it all worth it! Went home around 10-ish and was

so tired, fell asleep instantly! Must wake up and go to

work tommorow!!! Must!!! MUST!!! MUST... *yawn*

WAKE UP *yawn* TOMORROW...... *snore*

~miss elle~