Saturday, May 31, 2008

Miss Michelle Wishes

This is to introduce my latest blog. I know, I know, 2 blogs is more than enough but my latest blog is different. The blog is more like a glossy fashion magazine than a blog. Its no surprise that i love pretty stuff and i'll always get distracted by shiny stuff. The blog is like my catalogue on stuff i love.

It's like my personal style guide.. Hope you'll visit my new blog and lose yourself in my world!!

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    Michelle May

    Wednesday, May 28, 2008

    Missing Him!

    Tomorrow boyfy is going to camp. I'm depressed. He has never been away from me and this 4 days is gonna be very long. I can't wait for him to come back... Maybe being apart will be good for the both of us. Boyfy will be all the way in Ipoh and i'll be rotting here.

    Maybe it'll test how much we love each other. But no matter what, i'm still gonna miss my Don.. lol! He's the Don and i'm the Princessa.. well, time for me to study my Statistics instead of thinking about him.

    He's a big guy, i'm sure he can take care of himself. Besides, i'm sure he'll have so much of fun!! So, instead of moping around, i'm gonna try and have fun too... Enough of missing him... Can't wait for him to be back on Sunday!!!

    Till then,

    ~you know you love me~
    Michelle May

    Monday, May 26, 2008

    Designer Labels, Materialism 101

    I just finished watching Gossip Girl and it was heart breaking. Like what Gossip Girl said, "A leopard can never change it's spots" In this case, it was referring to Blair and Chuck. It's saddening that Dan has to break up with Serena. Just because she didn't trust him about her history. I mean, I can understand that because i've been through. Even though my history isn't as bad as hers, i still don't trust anyone. Those who knows it, are my closest friends.

    I LOVE Blair when she said, "Just so you know, I'm still the crazy bitch around here!" to Georginna Sparks when she showed up with Mr and Mrs Sparks. Hot, isn't it? Was chatting to a certain someone and was teaching him Materialism 101. I told him that the word "enough" should never exist in his vocabulary and he argued that we can never be happy with our purchase. It'll just be a continuos cycle of purchasing. I think that unless you're the Dalai Lama, your wants can never be satisfied. Wanting something is just like the cycle of life. It can never be satified, it can never be enough.

    People can't stand that i'm materialistic and label conscious. Labels and designer stuff are products of heritage. 40 years of dressing the Americans is what i'm talking about. Owning a piece of Ralph Lauren is owning a piece of the American heritage. Either a Blue label or a Black label, Ralph Lauren is the quittessial brand. Some of my other favourite brands are Tommy Hilfiger and Paul Smith. Recently, I've been shopping for a plain white shirt. I walked the whole of 1 Utama and not even 1 of those thousand shirts i saw appealed to me. I went to Gap, Massimo Dutti, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and even Jusco! Until i went online shopping at Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger that I saw my dream white shirt..

    Another brand that i love and adore is Victoria's Secret. But funny enough, i'm in love with their dresses!! They have some of the most beautiful dresses around. I mean, for daily wear. Their summer collection is to DIE FOR!!! Check it out here: Another one of my favourite brand for simple casual clothes is Abercrombie & Fitch. They have clothes that are fusioned in such a way that a basic can look dressy and comfortable as well.

    One of the reasons i hate living here is the mere range of clothes and clothes here are either so lala or so out of season! You may think those clothes you buy in Topshop, Miss Selfridges, etc are so "IN" let me tell you something, All the clothes from the previous seasons that don't sell well are all shipped to Asia where Asians who have no idea but worships these labels ,buy thinking they're so looking "IN"!! So far from the truth!! Thats why one of my favourite countries in the world is America. In New York, where everything goes, fashion is a breathe of fresh air. Where you can dress however way and no one will judge you.

    I know all fashionistas favourite city is Paris. Unless you're a rich, i-flew-here-by-my-private-jet-to-shop-for-a-day, it's not worth it! Designer houses like Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Burberry decorates the street and if you're not dresses in full designer gear, people will avoid you like you have some kind of a designer disease. soo not worth it! My favourite country ever has got to be Reino de España . Let me count the reasons why:

    1) My favourite F1 track is there. (love it because it's challenging, and it races through the city and passes the docks!

    2) The Spaniards!! (The sexiest men on earth!)

    3) The language. (I think Spanish is the most romantic language and i love, love it!!)

    4) 2nd highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. (That mean, they have a lot of cultures! or cultural sites!)

    5) Home to the Cantar de Mio Cid, the oldest preserved Spanish literature known as cantar de gesta.

    6) Home to Camilo Jose Cela, Federico Garcia Lorca, Juan Ramon Jiminez and Miguel Cervantes. (A few of my favourite authors!)

    7) I love the Europe.

    8) I'm fascinated by the Spain history of 17th century Prospero wreck.

    9) It's has Madrid, Barcelona, and Pyreness.

    10) It's location neighbouring France and Morocco and bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. (How cool is that?!)

    Last but not least, Shakespeare's The Tempest is based on a Spain legend. I can only shop online. Once i get my pay, Then i'll shop the real thing!! Since i'm not logging on to Facebook, i spend most of my time shopping online!! Terrible, rite? I just replace my addiction with another type of addiction. Bad in the long run, i know. I cannot wait to go to Spain and America!!

    Till then,

    ~you know you love me~
    Michelle May

    Sunday, May 25, 2008

    It's Inevitable, Incredible and oh-so-totally Addictive!!

    This is my 3rd day of living without logging on to Facebook. Can't believe that i'm still alive. I *HEART* Facebook. I CANNOT LIVE without it. And I admit that i'm a Facebook addict. I can never go on living for 1 day without logging on to Facebook. I spent an average (mean) of 7 hours logged on to Facebook. Terrible, right?

    My day went on smoothly but when I was in the Computer Lab in college with Ella and Ntawi, they were both on Facebook and i was soooooo tempted to log in.. Thank God i'm the type of person who doesn't gives up easily. I sometimes make myself soooo damn proud!! Ntawi started to show me my Langkawi pictures through her Facebook and i'm like, shit!! I have to go online. I keep thinking of the messages, wall posts, and all the latest updates i'll be missing!! Damn!!

    Completed my Policy finals today, 1 down, 2 more to go... And after the paper today, i think Media Audiences should be relatively easy! The paper consist of 6 questions equally divided into 2 parts which have equal marks. The 1st part was ok but the second part, i sort of screwed up. I don't seem to know anything.. Blanked out and was just watching Mr. Benedict marking essays. shyte!! But i did studied, pay attention in class and my knowledge in politics and policies is quite admirable... And among all 3 subjects i'm taking this semester, I actually enjoyed Policy the most. and did extremely well for my assignments..

    Anyways, Wish me luck for Media Audiences tomorrow! Pray for me, ya? I just found out that the most common name in Hong Kong is Chan. In fact, more than 400, 000 people have the name Chan out of the population of 7,018,636.. pardon my sorces but Wiki says that 11% of the population has the surname Chan. I know 2 Hongkies and both have the Chan surname. Wow!! My surname Goh ( 吴/ 吳) has been converted into Min Nam (something like Romanized) from the pin yin word Wu. Just a Chinese lesson from an uncredible person!

    Anyways, I should try to NOT be addicted to blogging as well.. I so need to complete my Statistics assignment. I pulled a tendon yesterday. My past injury where i dislocated my knee cap still have its effects on me. I should so take care of health!! I'm Calcium deficient, Need to take more Vitamin C, and don't be so stress.. sigh!! Was talking to Harrison and Kan Sha and had a very 'profound' conversation. Very rare with Harrison. And had the most funniest joke today courtesy of Mr. Kenny and Roy.. It went something like this..

    Scene 1: Mr. Kenny accused Roy of being a messy eater when Mr. Ken was the one who made a mess of the table with his Ice Kahchang.

    Roy: I can sue you Mr. Kenny!! Defamation!!!
    Mr Kenny turned to Jason Lee Chun Jon..
    Mr. Kenny: You can only sue me if he thinks lower or you and it's impossible that he can even think any lower of you la!!
    Roy: What did i do to deserve this??!!

    *rolls eye and laughs*

    I seriously needed a laugh after the horrible paper!! Till then...

    ~you know you love me~
    Michelle May

    Sunday, May 18, 2008


    After watching the video above, i think most of you will understand why i say that i'm not Chinese.. I mean, it's true that i'm not pure Chinese but now, i'm ashamed of the "blood that runs through my veins, my heritage!!"

    I don't believe in god, but i do believe in karma... in a way, i'm Buddhist.. because i chose to follow the moral teachings... Like once Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it's animals are treated" Besides that, China is the biggest contributor of Carbon Dioxcide to the atmosphere... Do they think that they'll be able to live happily ever after? I don't think so. The earthquake was nothing compared to the horrors of the video!! At least they died with they're skin on!! And most importantly, the died too easy!! After the video, i wanted them to feel how the animals felt!! being skinned alive, bludgered, and stepped on!!

    And to answer some questions as to why they couldn't just shoot the animals, the answer is that it will lower the value of the fur... No one will buy fur with a hole in it!! It's atrorious, inhumane, disgusting and dowright unethical!! I can take any form of cruelty but NOT EVER animal cruelty!! I understand its a globalization thing that China is one of the biggest exporter of fur and contributor of Carbon Dioxide, but i don't think that it should be done at the expenses of the Earth and animals... It's just not worth it!

    I've always boycotted fur so its not much of a problem for me to boycott designers who uses fur in their clothes, the celebrities who wears the fur in their clothes and the rich wannabe's who demand for fur in their wardrobe!! The whole industry must be boycotted... The fur looks better on the animals anyways!!

    Believe me when i say that China deserves worst!! In fact, I'm glad that an earthquake hit it... better than nothing!! I don't even think they deserve any help! Call me bitter but China has to know that what goes around, comes around!! In fact, i hope it gets worst!

    Pledge to go fur-free at

    Pardon my bitterness, but, everyone is entitled to their opinion, if you're not happy with mine, shove your UNWANTED opinion up where the sun don't shine!!

    Till then,

    ~you know you love me~
    Michelle May


    Daniel Mi Marido.. so funny that he watches Gossip Girl with me! and what a gossip King!!
    Aaron, the guy with all the wisdom... And my hero, sort of, owe him so much!! technically my life!

    I feel like screaming!!!! Why people ASSUME that a girl like me is ALWAYS available? I actually enjoy (wait, I LOVE!!!!!) being single... I really mean it.. I'm not the type that will say that i love being single but deep down i secretly resent the fact that i'm single... Like what Daniel Mi Marido said, i have The Gift of Celibacy... hahahah...NO.. I'M NOT THAT KINDA GIRL... I say what i mean...

    Theres so many things to talk about. But i wanna talk about HOW TO GET A GIRL...

    1) Like what mi marido, Daniel said: 1st RULE is to make sure that the girl you like is SINGLE AND AVAILABLE... Some maybe single BUT NOT available...

    2) Get to know her as a friend..


    4) If she doesn't reply, sms or call you back, it means she DOESN'T wanna talk to you.. Simple as that!!

    5) If she keeps refusing to go out with you, no matter how many thousand times you ask her, she still WON'T go out with you.

    6) Don't ever ask her out on the first day you meet her...

    7) Just talk to her... Find out what she likes, what she hates and most importantly, take time to know her..

    8) Don't be persistant if the 'wall' doesn't break...

    9) Ask her friends what she thinks of you..

    10) Lastly, move slow.


    Guys just don't get it... I may be single but i'm not available.. They don't take the time to want to get to know me.. They just ask me out on the first day they meet me. I may be fast but don't take me for granted. I do like a guy currently so thats why i'm not available. But how many people actually know this? NOT A SINGLE GUY, disappointing to say...

    I feel so Rihanna- Take A Bow right now... I can realte to these line...

    But you put on quite a show
    You really had me going
    But now it's time to go
    Curtain's finally closing
    That was quite a show
    Very entertaining
    But it's over now
    Go on and take a bow

    Not the cheating part.. but more of putting on a show.. Thats why i played this song 120 times on my iTunes.. Another song is John Mayer's GREATEST WORK YET for the movie The Bucket List, Say..

    Take all of your wasted honor
    Every little past frustration
    Take all your so called problems
    Better put 'em in quotations
    Say what you need to say (x7)Say what you need to saaaay...
    Walking like a one man army
    Fighting with the shadows in your head
    Living out the same old moment
    Knowing you'd be better off instead
    If you could only
    Say what you need to say (x7)Say what you need to saaay...
    Have no fear
    For giving in
    Have no fear
    For giving over
    You better know that in the end
    It's better to say too much
    Then never to say what you need to say again
    Even if your hands are shaking
    And your faith is broken
    Even as the eyes are closing
    Do it with a heart wide open... wide... Say what you need to say (x7)Say what you need to
    Say what you need to
    Say what you need to say...

    I just want to hear you say what you need to say... But you still can't... Please say it and it'll all be over..

    So glad i have roughly another week in Damansara area.. Next week is my Communication FINALS and on the first week of June is my Marketing FINALS and hopefully, things will turn out well and i'm starting work in June and THANK GOD, i'll be based in KL area... Can't wait for my La Vita Nueva... Get away from everything and everybody..

    I thought Gossip Girl ended but it's back once the Writer's Strike was over and the series is better than before... The twists and turns are so OH-MY-GOD!!! With the biatch Georgina..

    Till then,

    ~you know you love me~
    Michelle May

    Sunday, May 04, 2008

    Please check it out..

    Since i hate Blogger becaise they won't allow me to upload my pictures all at once and i find it such a chore to upload 5 at a time, my latest post will be redirected to my Spaces site..

    Check this site out!!!

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    Michelle May