Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mi Amigos del Vida..

I *HEART* my friends. Sometimes I need to remind myself why I love them so much!! Especially those who i've known for a very long time and are close to me. So, I write reasons why I love them... The list is in no particular order!! I love everyone equally!

Shini Kumar (Hindraf): I *HEART* her because we've been together for so long its like a marriage. We've been friends for almost 9 years now and we've been through so much! One of my oldest frend and i sort of depend on her a lot!! She's also my sister from a different mother since her family adopted me!!

Ili Alia (Mink) : I *HEART* her because she's always there for me. She never fails to make me laugh. She makes it easy and her presence constantly reminds me to be myself! and most importantly, she tells me that its OK to be mean... Besides, she's also my sister from my father and her mother!!! lol!!! Our little joke!

Xiying (XY): I *HEART* her because she balances my personality. Because of her, I'm not the worst I could be. She keeps me grounded and evens out my mean-ness with some compassion. Besides that, I have no idea how a religious, good girl like can stand me!! I also sleep with her a lot!!

Puteri Sabrina (Bree): I *HEART* her because well, she's my proud-est achievement... She's the epitome of Good Girl Gone Bad, thanks to me! Besides that, she's a good Chots foe!!

Aaron (AT): I *HEART* him because he's been nothing but supportive and fun to be with. He doesn't judge and he's always there if I ever need a shoulder to cry on or a listener! He's silly at times and its just endearing.. Besides that, I'm really comfortable with him... i'm myself!

Anndrina (India): I *HEART* her for her randomness and her perseverance. And how funny it is that she thinks she's fat when she's the skinny ass Indian girl!

Soon Seng (SS): I *HEART* him because I can always count on him! and so far, he has never let me down! He directs me to my location better than GPS, makes me laugh and lends me his house!

Isaac Yap: I *HEART* the boy next door!! I can always depend on him if I want to stalk someone! lol!

Josh Chong (Bro): I *HEART* him because he's so damn funny!! In a way, he looks out for me and yet he's not my parents!

Chan Ngoi Yan (Yan Yan): I *HEART* her because she treats me like her sister and advises me about how bad boys are!! Besides, its good to practise my Cantonese with her!!
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Interaction and Events

Passion World Tour 2008 @ Sunway Convention Centre on the 3rd of August at 6PM!!
Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Festival 2008 @ Plaza Mont Kiara on the 25th July- 3rd August 2008 at 8PM!!

Ever since my 2 months break started, I’ve been depressed. The depression became even worst once I got my results! Being alone in a house with no interaction whatsoever with my friends, can be a real torture! I live on interaction with my friends!! I hate it when anyone else is at home because it can get pretty frustrating!!

I’m the type that has to do things constantly to keep unhappiness and depression at bay. So far, I haven’t really been doing anything much except gardening, going for long walks with Precious and checking my e-mail and Facebook. I don’t even blog because there’s really nothing interesting in my life that’s blog-worthy!

I get really annoyed, anxious, angry, frustrated and just very unhappy when my time is not filled with projects and interaction. Even reading books no longer make me happy! On normal days, I wake up by 12, watch TV, cook lunch, wash clothes, watch Jackie Chan at 3, Jimmy Neutron at 3.30, and take Precious out for a walk till around 4.30 when it’s time for Desperate Housewives , The Simpsons, Life with Bonnie, Kimora, Kardashian, and the last program is According to Jim at 7.

Life has been this way for the past 2 months!! I seriously can’t wait when the semester starts! I don’t have adequate means to go on a holiday far away from here and the other people in the house aren’t making my life any easier! The brother is as useless, inconsiderate and selfish as before, and the father is either getting more irritating or older! Sigh… Can’t wait for him to go back to NY in August!!

I recently checked on my Facebook groups and one of them was my high school; SMK Bkt Bandaraya. There were 500+ people there that seem and looked familiar but I don’t seem to remember them at all!! I do recall their names since I have undisputed memory for names but I can’t remember their faces and I was shocked that Asyraf and Aishah Sinclair used to be in the same school!! I knew the Syarifah sisters studied there but the Sinclair siblings? No memory whatsoever!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m soooo looking forward to Ann’s 21st B’day Party this Friday and MAY, MAY go for Sunrise Jazz and Rhythm Fest 2008 in Mont Kiara with Isaac on Saturday!! Followed by Passion World Tour 2008 with XY, AT and maybe Mr. Kenny on August 3rd!! Till then...

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

The Epitome of Classic!

This is EVRYONE'S favourite picture!! Especially XY'S! I have to admire the subtle message of this picture!! According to ili, "The guy who believes in polygamy with the woman and the other woman." while Roy," classic !!! LOL.. one dun wan to take photo ^^ well 3 different pose in one picture CHUN !!!"

I think this picture puts the DRAMA into Family Drama!! Do you think it beats The OC, Laguna Beach or The Bold and the Beautiful? I don't really think so but i think it'll give them a run for their money!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Natalie Chin Joo Ee and I!! We both enjoy cam whoring!!

Xavier looking bored/ cool/ full? That boy confuses me all the time!!
AT ATTEMPTING to look busy like a big time lawyer!! ;p
See, now you know what i meant when I say that we enjoy cam whoring?

He wanted to get feedbacks from this picture!!
My fav picture!!! I love that all 3 of us cousins are in it!!! Except that it could be better if Xavier didn't close his eyes!!
Had a fairly good time when Natalie Chin Joo Ee finally came after her exams to meet Xavier! We chatted and of course, played Chots at Fish & Co. And lunch was of couse was on Xavier after we sortta bullied him into paying!! ;P

Sorry that I didn't have the picture of xiying but at least i managed to snap a picture of AT attempting to look busy with his phone!! As if he's already a big time lawyer!! LOL!! and me and Natalie enjoyed doing what we enjoyed doing.... CAM WHORING!!! and I just heart the last picture of the 3 of us!! cousins!!

I'm really hoping for my dreams to come true!! So, right now... I intend to keep my fingers crossed at all times!! Waiting patiently to debut my dress and my pretty peep toe shoes!! Which I bought and was all Xavier's fault!! Madrekins and I will always blame Xavier for those untimely purchases!! lol!! Counting down the days to Ann's 21st Birthday Bash at Bkt. Kiara and Passion Tour 2008 and Ili's Farewell Party!!! Oh, and not forgetting.... Isaac's Liquid Party, A. Candy's half German nephew and the oh-so-cute boy next door that just arrived!! He's white, hot and charitable!! :)
Till then....
~You know you love me~
Michelle May

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What Makes an Adult?

Xiying enjoying her dinner at Nyonya Colors in 1U Old Wing! Right in front of Somerset Bay..
Tam Tam Darling trying to look Macho/lala!! Personally, it looks more lala! ;P
My Thum Thim Throp which EVERYONE loved!! Turning people into food addicts!!
OOOH!! I never knew Curry Mee tasted this good!! Not bad!!

Everyone uses the phrase; Act like an adult or be more like an adult but what does that phrase really means? Does it mean, as an adult I’m supposed to:

1) Take more responsibilities?

2) Make more decisions?

3) Know what I want to achieve in life?

4) Even the word “Mature” is a rhetoric!

5) Be able to leave the nest and be independent?

Well, today I made a life changing decision. I decided to change my major. Before this, I was doing Murdoch’s double major in Communication, Technology and Policy (CTP, 1 MAJOR!) and Marketing Management (Commerce, 1 MAJOR)

After speaking to Ms. Claudine and Ms. Maha, both really good Programme Leaders that really counseled me to change my Commerce Major into a Minor in PR! I don’t really have a choice because I really don’t intend to go to Australia! And I’m lacking in credit hours.

One consolation is that I can still do Commerce subjects as my electives. So, I have no idea what I want to do or my future plans. Preferably, I would want to study, learn and travel to Spain to study Spanish. Not what I do now, speak un poco Spanish!! I want to be qualified Spanish speaker so I can translate works of Pablo Neruda, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Camilo Jose Cela so that more people can appreciate their work.

So, now I’m doing a Major in Communication, Technology and Policy with a Minor in Public Relations and doing Commerce electives!! Well, intend to study everything!! Back to the question of being an adult cause when I told my parents that I changed my whole course, they were shocked.

Then they were concerned. I’m kind of surprised actually because they never really bothered about what I do as long as I’m staying and keeping up my Distinctions in college. Madrekins don’t even bother about fees as long as I give her one lump sum and she just buys a bank draft to pay everything.

So, if that’s the case they wanted to send me to Australia but I seriously can’t go! Not that I want to but I really can’t! There are so many factors that suggest that maybe I’m not an adult. For example, I can’t leave Precious because no one can handle him and he’s MY DOG!! And I’m close with the parental especially weekend shopping and lunch with Madrekins!

Another reason is that, since our family is well, erm…are good people, we have extended family members as well! I’ll miss talking with Yan Yan cheh and I’ll miss disturbing Josh kor! And not forgetting Grandma which I’m terribly close to!

Unless Padrekins business in New York is more successful, I would be lost! Really hoping that his business will be even more successful so that I can go and realize my dream! Sigh… Somehow, I felt like an adult making such decisions on the spot but then also feel like a child!!

Anyways, here’s some private pictures of the day hanging out with Xiying and Tam Tam Darling!! We watched Get Smart together with Lik Ee and it’s somehow consoling!! I mean, I sort of promised Xiying to watch Get Smart since it first opened but I wasn’t free until today!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, July 04, 2008

Failure to Launch

Ever since I started college, I permanently removed and successfully conquered every factor and possibility of failing. Hence, permanently removing the concept of FAILING in my life altogether. I cannot fathom even failing once. I don’t have the pathogical resistance to handle failure.

I had to face the harsh reality of life this week when I failed my Statistics by 7 marks. The best part, I need 2 more marks in order to qualify to sit for a supplementary assessment. One can only imagine how disappointed I feel. All this while, everyone had high hopes on me, especially my family. Disappointed everyone especially myself so bad that it’s suicidal.

I don’t know where went wrong. I’m so damn confused as to whether I’m stupid or what. I did everything that is expected and I couldn’t possible understand where went wrong. I’m feeling frustrated that I have to re-take the whole irritating subject next year. I slaved through 3 assignments and 2 tests for this shit!

It’s too depressing. I seriously have no idea how to handle the disappointment that I cannot believe that I contemplated suicide! But it goes against my principles and my upbringing to never give up. If I give up like that, I’m no different from my useless cousins who I consider losers.

Sometimes, giving up seems so easy and attractive. In fact someone actually said, “Sometimes, the only option is to give up so that you can fight another day” I need to learn from my mistakes, tell me where went wrong.

The only thing that is distracting me is Xavier. Been spending a lot of time shopping, arguing and making fun of him that I momentarily forget about my results. Love it that he kept his promise and brought me my Cherry Ripe!! Besides that, Padrekins being the best Daddy in the whole world got me all my stuff from NY!! My Spanish novellas, PopTarts, and most importantly, my clothes!! Call me materialistic, but I’m happy!!

Xavier is also going to Bangkok on Monday and already gave him a list of thing to get me. Believe it or not, I swear by Boots. Mr. Bene also offered to get me some Spanish books from Philippines when he goes back today while Candy cheh will be leaving to London on Saturday and she’s also not spared with my list!! Waiting for Yan Yan to visit Ah Gun in India so we can all tag along and utilize his driver, chef and house! Hahaha.. My list is inevitable!! *evil laugh*

I just saw a documentary on animal cruelty. Why can’t people just respect animals?! The narrator said, “People abuse animals because they think that animals are not capable to feel pain because they aren’t as evolved as humans” However, animals have more feelings than humans.
Their senses are better developed than humans as proven by dogs sniffing out drugs and etc.

That means, an abuse will hurt a 100X more than what a human will feel. It’s like when a human has an injection, the animal will feel as if they’ve been stabbed! The narrator also mentioned that we have to change our lifestyle, habits and thinking because we’re so dependent on animals for survival especially for clothes, food and entertainment.

We need to take a stand and make a difference. For me, I refuse to consume animals with hooves (Beef, lamb, venison,etc) and it’s hard when it come to candy. I love gummy bears and gummy worms but they contain gelatin (beef derived by-product) and I have to be more careful with what I eat. I started reading labels and learnt how to differentiate what’s kosher, gelatin or animal derived fat.

Well, yea… so, these issues were distracting me from wallowing in self pity. Oh, I had to appeal to do Consumer Behavior and it’s taking up my time as well. It’s great that I have so many things to look forward to and so many gifts! Maybe, being materialistic is good! Till then…

~you know you love me~
Michelle May