Saturday, June 30, 2007

Contra-fiction by miss elle

The very hot Victoria Secret model: Gisele Bundchen
An octogenarian waiting to die in India...

One hand, people are dieting to be thin/slim or to achieve a body like Gisele's but on the other hand, some old people in India is dying of starvation. Believe it or not, there's this place in India that old, homeless people go to and they are given 1 week to die. If they do not die within 1 week, they're thrown out to the streets.

These people have families but they are disowned by them. Part of me hope to believe that this is all fiction but then again, the world is all fiction to begin with. I mean, this guy is someone's grandfather, a person's father... No matter what, he brought a child up.. if not he must have done something good. This all comes down to religious beliefs.

Buddhism and Hinduism says that what you did in your previous life comes back to you in this life like karma, but on the other hand, we're supposed to forgive and forget?

In Christianity, Jesus is the saviour of all man kind and those that believe in him shall not suffer.. and yet, there are thousands suffering... innocent people... Arguments that they are suffering is that they do not believe in Him but then again, a religion shouldn't condemn a person to hell if they are of different religion.

In Islam, they say that they have respect for life and yet, they slaughter animals. Unless animals isn't worthy or considered as a life to them. The argument is that the meat is distributed to the poor, but then again, taking a life is still considered killing in my books... Nothing can justify that.. If they wanna play Robin Hood, please do so without involving lives..

Don't mind me but all religion are different and yet they share something in common which is morale values. No religion teaches a person to kill, murder, curse, or do bad things. Is there such religion? I don't think so.

So, pardon me if i do not believe in any religion. As long as i commit no evil, I'm answerable to myself and my conscience! As long as i can face the world, show respect to my parents and do charitable deeds, I think i can believe in myself... At least, I don't have to answer to any "gods"

Sorry if this post is disturbing, or if you cannot accept the truth... Before you judge me, open your eyes to our world... See the world through MY eyes!!! See the people suffering, see the cruelty the animals are subjected to, see how pooluted our world is, see the way we kill our own home;Planet Earth! see how parents just discard their children like rubbish! Then you'll understand....

~miss elle~


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

KL Tower Everyday Green Concert Launch

Ashraff Sinclair
All the celebs
What A Wonderful World

KL Tower

KL Tower Performing Arts
The View: Twin Tower
Engku Ezuan CEO of Suria FM with David Arumugan of Alleycats

Ashraff Sinclair

Theres nothing but green foliage all around... BTW, it's KL Tower Forest Reserve
The view
The bridge thing

Monday, June 25, 2007

L-Y-A-N-A!!! Loving memories!

"When can we eat the cake?,"Lyana wondered.

"Ooooh, cake!," said Lyana.
"Really?," said Lyana
"You guys are sooo sweet!!!Awww.." she added.
"I'm so proud!! I parked so straight!!!" she exclaimed.
"I'll MISS YOU!!! DON'T CRY," said Miche and Lyana.

Even though she was only here since 4 June to 30 June,

I had the opportunity to work and to know the most

gorgeous, nicest, sweetest and most amazing person.

Though her stay wasn't long, I got to know her so well

after our first assignment together; attending a press

conference on lion dance. The first time i was in her

car, she was pretty bad.. but after a few "comment" on

her driving, she's finally a better driver and great at


We've done many silly things, we went shopping and

makan when we're supposed to be in an event.

Favourite place to hang out is Curve. Go there 3 times

a week because Nichii is there and there's so many

makan-makan place. Goes where she goes, She goes

where i goes.... Still remember the way she said

"DUNGU" in that heavily English accent of hers.

The way she's always so nice, "Lorry, watch out...

you're so near to my car!" in that sweet little voice of

hers. I enjoyed every moment with you and hope we

don't end up working in The Star 2 years from now

because i wanna work with you in Astro.

It was nice knowing you and i just wanna thank you for

being my friend, my colleague even though you're more

of my friend... I'll really miss you.. I'll miss you calling

me madam! though i only know you for a short while,

It's better knowing you than not knowing you at all...

Thanks for the memories!! You know you love me!!

~miss elle~


Baby, Darling Mika!!

Mika for the world to see!!! He's cute, adorable and

handsome... Darling Mika is and American Cocker

Spaniel so he's slightly smaller than Skipper. He's a few

tones lighter than Skipper.. Skipper is Golden Brown

while Mika is Caramel Brown.. Mika is lovely and i

love him so much!!

~miss elle~


Sunday, June 24, 2007


Let me wish my blog a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

for being 1 YEAR OLD!!!!! You've covered so many

issues, restaurants, gatherings, thoughts and rants.

You've shared my happiness and also my sadness.

You've watched me grow and mature into the person I

am now. I'm a better person because of you. You've

been through thick and thin, tears and fears and you've

grew up with me. You've tackled many controversial

issues, when I discovered the family i lost, my new

friends, and most importantly, you've recorded my life.

You gave meaning to my life and for that, i'm


(Forever is a very long time!)

~miss elle~


Saturday, June 23, 2007

Summons 2007!

Me and Wai Hong!! Mucho fe liz!!
Little Mika
Me and Baby Mika!!
Wai Hong and Spud/Bobby
Karen presenting a song..
Kay B?
Me and Abol
Me and Ai San Hunny
Me and Dave Darling..

Zac and I
Would you believe if i told you it was a guy?
The PaperDolls

The amount of people

Me and Shi Ni
Fishtail,Mr Warren and I
The Man of The Year: Mr. Ananth
Look at the guys bod!!
Amazing isn't it.. He said it's 36,26,34..

Sharing a mo'
All my friends are cam whores..
Shi Ni and Karen..
Some sexy dance..
Dancing to Dhoom!

Almond covered something, something @ Bakerzin
Tapas @ Bakerzin again..
Dayang, Shi Ni and I
Ai San and Abol..

Minced beef @ Paddington's
Lamb @ Paddingtons
My delish something pancake @ Paddington's
Berry something.. taste better IF there's alcohol!! @ Paddingtons

SCENE 1) Burger King

Shi Ni: Generally, what we do EVERY friday is go to

different restaurants either to eat, drink or get drunk..

in the afternoon!!!

Miche: Like, I know, right? It's a surprise i don't get

charged with DUI...

iliLaBruja: But DUI is IN!!! and it's fun.. Let's think of

where to eat next Friday...

SCENE 2) Burger King

iliLaBruja: You know what? I always watch all those

Chai shows and all the nenek moyang all will *phang*

(smacks a kid's head) every little thing, *phang*!!! The

kids so small, kena *phang* can get concussion, you


Miche: Typical chai la.. every little thing *phang*

landing on the head one time...

Shi Ni: Why they do that ah?

Miche: How the fuck i know? My parents never

*phang* me before ok?

iliLaBruja: All chai people like that ar?

Miche: Maybe thats why chai are stupid?? How I

know? I'm not stupid, rite? because my parent never

*phang* me!!!

SCENE 3) High Street

Shi Ni: *suddenly burst out* IF YOU WANNA GRAB


Miche: What the fark?

iliLaBruja: *burst out laughing*

Shi Ni: My friend JUA-ni-ta...yada..yada..yada..

Miche+iliLaBruja: It's HUA-ni-ta la!!!! Fucking

intelectually challenged!!!

Miche: Indian insistingly Mexican..

iliLaBruja:Like Shi Ni la... Indian insistingly Chinese..

SCENE 4) Paddington's House of PanCakes

Shi Ni: That means you're lying...

iliLaBruja: It's not a lie.. I'm just not telling the truth..

Miche: ...and it's not considered a lie IF the other

person doesn't know...

Shi Ni:*exasperated sigh*

SCENE 5) Bakerzin

Miche:He's hot.. and he's smiling at me... *swoon*

iliLaBruja: Ask for water..

(a few minutes later)

Shi Ni: Ask for water...

Miche: you all ask yourself la..

iliLaBruja: You want his number?

Shi Ni: Wait!! maybe i should ask for his e-mail

address so you can e-mail him your number!!!

SCENE 6) Paddington's House of PanCakes

Miche: Tell me Shi Ni, What does GROUNDED


Shi Ni: Grounded? parents drop you off at college, and

what you do in college is totally up to you..

Miche: i mean, we must adhere to certain time limit..

Shi Ni: Why?

iliLaBruja:*laughs* because i can go back anytime and

I'm suppose to be grounded...

Shi Ni: We're all liars la... I'm supposed to be in

Miche's house, Miche and ili is supposed to be in

college, in class.. studying.. like good girls..

Miche: We're good girls gone bad..

iliLaBruja: NO!!!! WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN BAD!!!

When did our parents actually know where we are?

Since high school, our parents NEVER KNEW...

Miche: How screwed up we were.. as long as we bring

back good results, i don't think they care...

Song of the day:This Is Why I'm Hot by Mims.

~miss elle~