Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Simple Life: Interns!!

Aki outside Nichii
Me and Aki!!

Aki just got punked!
Yune and Miss Yana

Aki is just as cam whorish like me!!

Aki and Kenny looking so funny!!!
me and Aki...again!
Me and Aki... One more time!
Me and Yana!!

Everone is busy but Aki is posing and i'm taking a pix!
Overly nice and sweet Yana!
Yune TRYING to look busy!

I don't realize it but time surely flies when you're

having fun!! I've officially been here for 2 months now,

and i miss the first batch of interns, namely, Khong Pui

Yee, MeiKheng, KK, Ivan, and Izart. Then new interns

came in, Aki, MJ, and me had a great time together and

recently another batch of interns, Yune, Kenny and an

employee thats on probation, Lyana joined us.

MJ has left the building, leaving me, Aki, Yune and

Kenny. After Lyana left us. I've come to accept the fact

that no matter how much i resent changes, it's

inevitable, so I've learnt to accept it. But when the time

comes for me to go, I'll be sad. VERY SAD. I'll miss

everyone from The Star as they've been nothing but

great to me and especially Shah....

I'll miss Aki, I'll miss the way she and MJ makes fun of

me saying Tagalog or Tamil or other Bahasa words in

English pronounciation, I'll miss camwhoring with her,

I'll miss making her "melantah" when she spills out

random sentences.

I'll miss Shah, I'll miss the talks, I'll miss annoying him,

I'll miss subjecting him to my constant rantings, I'll miss

stealing his "little pleasures" from him. I miss interior

decorating his little table with weird things i get.

I'll miss tyring to sell stuff to Dato Wong Chun Wai,

Talking to Sai Wan. I'll miss Kak Liyana, Parveen,

Esther, Shen Li, Lisa, Florence, Joceline, Joe, Cheng

Hoe, Mr. Lam, Paul G, Krishna, Veera, Kamatchy,

Imma, Shahanaaz, Meng Yee, Shaila, Foon Fong, Lootz

Charles, Michael Aeras, Chye Kim, Kuldeep, Andrew,

Ivan Loh, Chelsea, Cecil and everyone in the 5th Floor,


I'll miss my job. I'll miss getting goodie bags, I'll miss

meeting so many successful people, I'll miss being able

to come to work, I'll miss going places, I'll miss all the

people that made my intern life at The Star nothing but


~miss elle~


MIZU and Miracles!

First, drain the mee like this..
Then use this instrument with holes one...
then you rinse it..
get a plate.. mix it in.. Genting style!
after that, serve
Darry enjoying @ Mizu
Come for good food @ mizu

Fresh chicken @ Mizu
Squid rings and fresh chciken slice @ mizu
It's like steamboat style @ mizu!
we even have our own separate steamboat like thing @ mizu
Daddykins enjoying @ mizu

Mizu is a new place in Puchong where the food is

served steamboat style and the unique part of this place

is the individual pots to boil your food.

You can take your pick from seafood, chicken slices,

beef, chicken cubes and lamb. i just love the concept.

pretty cool.

Darry attempted to cook maggi mee genting-style.

Those who doesn't know, he was working in Genting for

3 months. maybe more.

For years, i have to cook, and i thought that he can't

cook and what shock that i got his pictures on film that

he can actually cook!!!!!

~miss elle~


Monday, July 23, 2007

Camp5, HP and Desserts @ Friday's

Rick Tan in a skeleton costume @ MPH HP Party
Janne and sister Debbie Tan @ MPH HP Party
The Tan family @ MPH, HP Party
The queue and the Fat Lady @ Kinokuniya, KLCC password : Gillyweed Violet
soon seng on the way down
Soon Seng forced to smile
Soon Seng smiling naturally

icecream cake @ Istana Hotel. Luncheon with France ambassador.
Brownie @ TGIF
Caramel thingy @ TGIF
Soon Seng rock climbing
Pretty challenging!

Was sick for 1 week so excuse me for the last minute

update. was "puking my guts out". what went in came

out just as fast. couldn't keep a meal in my stomach.

Was terrible!!! flu, cough, headache and high fever!!!

never felt so bad in my life.. not even when boyfy saw

me with another guy!

Could barely sit straight!!! I've always took my health

for granted so it's a good time to turn over a new leaf!

Used to joke with the other 2 bitches about thin people

have "finger for breakfast, lunch and dinner" thinking it

was funny and all, but try puking au naturel!

it left a LINGERING bad taste in my mouth and i don't

know how anorexics can stand with a finger down their


Had an injection right in my butt and it hurted like

hell!!! eff-ing pain!! i don't even remember feeling this

pain when i donate my blood once a year!

Was so bad that i still didn't stop puking AFTER the

traumatizing injection, i had to down bottles of

Vitagen.. not that i'm complaining, but try drinking

vitagen BEFORE every meal!

Bad enough, i was craving for spaghetti and shrimp.

was on MC for almost 5 days!!! 5 TORTUROUS,


Vitagen is "mi aqua del vida" as i like to put it. Can't

wait till friday.... i can eat happily without Vitagen or

worrying if my meal will end up in the toilet bowl...

Tomorrow is my last day here in The Star and will be

back in campus really soon!

Then saw Soon Seng climb because he hasn't been

climbing lately. went into Camp5 and he

ANNOUNCED, "Hey, This girl here is not chinese!!!"

and all i can do is smile.

~miss elle~


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Confusion Is MY Middle Name!

Had to write this out before I go crazy! I'm a

perfectionist. Everyone knows that. ili and shi ni are

driven crazy by my meticulousness with little details.

So far, I got my McLife. McLife is a term used to

describe perfection from the hugely popular TV series:

Grey's Anatomy.

I used to proudly tell everyone about my McFamily,

McDog, McFriends, McBoyfriend, McJob which

amounts to MY McLife! I've always chasing perfection

but i'm starting to feel that i'm chasing the wrong thing! I

used to be imperfectly perfect until i changed it to

perfectly perfect!

Don't know why the hell or when the hell I've been

feeling out-of-place. Like, I'm looking beyond material

needs.Those who know me, also know how

materialistic I can be!

But now, Since God-knows-when, I started to change. I

worked so hard for peanuts at The Star because i enjoy

what i'm doing that is being a workaholic. I find that

work has the same numbing effect on the brain like

drugs or anything else.

I used to give my best to everything i do, except

studies... If i had, would have gotten A's instead of

B's!! I think i have come so far and accomplished so

much in life. I used to be so shy, could barely utter a

single word, own very little clothes, wear no make up,

happy being unnoticed and people ALWAYS took

advantage of my niceness... did my friend's homework,

assignments, etc..

Now, I own so much of clothes that my cupboard is

bursting, make up is essential, if i'm not happy with

something, i'll tell the person off and yes, i talk.. all the

time... and now, it's part of my job. Talking!

Accomplished so far? worked very hard to balance my

co-curricular activities in college, skipping classes to

hang out with my friends and yet managed to maintain

my grades without re-taking any subjects. Worked hard

to buy both of my handphones, ipod, books and yet still

have enough to afford little luxurious lifestyle.

For me, success spells money. i had my whole life

planned out. what i wanna accomplish every year. so

far, i'm doing so well. Even McBoyfy is also perfect.

The perfect gentlemen. Takes care of me, doesn't

demand much of my time, handsome, and yes,

successful. any girl would get jealous.

Interviewed Dr.Arjunan, Malaysia's top tax expert and

maybe that's why i'm feeling this way. Because of 1

line he said, "If I die today, I'll have no regrets" this is

coming from a guy who's latest dream is being built

right now, literally. His White Elephant. a huge white

sprawling mansion a top an undisclosed hill

overlooking the most amazing view.

Sometimes i feel like giving up.. Tell my editor, "you

know what, I quit!" and storm out of the office with

little dignity left. but i'm not a quitter. i'll push myself.

and still give my best. Had a terrible experience

recently and seriously wanted to quit but then again, my

presence in the office is revenge enough. Determined to

stay here and do a good job until i can leave with ALL

my dignity.

For those of you who really knows me, I'm VERY

stubborn. Shi Ni experienced it once and hopefully

never again had to experience it. EVER. Maybe that's

why determination comes naturally.

Recently downloaded The Beatles-Michelle. The song i

think, i was supposedly named after. It's a surprised i

never heard this song before. Shah kept singing

michelle, ma belle so finally decided to listen to it and

guess what, I LOVED it!!! loved the lyrics of a guy

confessing his undying love for me. hahaha. not any

guy but BEATLES!!!

Michelle, ma belle.

Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

Très bien ensemble.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

That's all I want to say.

Until I find a way, I will say the only words I know that

You'll understand.

Michelle, ma belle.

Sont les mots qui vont très bien ensemble,

Très bien ensemble.

~miss elle~


Deathly Hallows, Indeed!!!

The FatLady at Kinokuniya

Was assigned to Harry Potter project and what an

experience it was! Had to wake up at an ungodly hour

of 6AM and make my way to Curve. Was supposed to

cover Tesco, Borders and Popular.

Went to Borders first and a drama unfolded right in

front of me.. A disabled guy was not only given

privilege but was also pushed and shoved. The General

Manager was nice enough to buy me coffee in a

desperate attempt to keep me focused.

Then went to Tesco and met Mr. Harry-Potter-Look-A-

Like that was really cute! Why the hell do I always fall

for Harry Potter Look-a-likes??!! It's getting tedious! I


Harry Potter Look-A-Likes.. Look what happened the

last time?!

Then went to Popular which was really the crappiest of

the three because they are sore losers. Just because

they can't compete with the hypermarkets, they stop all

purchases.. well, it's their lose, not mine! as long as it

doesn't affect ME in any way!

Then had brekkie with Aki since she decided to pick

me up from Curve. Managed NOT to die of starvation

while waiting for her! Had McD's at 9.30 am and went

back to office... I think me, Aki and senior Manjit had

to type and type and caption ALL the pictures which is

really a chore!

By 2, we were starving!!! but there were still loads of

pictures to caption, drama's to be described and people

to call...

By 3, we were dying of starvation. but was so busy, so

forgotten about starvation for A WHILE..

By 4, feel like crying because we get emo when we're

hungry! Feel like just quitting my job and say I


Finally went for "lunch" at 4.30 and had maggie mee

goreng and a huge bun which we shared.. Food NEVER

tasted this good!!!! Tasted like ambrosia!!! Better than

orgasm or even multiple!!!

But was depressed. HAD to see all those lucky,

annoying people that are probably reading their Deathly

Hallows right now! Since working on the HP Project,

it's nauseating and disturbing to see all those people

buying Book 7!!! Was hoping against hope that I might

get a free copy and all but it's just too depressing!!!

Tried bugging the Editor, tried announcing to all that i'm

broke and can't afford to buy but i guess i didn't do a

good job because i didn't get sympathy from


And yes, you guessed it... I'M STILL WAITING FOR



~miss elle~


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Michael Learns To Rock!!! (MLTR FAN!)

Some random winner
Jascha, Kare, and Mikkel
Mikkel, Jascha and Kare
They were so HOT!!!
Jascha Richter
Wasn't he so gorgeous??
he moved!
OMG!!! It's surreal!!!

Mikkel Lentz
Kare Wanscher
Jascha Richter

I still can't believe it that they were just standing a few feet away from me..

I think he's really cute!
MLTR for life!
He's suave without the need to even try!!
I love them all!

My assignment on Monday (09/07/07) was to cover the

Michael Learns To Rock (MLTR) meet the fans and

autograph session at 1 Utama at 7PM.

Me and Aki have been a fan of MLTR since, like,

forever... since we were really young i think... So, u

can imagine our excitement about covering this event!!!

Thanks to our press/media pass, we got front row seats

and we obviously got first row pix of them!!! We were

so nervous and all before meeting them and maybe it's

because we're so used to hearing their voice from the

stereo so it's pretty overwhelming to see them LIVE!!!!

They looked so suave and hot without even trying to

look that way... It's like they were naturally hot and

suave!!! they were dressed in suits and sneakers and

looking oh-so-hot!!

My favourite has got to be drummer, Kare Wanscher as

he took my breathe away!!! Ooops... better not let mi

amor find out... He's probably going to have a hard

time TRYING NOT to laugh!! It's like i'm 12 and

smitten with Moffatts...

Anyways, this is why i'm lovin my job soooooo

much!!!! I also made a new friend(S) in

PetsWonderland... To Raymond, had a nice time

chatting with you!!! Love your job also!! Was playing

around with a Pekingese, Cavalier King Charles

Spaniel, Poodle, Yorkshire Terrier... love them all so


Missed 2 Family Gatherings, 3 Dinners so far!

~miss elle~