Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jelly Heaven!!

Went to Q Jelly with Aunty Jessica and Madrekins and was so shocked to see such a colourful shop!!! The jelly cake that i get EVERY christmas from Aunty Jessica comes from here!! they have HUNDREDS of designs!!! so colorful n amazing!!! and oh-so-tasty too!!!

Please visit for reservations and more details!!
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Taylor Swift & Tinsley Mortimer

The lastest country singer i'm soooo crazy for since Faith Hill and Dixie Chicks has got to be Taylor Swift. I'm soooo enjoying her songs!! I've never *ahem* albums before but believe it or not, i actually *ahem* her whole album!! Will probably buy it once my self imposed exile is over..(hahahaha!)

Some of my favourite songs are Picture To Burn, Tim McGraw, Invisible, and Oh My My My. Her songs are really nice, enjoyable to listen to... What i need after a whole long day of doing assignments and chores!! Her songs are mostly about love and all... Which is easy to relate to..

I love a Picture To Burn where she sings about a narcisstic guy.. In Invisible, she sings about her crush that doesn't know that she exist.. just like Teardrops On My Guitar.. But differently worded! She's really talented and i love her lyrics.. I'm a lyrics person.. Besides, her songs are so inspirational, that i had so many ideas for the poems i'll write!! I know i've always been a country girl but until now, I'm certain!!

Picture of Tinsley Mortimer courtesy of

Move over Paris Hilton, the latest NY socialite is Tinsley Mortimer... She's prettier, more successful and an all American girl!! We *HEART* you, Tinsley!!!

I've went online and checked and E! reported that Gossip Girl is COMING BACK for Season 2!!!! OMG!! I sooo can't wait!! What can I say, All I Want Is Everything!!!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Some Stuff...

I've been waiting and now dying to watch this movie.. Over Her Dead Body! I love Eva Longoria!
One of my pretty-pretty flowers... My Daisy!!
My Periwinkle bunch of lovely small and oh-so-very-cute bunches of little pink flowers!
My throphy of a gem: my precious pot of African Bush... a beautiful velvety bunch of flowers..
The aromatherapeutic bunch of my heart is my Lavender Plant.. So beautiful!!

The most functional plant is my Lime Plant... Lime goes well with anything... Tea, baking...
I saw the FlyTrap at the nursery and thought it looked cool...
Their amazing array of flowers at really cheap prices!
I was hoping to get this plant but its really expensive... it's a Butterfly Bush.. Pretty, no?
The nursery even had turkey.. they're not for sale though.. they're just pets!!

The place to get great grilled chicken is at Logenhaus, in USJ Taipan... really good food!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

15 April - 16 April

I *LOVE* dan's look in this picture!!! classic!!
Zen n Daniel mi marido!!!

xiyinh promoting CF booth!!
Anime Bech Boy No. 10 (whatever that means!)
paul's lala num 2 look..
His name is Vincent
Paul's smack that look!! *sexy*

Xiying admiring herself in an Island Shop dress..

Still admiring her self in the Island Shop dress!!! yes xiying, we know!!!
I love double effects...
Animeinspiration club..

Dress courtesy of Island Shop..

Dress courtesy of Island Shop...
Have fun!!! Hope u enjoyed yourself!!
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Why I Don't Read Local Magazines!!

I have to write this after reading the February issue of Seventeen (Malaysia) which was given FREE to us students. I HAVE NOTHING against seventeen and i'm not working in any other publishing houses in Malaysia. In fact i used to read seventeen when they're first issue came out and all the way till i'm 17!! Until i switched to Cleo and after a few months, to Female and then to Glamour UK and now to TIME..

Maybe i've grown up, or maybe the time has changed but i got 3 copies of seventeen, one for me, Tamz and Xiying.. after going through the first few pages itself, we closed the magazine and dumped it into the trash... No hard feelings but Malaysian teen magazines need to get their target audience 'targetted' and stop living in the shadows of their pioneers!

Does teenagers really NEED to know how to kiss? or how to "Make the first move?" I don't think so but magazines now are ALWAYS talking about relationships.. For me, giving relationship tips, coupled with a few relationship quizzes and presented in an attention grabbing headline on the cover such as," How To Tell If He's Interested?" will get a total sell-out magazine...

It's so cliche, no orginality and encouraging teenagers to Kiss, Make The first move, etc... Should't teenagers be more enpowered with a more positive message? Teenage life is for fun, and learning to take adult responsibilities but instead the media is feeding teenage girls that, to have a perfect teenage life, a girl needs to have a boyfriend, first kiss, etc....

Girls who don't have a boyfriend in their teenage years will grow up feeling inadequate compared to their peers.. And will be DESPERATEly looking for a boyfriend in their adult life. I was lucky to have self esteem to have a great teenage life. I had fun, made some mistakes and turned out to be a responsible adult.

I pity the other girls who still lack self esteem, who grew up hating themselves just because some guy didn't pay attention to them in high school... Girls should be taught to empower themselves. Tell them that they don't need a guy to feel complete. Tell them that there's more to life than a guy. Tell them that they could lead a life without a guy.

I'm not a feminist so don't get me wrong. I'm just a concerned friend who knows a lot of girls who grew up feeling inadequate and DESPERATE after a monthly dose of these magazines!! Just so you know, i'm just a normal average girl that think girls everywhere deserves better!! They don't need a guy to be happy or complete.. The girls i look up to are empowered. Girls who are stronger or smarter. Girls you won't find in the pages of Seventeen, Cleo, Female, etc... Girls who grace the pages of TIME, Newsweek, and Economist are the ones i admire... Living the life they've always dreamed of, successful, happy and sometimes, single!!

I'm sorry if this is provoking/ controversial to some parties. But i think that spending money on magazines made from "fluff" is pretty silly, don't you think? This article is written because i just remembered why i don't read local mags anymore!!

Till then...

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Marco's Pizza, Zara and Apoo!

Apoo promoting the directory board of KDU! It's a lame job but someone has to do it!!
The Marco's Pizza from Marco's Pizza!! Cheese, and loads of turkey!! The best pizza so far!!
This is the Hawaiian Pizza from Marco's Pizza.. The pizzas here are really good!!!
Xiying was eyeing this coat from Zara.. and decided to camwhore with it..
I love the double effects of the mirrors!! its nice, no? I think its really cool!!

Any potential modelling done?? Maybe for Zara.. who knows? and I took this pix!! its nice!!
You can tell how fascinating i am with the mirrors... like some jungle person rite??

My Angel Hair Marinara.. Not very fresh seafood... and small portion!! the pizzas taste better!!
Darry reading the menu.. BTW, we hated the services there!! waiters have NO idea what is even on the menu!!! 1st rule: ALWAYS KNOW WHAT UR SELLING!!!!!
I have to say that we love the environment but service still sucks big time!! Thank god their pizza is good!!
Till then...
~you know you love me~
Michelle May