Friday, August 31, 2007

I Wanna Have Your Babies!!

Shakira addicted to the TV
Baby Calvin!
He loves swinging his hands around
He's soooo adorable..
He's playing punch with his daddy..
Proud daddy uncle nittan in the background..
She loves Baby Einstein series
Bollywood superstar in the making..
Still watcing Baby Einstein..

Just woke up..
Mommykins holding him..
She's also a camwhore..
Trying to walk..

The name of that 2 very cute babies are Shakira and

Calvin (after Calvin & Hobbes!). Shakira is 10 months

and already she's a beauty.. She is Uncle Nittan's

daughter.. both from India.. The next Aishwarya Rai in

the making??

The baby boy Calvin is only 3 months and he is Aunty

Sharon's baby.. He's soooo cute and he so clever.. He's

not 'mengada' like other babies.. he's peaceful and

soooo lovable!!

I've never liked babies.. I mean I can never understand

scott, but after today, I fell in love with babies.. And

finally, i know how he feels.. It's not that i hate them,

It's just that i'm OKAY playing with them and then give

them back to their parents when they cry..

In a way, I'm like Gabby from Desperate Housewives,

I'm just too darn materialistic, shallow and self centered

to have a baby..

Like both of them, those 2 babies were sooo well

behaved and a bliss to be with.. I actually carried and

played with them... They didn't even cry or pout or wail

or anything..

All they did was laugh, smile and say "Argh! and

aaaaa..." baby sounds... I mean now i totally

understand as i finally see through scott's eyes...

If we had babies, they're gonna be soooooo gorgeous...

I mean, with him being white and all... But too bad,

Won't be popping a baby out anytime soon..

For now, I'm happy playing with other people's baby

with no commitent and responsibility..

~miss elle~


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Gossip Girls TV Series

Me is very happy. Like I mentioned in my previous,

previous posts.. Gossip Girl is finally on TV!!!! I've

like, been reading about Serena, Blair, Nate, Jenny and

all those people in New York Upper West. Imagine

shopping in Saks, Barneys and attend the private elite

schools... Vacationing in St. Barts or St. Tropez.. I can

get used to life like that!

Well, me dream has finally come true... E! News

recently did a spot on the TV series and I can say that

the actors and actresses are H.O.T...

Here's the cast...

Serena Van Der Woodsen- Blake Lively

Blair Waldorf- Leighton Meester

Nate Archibald- Chase Crawford

Jenny Humphrey- Taylor Momsen

Dan Humphrey- Penn Badgley (ME LOVES HIM!)

Gossip Girl- Kirsten Bell

Isabel Coates- Nicole Fiscella

Katy Farkas- Nan Zhang

Chuck Bass- Ed Westwick

I sooo can't wait!

Gossip Girl TV Series out!!

PS: Another series i can't get enough of is psych!!!

freakingly hilarious... I LOVE SHAWN AND GUS!!!

My FAVS!!! Check the fake psychic, real detectives


Psych airs every Wednesday at 9pm at Channel 70


~miss elle~


Monday, August 27, 2007

Wen Jing's Party!

Baby Eugene!
He's so cute!
He smiles if u says he's cute!!
me and grams!
Birthday girl Thinking!
The jelly cake!
Me and joo ee
Future accountant.. sigh.. do i need so many accountants?!
Baby Tristan

The birthday cake.. jelly in the form of minnie mouse.. she loves mickey n minnie!
see the excitement?
note the enthusiasm
sis n bro..
blow d candles!

Wen jing had a really great party recently.. loads of good food... good people and good entertainment..

~miss elle~


Back To College Shopping!!!

Global Media textbook (RM55)
My Gin & Jacqie lap top cover!!! (RM 50)
My Biotherm facial stuff (RM300)
My True Match foundation for all that imperfections (RM50)
My HUGE tote to dump everything in from Island Shop (RM90)
My marketing textbook (RM130)

Who says going back to school is cheap? hasn't met

me... Spent almost RM 900 PLUS photocopying my

readers n all... sigh!!

To parents, Don't ever give birth to a girl.. it's double

the cost!! hahaha..

~miss elle~


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First week back..

Well, my first week of college went quite smoothly.

Murdoch leaves you no time to wallow in confusion or


First class was business Marketing Management. The

lecturer Mr.Michael went on and on.

Then had to go to photocopy to make copies of the

readers and study guides. After that, mad rush looking

for books.

Realised that books are not available in every

bookstores even if you have the money. Had to buy

most of the original textbooks since we can't just

photocopy back in diploma.

Spent almost 200MYR on books, study guide, notes,

and readers.

Then the timetable kept evolving. My time table was

the first edition and after a few changes, my first edition

became the fourth or fifth.

I seriously need to find the time to get a new time table.


Every free time is spent on reading those stupid

readers. If not, most of my time is spent at the cafeteria,

1U, Curve or Starbucks reading my readers.

To make matters worst, there's a high probability of me

being single and available soon. Bad enough, i've no

more McJob, now i'll lose my McBoyfy... *wails*

Besides that, no one to hear me rant.. I miss Shah and

Aki and Parveen very, very much!!! and the whole

Newsdesk 5th Floor in The Star.

College life is really insignificant. So difficult to adapt.

Everyone around me thinks that they know everything.

yea, rite!

All my friends have all changed. Those noisy ones

suddenly became reserved and quite. Me? I guess i

mellowed down. Not so crazy and noisy as before.

I feels so weird to be home where you belong and yet

you don't quite feel like you belong here anymore. I

don't know what i'm saying so please try and


My time table sucks. I have classes everyday. And all

my formal clothes that was at the front of my cupboard

has been pushed right to the back. sigh. sigh. sigh.

~miss elle~


Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm the ultimate Stepford wife!!

Base color is blood red.
The end result after some ribbons n some stick ons..
I call tis the flirty frame..
The end result.
My collection of pretty frames..
My Potato Gratin with home made sausages and shrimp.
Baked to perfection....
and tasted so eff-ing good!!!
The plain wooden frames from ikea.. 3 for RM5
The blue base flirty frame.

Been a Stepford wife at home... Cooking and making

crafts and writing poems. nearly gone crazy...

Not that i don't like being a Stepford wife, its just that

its boring sometimes... I don't mind planning an

elaborate party for my Congressman hubby... if i

had one..

"Dying" to go back to college next week... wow!

~miss elle~


The Apartment, The Simpsons!!

We're a part of a family!!
I think im in love!
American family
Belgian waffle with banana and walnuts @ Waffle World

Shi Ni's fish thing with grass tasting veg @ The Apartment
Chocolate Mousse @ The Apartment
Strawberry and Peach Cream Pavlova @ The Apartment Forgoten what its called @ The Apartment

Their menu is inspired by Jamie Oliver @ The Apartment
Pretty cool looking menu! Graft Papers!!
The cosy, homey ambience @ The Apartment
Ili's Andrew's Salad @ The Apartment
My Chicken-In-A-Bag @ The Apartment.

The Apartment in Curve was great. Love their desserts.

But the waiter was too friendly. I mean, an unknown

acquaintance. Price was standard.

Watched The Simpsons movie.. Was hilarious... Pretty

good. and on Monday, went out to OU with

Mommykins for "back to school shopping" and had

brekkie at Waffle World which was good food!!!

After that, had lunch at Pantai Seafood in Kayu Ara

with aunty Candy until they had to send us out of the

restaurant cause they were closing...

~miss elle~