Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hairspray and Fab!!

Hairspray OST- Good Morning Baltimore

Hairspray OST- I Can Hear The Bells

High School Musical 2- Fabulous

Hairspray OST- Ladies Choice

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Birthday WISHLIST 2007!!!

The God Delusion By Richard Dawkins..

I can marry the person who'll present me this!!

(Tiffany & Co. Bracelet)

ONE of my favourite perfumes!! FLORAL BY PAUL SMITH! besides Michael Kors..

(Floral by Paul Smith)

I WOULD love the person who'll get me this and pledge my lifelong faithfullness to him!! (stop laughing!)
(Michael Kors Island)

I NEED this book to better manage my money! (MY 2008 resolution!)
(Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens or just Rich Dad Poor Dad will also do!)

Not sure if anybody knows this but my idol is Richard Branson..
(Virgin King by Richard Branson)

Would love this cropped, knitted cardi but would LOVE it if it's short sleeves!
No offence but i've never given much thought for chinese but would love this book to change my views!

(A Year Without "Made In China")
Another inspiring book to add to my collection! Those who knows me, knows that i can't live without Starbuck.. I would like to know where my money is going!

(The Starbucks Experience which you can purchase in any Starbucks!)
Like i mentioned earlier, I'm INSPIRED by Richard Branson!

(Losing My Virginity by Richard Branson)
I love books by this author. This is her second book and through the summary, i already know i would love it!!
(Marshmallows For Breakfast by Dorothy Koomson)

I hope everyone is aware that my birthday is on the

8TH OCTOBER!!! I BELIEVE that i've been quite nice

to everyone and i deserve those gifts above.. I decided

to put this wishlist up early because some of you might

need to save your money..

I can say that i already have most stuff that you plan to

get me and more!! so, i gave and put a lot of thoughts

into what i want and *ta-daa!* MY WISHLIST!!! and i

WOULD really, really appreciate it if you would

present me with the gifts above... I would so LOVE u!!

Even more!!!

One more thing, my friends would really appreciate it if

you would leave a comment about what you're getting

me so that i don't end up with 2 similiar presents! and

to make it even more interesting, I won't visit my blog

page until AFTER my birthday...



hahahahaha... I'm so open.. Too open for my own good!

~miss elle~


Monday, September 10, 2007


Pictures courtesy of T-Mobile Sidekick

Pictures courtesy of Anya Hindmarch

Since my birthday is coming soon... I would really

appreciate a T-Mobile Sidekick and Anya Hindmarch's

"I'm Not A Plastic Bag" Bag.. Was fighting for it but to

no avail.. I'm not as fast as the chinks... hahahaha....

Oh, back to my T-Mobile Sidekick or the latest

offering from Motorola Q700 or the Zante... I love, love

the sidekick but i just hate, hate the camera!!! it's only

1.3 megapixels.. Take what pix?? Lame, blurry pix?

I also want the Apple iPod Touch.. GOD!!!!! Oh, The

Sidekick was featured in Material Girls.. Acted by

Hillary and Haylie Duff...

So many things I want.. I'm a material girl and at least I

admit it!!!

For more info, check these sites out:


Motorola Q700 or Zante

~miss elle~


Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Lil Bit of This and A Lil Bit of That

The Latest/New Apple iPod Touch

Photos courtesy of

It is Meng Tee's fault to ask me to check out Apple's

latest offerings and i immediately fell in love with this

new iPod.. Turns out the iPod touch is a reality after

all. The new flagship iPod has "the same size screen as

the iPhone, but it's even thinner" (eight-millimeters, for

those taking notes), and it also touts the "same multi-

touch interface" found on the firm's handset.

Additionally, it boasts a 3.5-inch widescreen display,

the ability to "flick through your photos," and you even

get the "slide to unlock" feature, too. And yes, this

thing actually has WiFi. Of note, the built-in wireless

antenna isn't exactly attractive, but if it means that I can

surf the web (YouTube included) and buy tunes on my

iPod, I suppose it may be an acceptable flaw. As for

battery life, the touch is said to last 22-hours when

playing back audio and 5-hours when watching video,

but only time will tell how draining web surfing will be.

The iPod touch will be arriving in 8GB and 16GB

respectively and will be priced at $299 and $399,

respectively, when they ship "worldwide in a few


A recent delay in the Malaysian immigration caused

one of my subjects to be delayed to almost a month!!

because the lecturer is coming in from Philiphines.

(however one spell it!) All of a sudden, Murdoch

Australia expects us to hand in an assignment from the

particular subject.. The subject is New Media Tech

and when Mr. Benedict fianlly arrived in KL, KDU

didn't even have the courtesy to inform us that there is

classes.. to make matters worst, replacement classes

are held DURING MY STUDY BREAK and from

morning to evening..THE SAME SUBJECT!!! That is

why Starbuck profit margin is SIGNIFICANTLY

HIGHER this trading period..

MATTA Fair 2007 will begin tomorrow and i'm all

excited for bargains galore!!!! Planning a trip to

Langkawi to drink till we pass out with ili and suha

since ili's going to US soon.. Daddykins will be

making 2 trips to China in November and maybe the

whole family will go to Bangkok during CNY but the

recent fire in Mandarin Hotel is making daddykins


Recently find out KenKen's blog dedication to me!!!

*swoon* how sweet!! hahaha... amptly titled Drama

Queen's Last Day! see what he wrote about me here!

Spent too much on Back To College stuff and holiday

with pals and my upcoming birthday that money is very

tight... Should try a financial strategy Daddykins refer

to as "Saving-For-The-Rainy-Days-Account" since i'm,

I quote "a financial liability and incurring unnecessary

cost by uncontrolable/ unhealthy shopping habits"

Haven't been able to sleep in my own room for weeks

because of Spiritual Disturbance...

And my parents pay KDU more than 10K per semester

and i have the right to walk around the college as i

please... Been running /hiding away from annoying

people lately... namely my "Best Friend" and "Miss

Korean"... so eff-ing annoying!!!

And since i'm back in KDU, subjects are pretty tough

but i keep pushing myself because i'm not a quitter and

also since i'm destined for greatness.. Don't know how

long i can keep putting off rehab!!

Lastly, I thought my internship enabled me to move on

but once i step into KDU's grounds, The feelings keep

rushing back to me again... I thought I hated you, but I

realise that I still love you.. and that i never forgotten

you... How pathetic can my life be again?? It's just too

pathetic that I can't stop loving you because I have to..

While others are losing their virginity, i'm losing my

appetite... hahahaha.... But i feel that things are going to

be better because a whole bunch of Europeans from

Finland or other equalivant country has arrived in


More boys, hotter summers, and sexier gossips.. How

fetched!!! Till then..

~miss elle~