Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Girl Like Me is Impossible To Find

The old packaging of Herbal Essences... TO...
The new packaging!!!

I tried to console myself by going on a hiatus but then I realized that I could never really stop blogging. I love writing or in this case blogging and it’s the only thing besides my parents, friends and Precious that makes me happy. Friday came and gone and I miss us. I haven’t been to 1U for more than a week. Intend to push my luck till 2 weeks! Oh, GOSSIP GIRL SEASON 2 IS BACK TOMORROW!!!! *yay*

Well, I’m slowly getting better. Much better now, though I have no idea, who I’ll drag to the hospital and clinic for those embarrassing hospital visits and especially to my gynae. Well, they’re having fun in US and no point of me being sad. Might as well have fun!! Padrekins is coming back soon! Can’t wait to see what he got me!

Puasa is here. I remember that I’ll puasa and because of Ili, I’ll always end up eating!! No, I’m not Muslim but I’ve been fasting every year since forever and I’m sort of used to it. This is the first year that I’m going to fast the whole bloody month without the little shrimp begging/ threatening me to eat! The best part, SHE’S the Muslim!!

Oh, have you ever been in a situation where you love something but like another thing? Or when you love someone but like someone else? Don’t worry; I’m not talking about my love life but more of my shampoo!!! LOL! I’ve been a faithful user of Herbal Essences, like I mentioned in my previous posts and did anyone notice the new packaging?

I’m not complaining but I LOVE the old packaging!!! *wails* I love the transparent bottle filled with yellow or pink liquid that makes your head smells like a bloody garden! However, I tried the new bottle. I’ve got no idea whether they change the formula or not but after 1 whole day, my head still smells like a garden and I LIKE it! The smell is stronger but the bottle isn’t pretty like the old ones and it’s more expensive and it doesn’t come in the 750ml bottle!!!

Have you ever thought that you knew someone well enough to be together with but in the end you realized that you don’t really know the person that you’re together with at all? Ok, now I’m talking about my love life. Just when I really fall in love with this guy, he turned out to be someone else. Maybe we got together in such a rush that we confused lust with love. Nevertheless, I LOVED him. Or at least the person he was trying to be. I’m waiting for the 3rd strike before I end it all and presently, I’m short of 1 more reason!

Now I’m so distracted, THANK GOD!! After my 1 week break, I’ll have to prepare for 2 presentations, one 2000 words essay, 1500 words essay, and 6 weeks’ worth of Consumer Behavior questions! I’ll have to finish reading 5 articles, and 3 books! Looks like I’ll be going to Australia the following year not next year. I have so many things to do its crazy! I have to take Precious to the vet because I suspect he has an inflammation in his skin.

XY is planning a girly Tea Party and I hope that this plan finally materializes unlike our Ipoh trip!!! *ahem* and I plan to meet Shi Nee and Bree. I hate it that I’m craving for so many things right now! Like I’m some pregnant women! Right now, I’m craving for pizza (all Musaab’s fault!), Paddingtons, Winter Warmers, and a good comforting box of Siroopwafelen! The weather has been unkind lately and after I got caught in the rain last week, and with XY planning a tea party, I would really love my siroopwafelen to be served with my warm tea. Ahhh….. bliss!

Some noteworthy songs:

You Make It Real – James Morrison
Lucky – Jason Mraz feat Colbie Caillat
Fall For You – Secondhand Serenade
Like Only A Woman Can – Brian McFadden
All Summer Long – Kid Rock

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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