Thursday, December 25, 2008


Believe it or not, I sometimes feel ashamed of myself. I feel ashamed that Padrekins has to travel to NY and LA frequently, I feel ashamed that I speak English and a smattering of Spanish better than anybody. I feel ashamed of my Double Major. I feel ashamed of my labeled clothes and tailored dresses. You may think I’m bragging and all but I’m not. Seriously. Period.

I was in the LRT and my colleague called me regarding the software and obviously I was speaking English. Immediately, people in the LRT started looking at me like I’ve suddenly grown 3 eyes, and had sharp fangs! I feel like its wrong for me to speak in English!!

I’ve been in Mid Valley area and commutes using KTM and LRT daily and yet, I don’t feel like a sense of belonging like I have in Damansara area. It’s like I’m an outsider. I don’t belong. It’s as if I can’t conform and I could never be one of them. Them is subjective because I don’t even know how to conform to “them”

Mid Valley isn’t a foreign land or a new frontier, I mean, before 1U, MV was my second home. I hang out there with Shi Ni every subsequent day and I felt like I belonged, someway or another. Maybe I just think too much. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

I can’t wait to go back to Damansara where I feel like I belong. December has been very generous to me. Here’s what I got this month:

1) Loads of new and pretty clothes.
3) I WON EURAIL’S PRINCESS AND A BACKPACK BOOK!! (I *HEART* Eurail and the author handpicked 5 winner across the globe for a copy of a signed book from her!!)
4) I settled my debts!! (Credit card debts!)
5) Got 800MYR e-voucher from Air Asia for delaying my return flight!! (Blessing in disguise!)
6) Managed to keep up my results!! (Passed ALL with flying colours!!)
7) Got so many bonuses from DiGi and Maxis!!
9) I’m going to PHUKET tomorrow!!!!

I’ve never thought it was possible for a person to feel so ashamed of what they are and what they have. I’m most ashamed of my worldly, material stuff… It’s a sin!! I came to a conclusion recently that if you have a string of bad luck, you have to do charity.

You see, when you do charity, you’re indirectly “giving” your bad luck away to an under privileged person who already has bad luck. When you “give” your bad luck to another person who has bad luck, it neutralizes the situation and both of you will end up with good luck!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green New Me!!

I get really pissed off at people who don’t make the effort to conserve the environment by reducing, re-using and recycling. Those people who are selfish are unfortunately those of the lower class and the uneducated.

Every time I walk into Tesco, I see those parents blowing up those transparent plastic bags, turning it into a balloon for their kids to play with. At the Tesco check out cashier, those selfish parents not only pack 2 little items into a big plastic carrier bag and not only that, they take and use more bags than an average environmentally conscious consumer.

Like the cycle of poverty where a few and minimal children of poverty stricken family that will succeed, it’s difficult to remove the poverty element in their lives. I call this the Un-Green cycle where the children will think its ok to turn plastic bags into balloons and use more plastic bags than they require.

I don’t blame them because they receive little education and they’re more concerned about themselves and their 5 kids than the environment. I just pity those kids who’ll be playing at dumpsites in the future and their parents salvaging that rubbish.

Are these people just plain selfish or ignorant? I can accept ignorance but I hate those selfish people. I’m happy to say that our familia has taken gradual steps towards a more greener lifestyle. First, we cut down on the amount of plastics used especially plastic bags and water bottles.

Secondly, we try to buy more environmentally friendly products to reduce our carbon footprints. We start by eliminating most China products and use mainly International or local substitute. This is because China products are unhealthy and very unfriendly. Besides, when the food arrives home, it has already created a carbon footprint bigger than Bigfoot’s!!

We also pay attention to the label of the product and especially the County-of-Origin (COO) of the product. We love Toasted Oats because it’s healthy and it’s environmentally friendly. We also love the organic soya beans from Aussie, and my environmentally friendly Acca Kappa toothbrush and toothpaste. I agree that it costs slightly higher than normal stuff but I don’t mind since I love the trees!!

Another thing we always do is to ask the shop to remove the shoebox and just dump it into a bag. The shoebox is useless, bulky and cost a tree. Another noteworthy local corporation is Padini Holdings because they changed all their plastic bags into environmentally friendly ones.

Another thing is that I try to refuse when shops pack my purchase into plastic bags. The last time I went shopping, I was almost yelling at the Metrojaya cashier. She wanted to bag our purchases into a plastic bag and then into a paper bag. My Madrekins and I was like, just dump it into the paper bag!! And she still looked blur after we told her for like 3 times!

When I bought a skirt from Tribal Spirit in 1U, I refused the plastic bag and dumped the skirt into my many paper bags. Little acts such as these are helpful even though we might think that it’s not significant. I’m a firm believer that if everyone does their little part, take little baby steps and start by refusing a plastic bag, we would have a greener future. I’m not having a baby because the future now seems so bleak, barren, dark and dirty!!

So, my resolution for year 2009 is to step up my efforts such as using non woven bags instead of plastic ones and do more for the environment. Maybe to turn my living space into a greener area?

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopped till I dropped!

These were just a small part of our shopping!

My fav Acca Kappa products!!! I love Acca Kappa so much that I parted with my money willingly, gladly and happily!!

Had to splurge on LaSenza cause i recently got my claws on the Prestige card and all purchase is on 10% off!!

Saw this cheap and pretty black eyelet skirt at Tribal Spirit and it was a save!!

This is one beautiful smocked dress which I got form Carven Ong... It was a splurge, i admit!! but i wore it in the dressing room for 30 minutes (yes, I hogged the dressing room!) before finally deciding to buy it!!! No regrets!!

It's not Christmas without some sexy-candy-canes!! I personally think that candy canes are sexier than Lollipops!! Lollipops are just vulgar while candy canes are subtly sexy!! lol!! Maybe it's just me?

It's been ages since i last shopped till i dropped and i had to drag Madrekins to 1U, Curve, Ikano and Ikea. Shopped from morning 10AM sharp till late at night!! I marvel at ourselves. Anyways, I had fun and became all materialistic again...

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness clearly and obviously have not been shopping!! Like i always say, I'm a firm believer in Retail Theraphy and Good-Starbucks-Morning..

Retail theraphy cures all form of depression. I'm depressed because of a certain colleague which i have some difficulty with.

Good-Starbucks-Morning is when I had a rough morning and I need something to lift my spirits. Christians have some form of prayers to lift their and I have Starbucks! My office mornings has been great that colleagues now call me Ms-Addicted-To-Starbucks! I HEART Starbucks!! A great morning starts with a Sausage, Ham and Cheese on a warm toasted Ciabatta! Heaven on Earth!! lol!!
Till then,
~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Valentines in December???

It's been a while since i last sat down and slowly type my thoughts out. Magic, Hope and Faith isn't the only thing that make this season so jolly!! Apparently, Love is. Let me congratulate these love-birds first:

1) Isaac+Anonymous!! (I'm still expecting a play by play and explicit details!)
2) AT+XY!! (It's about time!!)
3) Glenn+Becky!! (You finally found someone to annoy!!)

While everyone is busy falling in love, I'm busy working my ass off and spending like crazy!!! And oh, thanks to my recent Single status, my "saham naik" again!! I'm flattered but I really don't have the time for a relationship right now. My PM on MSN and FB is just a joke and attention seeking!

Those who knows me well enough knows that I really enjoy being single and how busy I am. Well, I received enough dates to last me through 2009 but if you can't stand my priorities, you're just not understanding enough to deserve me. .. and i'm not playing hard to get however way you see it!!

Now my Precious got infected with a heriditary skin disease whihc is common in Cocker Spaniels. Since, he's a pure breed.. He suffers all diseases that mix breeding could remove. But, I still love him to bits!Oh, he has flaky skin and hairless patches and the vet fees costs a bomb!!

Medications have to be applied twice a day and he has to eat all sort of pills and formulas. Everyone knows that I have trouble waking up and for the whole month I would have to do that so I can prepare his medications and apply his creams!I mean, I love him no questions asked but I know that I have sacrificed so much for him... Waking up early isn't the worst sacrifice i've made. Nat knows me well that I won't leave Malaysia as long as Precious is here..

I was supposed to spend a year in Aus but because of him, I have to say no... resulting in me changing my Majors.I have also given up relationships because of him because it's unfair to my bf that my dog comes first. They can't accept it that I treat my dog better than them.

Whenever my dog whine or bark, I'll drop whatever i'm doing and rush to him... But when a guy calls or sms-es, I'll only return the calls and sms-es after a day or so if i'm not busy. Well, but the joy he brings to my life is endless. I cannot imagine loving anyone else as much as i love him!

My personal life is a wreck right now. I seriously need to differenciate between LOVE and LUST. I know I can't love M because it's just LUST!! but everytime I draw a line, he has to cross it by showing me that he cares and shyte! I HATE that!! I tend to fall for guys who does the little things and M has been doing so many little things!! I also hate it that he's Hot and he's Cold!! Shyte!!! It's nothing but Lust!

Why does the people that you love never loves you back but the ones that you don't loves you? Who do i choose? The one that I love? or the one that loves me? That's why at the end of the day, I rather be single and love myself and Precious!!!

Discovered some really good singers:
1) Дима Билан - Это была любовь
2) จังหวะหัวใจ - คือฉันรักเธอ
3) ว่าน - ระยะปลอดภัย

Anyways, my priorities right now is to make as much money working and cure Precious... So, looking forward to my Phuket trip on Christmas!!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Merchant Solutions 1st Anniversary!!

The big time sales people!! LOL!!
This is Tay and James!!

This is Jesmine from JB office and Wang

L-R: Jason, Justin, Tay and James

Abby and I.

Aunty Miow Khee and her boss Christopher.

Blowing Merchant Solutions B'day Cake!!

Cake courtesy of RedBox, Gardens!!

We celebrated it with a BANG!


She's as new as I am... Lily!

Deco courtesy of May!

1 week after I joined Merchant Solutions, they celebrated their 1st ANNIVERSARY!! For those who have no idea who or what Merchat Solutions is, we are an outsourceof Standard Chartered Bank and First Data (US) dealing mainly with merchant banking.
Meaning that, we sell those credit card terminals that is used to swipe your credit cards. It's just a major business and i learnt a lot working here. Mainly about banking and merchant sector.
This place keeps me busy but i'm not complaining since I get paid quite well compared to other part timers and the best thing is that I actually do get headhunted!! LOL!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

2nd Child Nano!

The new Chromatic is ultra sleek and ultra sexy!! I love it's beautiful wide screen and the beautiful, sleek casing thats so thin, models get jealous!! I LOVE, HEART, ETC it!!

However, I still wanna own the Zune cause I would love to play around and explore that device. I've always been using an iPod and i need to explore something but i'm not getting it from ipod!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Hola, Digby!

This is my new pet Digby!! I met him by sheer coincidence and adopted him.. He now lives up in the tree in the garden.. LOL!!
Digby was hiding or stuck in my shoe cabinet and since he couldn't fly, I just adopted him and he's happy.. He's very affectionate and he loves humans!! He loves to perch on my fingers and hop around on my books when i'm studying..
~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Kevin, The Year of The Gentleman

Meet Kevin... My future gentleman.. He's adorable, cute and quiet the ladies man... LOL!! Haters, Meet my new family member Kevin!! We adopted him.. I wish!!
Well, went to his mother's place for some authentic Jamie Oliver food since his mom can't cook and she attempted to follow some Jamie Oliver recipes for potatoes, Ole English Roast Chicken, and Sweet Carrots and Potato in Stew!!
I LOVED it!! It was so good and tasted HEAVENLY!! Oh, if only you could taste the food!! I'm salivating just writing about it!! The chicken is tender and juicy and so full of flavor from the rosemary and thyme and all the other herbs!!
The poatoes, carrots and stew is so wholesomely English!! The type that your English boyfriend's mom serves you for dinner!! So good!! Was too busy cam whoring Kevin to take the photos of the food..
~You know you hate me~
Michelle May

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just My "Luck"!

My bad luck all started last week Oct 30, 2008 when I attempted to deposit around 200MYR cash into the cash deposit machine at Bandar Puteri Puchong and just as I place my money into the slot of the machine, the machine somehow hanged and spewed my ATM card out and subsequently the notice that the machine has malfunctioned appeared on the screen.

I was advised to go and file a complaint the next day I was told to meet a Ms. Yeong or something. After filling up some forms, she told me to wait for 3 days for the money because the machines were under some outsource company and after some standard procedure, will I only receive my money. She will notify me when the money is cleared.

After those morons took one week, I called Ms. Yeong up again and started yelling at her. Turns out, the outsource company had a “technical problem” and after further yelling and all, the money was banked into my account. Those morons have no idea I had to live 7 days without money!!! Cost incurred: 25MYR for calling their Toll Free number and screwing another outsource employee!

On November 8, 2008 when I was at 1U at (the one near some money changer right after you go down the escalator from PUMA) to top up both my phones. I gave that Pengkit (a female but dresses like a guy) 60MYR to top up 30MYR Digi and 30MYR Maxis.

That moron gave me 30MYR Digi and 10MYR Maxis but I didn’t noticed until I had topped that amount up. I had to walk half way back to the bloody fucking shop to demand my remaining 20MYR! She had to give it to me in 2 denominations of 10MYR. After screwing her ass, I went on my way and nicely topped my phone.

After I used all 3 coupons, I noticed that my credit expiry was 10 days from then. I had to call Maxis Toll Free line again and those morons said that they can’t do anything because I topped up 30MYR in 3 denominations of 10MYR!!

After yelling at that Bastard, Hurensohn in front of Guardian, they can’t do anything as usual. Sometimes, I wonder what can they actually do??? Cost incurred: 16MYR for calling their Toll Free number and screwing another outsource employee!

I have no idea why these big companies in Malaysia expects their customers to pay for their Customer Service. I’m beyond upset because I never expected all this to happen to me. I’m generally a happy person but all this shyte that I don’t deserve is slowly turning me into the bitch I once was.

I can run a car over a kid and yet not feel bad about it. I never expected things like these to happen because I’m Michelle. I live a blessed life albeit a stressful one but I’m not the type of person to break a heel, have a door slammed on my finger, etc… That’s more xy not me! I’m the type that wins contest, finds money, etc.

Now, I’m like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and I’m warning those who might offend me or they’ll fucking get it from me. And the poor person will not only get it, they’ll get it 3X bad!! I’m sick and tired of this country called Malaysia that is governed and run by idiots.

Besides that, I got a job, bought my curtains and material to make my dress!! I’m opening a new Hong Leong bank account as soon as I have the time so that I can close my CIMB and Maybank account. Both are incompetent and have inconvenienced me so much!! As for Maxis, My loyalty to you will be given to either U Mobile or I’m just gonna bear with it for another year or so until I leave. You can count on that! As for, the only reason I buy my monthly top up from you is because I can collect my OneCard points but since they said that it’s not applicable for top up, I’m taking my business elsewhere! If you don’t wanna experience what I’ve experienced, you should too!

~you know you love to hate me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

US Presidential Elections 2008

After months of campaigning and drama, it finally ended on the auspicious day of November 4th, 2008. Months of political analysis, financial planning, and public relations activities, America has finally decided to CHANGE and accept a black man to lead the country.

He is not just any black man; he’s Barack Obama, the FIRST African American and also the PRESIDENT of United States. I’m sure Martin Luther King would turn in his grave for happiness! He made the most memorable speech by, “I have a dream, … sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood ... I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character”

I was rooting for Clinton but decided to switch to McCain not because I’m Conservative. In fact, I’m Liberal. Those who think they know me; I didn’t do it because I was being racist. I did it after studying each and every policy of McCain and Obama. I didn’t do it for fun but then I guess, since I’ve chosen policies as my major and aspire to work as a policy advisor or policy analyst for UNDP, I might as well start by studying the policies.

Both policies are admirable in terms of promoting development to America and especially the opposed view on Iraq. The strength of Obama’s policy comes with the distribution of wealth, middle class tax cuts and the most important would be the withdrawal of American troops in Iraq which has cost America a total of $ 10,562,786,467,087.35 USD ( )

Obama portrays the quintessential American guy; a loving and supportive wife, Michelle, daughters Sasha and Malia. His story is the typical work hard and perseverance story that we are all familiar with. He was brought up by a single mother, put himself through college, worked hard, excelled and earned his law degree from an Ivy League school; Harvard in 1991.

Hailing from a diverse and cultural background helped a lot too. People feel that they can relate to him since he’s an offspring of a Kenyan and an American and subsequently the stepson of an Indonesian contributed to the success of his campaign.

McCain on the other hand pushed for a more closer to heart policies especially regarding the family, adoption, environment and also the subsequent distribution of more American troops in Iraq. McCain is the typical war veteran that is very experienced in terms of life and his mere presence demands respect.

It is very commendable especially his policy regarding the environment and family. Those two issues were his strongest appeal but he’s colorful past outshined his policies. His policy on the Lexington plan and Climate Change has got to be engaging and appealing to most environmentalists but he lost because the Americans prioritized financial assistance over the environment.

America is more concerned on the state of economy which McCain failed to demonstrate some sort of priority which Obama placed absolute importance on. McCain is also a very cultural person as he’s been a prisoner of war in Vietnam and this should show that he is serious about serving his country, and its people but rather it portrayed him as an angry person.

Besides that, their adopted daughter Bridget McCain is from Bangladesh and was brought to America to correct a severe cleft pallet and she ended up being adopted by McCain. Another “human interest” story would be the pro life choice of Sarah Palin and her pregnant 17 years old daughter, Bristol Palin which appealed to many.

At the end of the day, it depends entirely on America and their ideologies. Those who are open to changes, idealistic and are against the war in Iraq could vote for Obama while those who are Conservative, realistic and supports the war in Iraq are free to vote for McCain. This is the true meaning of democracy.

It has been an interesting fight and I’m kind of glad that it’s all over. In fact, I think it’s a new beginning. Time to see if Obama is going to fulfill all his promises. You can bet that I’m going to be there reporting every move. Till then, celebrate the victory!

~you know you love to hate me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Events!

I LOVE the Bold but Maxis Blackberry plan is so difficult to understand!!! Will have to drop by the shop!
Since my ipod is half dead and Zune isn't available in Malaysia, will most likely to get Chromatic or worst comes to worst, get Padrekins or Josh to bring a Zune in!!
Aunty Margeret from Singapore managed to celebrate her Halloween birthday with us!

I surprised XY on her birthday!!! lol! She's not the only one who can surprise me!!

Octoberfest which was just so-so! Even the entertainers were local! Just love the 1MYR beer! Wishing Mink, Hindraf and India were there!!

I was really busy the past weeks until MT has to remind me to update my long ignored blogs. Well, I’m officially done with all those social life sucking assignments. Words cannot describe how extremely happy I am!! 1 Finals paper down, 2 more to go!! I celebrated so many things this month.

Let’s see, I managed to celebrate XY’s birthday and Aunty Margeret came back from Singapore and we managed to celebrate her birthday as well. OH!!! My favorite festival Octoberfest isn’t as happening as last year! This year wasn’t that fun! Maybe I’m just missing Mink, Hindraf, India, and Bilal!!

Well, I have made many plans but I’m really hoping it will all materialize! Now, I’m just counting down to my Phuket trip!!! So gonna soak up the sun!! The sun, sea, spa, sand and sparkling water is like heaven to me!!

I think I’ll really miss my Consumer Behavior class of all things to miss!! I’ve really enjoyed the company of Ms. Crystal, and my classmates! I will really miss them next semester. The only thing good this semester that I look forward to is my CB class! My favorite days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I have CB classes.

I’m thinking whether I should get an iPod, Blackberry Bold or save the money for as holiday?? I’m guilty of counting chickens before the eggs hatch!

I’ve noticed something, ever since I wrote about the LimKokWing sluts, the traffic to my blogspot has doubled, tripled and quadrupled!!! They all left my blog via gutterpost! It’s obscene!! I’m not promoting gutterpost but whatever!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Octoberfest baby!!

Double Click on the image to enlarge for more details!!

I think everyone should know that my favourite festival is Octoberfest. I love the beers, the food, and most importantly, the entertainment. Its that one day, i feel my happiest and relaxed.

I was complaining to everyone who is willing to listen about how much i've missed Octoberfest because 1U didn't put up the posters and all. So, i assumed that there wouldn't be Octoberfest this year. But I'M SO HAPPY TO BE WRONG!!

This year, they're back!!!! *whistles* *claps* *throws confetti* and i'm oh-so-happy right now! Unfortunately, Nuha was supposed to be here!! But she has to go back to Germany and The Mink and India should so be here!!! But they're in US now. sigh!!

I really hope Hongkie can take time off to come for it... Its our TRADITION!!! and who am i to break it?? Gosh! I really hope i have enough people to attend Octoberfest!!! Or it wouldn't be fun!!!

Anyways, hope to see you there!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's All About The Sex!

“Having sex is ok, just don’t document it” – Mi Madrekins.

I recently saw some scandalous and not to mention disgusting pictures of 2 Malaysian Chinese girls with a Pakistani guy. They were in very compromising positions and those 2 sluts are from LimKokWing. WOW!!

I never expected it from Malaysia Chinks!! It’s like they’re majoring in Sex and Anatomy 101. Well, I have nothing against them except that I think they can have a bright future in Malaysian “Sam Kap Pin” home made porn.

Like what my mom said, it’s ok to do but just don’t document it. They are knows as the “Foosball Chicks" Jane Lo Li & Allyssa Yin Yi aka Snowkisz aka Yinyi aka Allyssa Kwan. I have no idea what are their names per se but who cares?

I’m just disgusted and maybe the saying that Chinks will do anything for the money is true. Not that proud to be Chinese now huh? Anyways, if want to see the pictures, just follow this link.

Personally, I think sex is so over-rated!! It’s like so technical, the penis goes into the vagina. It’s just so technical isn’t it? And yet, everyone wants to get laid, needs to get laid, and the whole city is awake trying to get laid.

Sex is a private thing between 2 individuals where the connect and according to the bible; Where 2 becomes 1. I also heard another rumour that during the Hennessy The Art of Mixing presents Flo Rida, he actually picked a girl to have sex with. The song that comes to mind was, " She got LOW with Flo Rida" and "her legs were IN THE AYER".... Food for thought.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing Feels Right When I'm Not With You

Age is just a number of how long you have lived. What is important is how many years you have lived and how far have you achieved in your life- Christy Yong

I’ve turned 21 for almost 2 weeks now. Nothing has changed; there are no wrinkles, no saggy skin, no “laugh lines” and definitely no signs of ageing. Those who knows me well, knows how obsessed I am against ageing. I’ll fly to the nearest reflective surface to check for wrinkles at the mere mention of the O (old) word.

The only thing that has changed is me. I’ve become a stronger person. I’ve learnt to let go. I remembered that I’m the type that tries to work things out. I do that not because I love the person but more on the comfort and I’m too afraid that others won’t accept me. I’ve broken out with the BF and it’s a big step for me.

I know he won’t be able to make up his mind and by breaking up, I hope I’ve help him choose. He was a great guy, honest and all but he’s as confused as hell! He broke up with his ex and got together with me. After a few months, she started calling him and asking him to meet up with her.

That idiot actually went and met her to “hear her out” and at least he told me about it. She wanted him back and he has no idea how he feels about that. He loves me but he likes her. I would have probably stayed with him but I guess I’m adult enough to make such decisions.

Why would I want a guy who is confused about who he wants? Even though he’s with me, He should put me first. Not his ex. And he should’ve said no when she wanted to meet him. Anyways, I can’t do this anymore and one of us has to be the adult and let go.

I was depressed and all and managed to finish a whole cake and I can’t help but cry every time I hear to T-Shirt by Shonelle. “I don’t know if I’m ever gonna let you go, Nothing feels right when I’m not with you, Sick of this dress and this Jimmy Choos, Taking them off coz I feel like a fool, Trying to dress up when I’m missing you, With nothing but you T-Shirt on, Coz I miss you...”

Besides that, I walked to 1U from Uptown and then I actually took the PUBLIC bus to 1U yesterday. I’m more adventurous in terms of doing silly things. I was at Pedlars, 1U (THE BEST SHOP EVER!!) and after some coaxing, I got out of my clothes and tried on the most AMAZING silk, maxi dress that was so gorgeous!!! It’s only 159MYR for the most luxurious silk against your skin!! I couldn’t get it cause it’s not something you can wear to college!

I saw another gorgeous dress in Warehouse and it was just beautiful! It is a simple V-neck dress but the design of the material is of Chinese motifs and it’s just beautiful. Looking for a similar cloth so I could get the tailor to sew the exact dress.

Another thing that I changed is the way I handle my money. I guess, I have more restraining power over myself now. I have enough money to buy the new iPod Chromatic that I’ve been eyeing, the Blackberry that I need and I’m considering the new PSP3000, acute little Guinea Piggy, My trip to HK, and the Coach and Burberry watch I’ve been dreaming of since last year. I know I’m materialistic... Spare me the lecture.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Happenings

My EXTREMELY THOUGHTFUL gift from Hindraf!!! Gosh!! It was really thoughtful... All of our good times together... Binge drinking, Octoberfest, Langkawi, Genting, Sushi-ing, Dressing rooming, lala-ing, etc....

I call my latest creation "Spoon Salad" simply because you need to use a spoon!! It contains roast chicken, apple, egg, pine nuts, raisins and potatoes... Yummylicious!

Presents galore!! Actually there more but i couldn't wait so i tore it all!!

Another cake!! However, i'm not complaining... This is my fav Pralinosa Mascarpone cake! note the writing on the cake!

Thai salad Tofu @ Tua Huat!! Not bad but i just hate the name of the restaurant!!

Fried chicken wings @ Tua Huat...

Some chinese wine vinegar noodle also @ Tua Huat

Fish cake @ Tua Huat...

Since Parentals love Chinese food, they recently discovered Tua Huat in PJ near the Lisa De Inn roundabout. Besides its Chink name, I'm not complaining about the food. It taste good and by 7 the whole restaurant is packed to the brim!! But i have something against the name Tua Huat!!

I had another cake!! I've been having my cake and eating it too... (Literally!) But i'm not gonna complain, I'm just gonna exercise more.. Fucking cake tasted damn fucking good!! And in a depressed state of mind, It's just consoling... Gosh! I hate myself!!

I just noticed something, there's so many October babies!!! Gosh! One can go broke!! I got loads of good presents and i love them all!!! I guess, Hindraf gave me the best thoughtful gift ever! (She and I have an agreement to get each other thoughful gifts for b'days!) She made a huge collage of all my good times with my friends into a huge picture! Everyone that matters to me is in the collage!

Well, I had a great October so far albeit some issues that need some working out. I'm glad i have all my gorgeous, fabulous, fun friends!!! Love ya loads!! And I don't wanna jinx it but Padrekins has plans for me to go "home"!! I think he's finally letting go... till then...
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Surprise 21st B'day Party...

My pretty cupcakes!! Gorgeous, aren't they? And they taste good too!!!

L-R: Jean, XY, Me, Shini, Dyg! The girls!!

The house phone downstairs started ringing at 6.40AM and Madrekins was running up and down to pick it up and Padrekins was yelling, “Who died?” You see, morning calls like these normally means death in our family and when I drowsily looked at my phone I saw 40 missed calls on my Nokia and another 15 on my Motorola and 3 SMS-es in my 016.

I HAD to postpone my study plans and dragged myself up to go to 1U at 11 something. When I arrived there, got into an argument with MPH staff and finally met Shini. She was telling me about how she got drunk and woke up in a certain asshole’s bed the next day 2 weeks ago.

I started lecturing her about loving herself and my famed, “You-Don’t-Need-A-Guy-To-Be-Happy” Speech. I insisted on going to Fish & Co for Fish and Chips but she made such a fuss that we ended up going to TGIF.

When I stepped into TGIF, and walked to a corner, I was shocked and surprised to see Xiying, AT, Hongkie, and Jean and they started shouting, “SURPRISE” and for that few moments, I was seriously blank and in my mind, I wanted to ask, “What are you guys doing here?” But stopped when I saw XY dressed in her Sunshine Yellow tube dress from Forever 21 and they started giving me presents.

I was furious at Shini but still loved her. It was all good, we ordered, drank, cam whored and had fun until they brought out a huge plate filled with the prettiest cupcakes that spelt MICH and TGIF staff made me stand on the chair while they sang some inaudible song and made a huge deal! Then I made a speech using a Ketchup bottle and had to blow my candle while I’m still standing on the chair!

The experience was humiliating to say the least but I know they meant well and I wanted to be sporting after watching Mamma Mia yesterday! Nothing is more sporting than that! Anyways, I had a pleasant cause Dayang and Juanita joined us later! I had lots of gifts that required thoughts and Shini’s gift really was thoughtful because she gave me a huge picture frame filled with pictures of those important to me!

I feel loved and blessed. This year has been a great year! I’ve had a few parties to my name, a surprised one, so many people singing Happy Birthday to me, and my friends who put in a lot of thoughts and effort to give me a memorable 21st b’day! I really had fun and I’ll never forget my 21st even if I wanted to!

Another part of me, feels sad that Boyfie, Ili and Ann couldn’t be here to get the jokes, to make sarcastic remarks and to make me feel like killing someone else besides XY and Shini. Feeling so happy, makes me miss them so, so, so, much!!! I guess I’ll be extremely happy if they were here to celebrate and share my happiness!

Anyways, I cannot thank my dear gorgeous friends enough. And XY, don’t worry… I’ll surprise you on your b’day!!! By taking you to Choy Kee!!! It’s surprising enough right? OK la… I’ll even get KDUCF to sing you Happy Birthday…

~you know you love me~
Michelle May