Thursday, August 07, 2008

Positive Discrimination & Such...

I learnt Positive Discrimination last semester in my Cultural Policy class. Well, in a nutshell, positive discrimination is treating a person differently but to benefit the person. An example would be our parents, not treating us equally as they would treat our brothers.

As a girl, I can’t do as many things as my brother. I can’t stay out till late or at least not as late as my brother, I can’t hang out at the house of the opposite sex or I can’t even backpack. Well, I’m not talking about myself because my parents are cool.

I’m talking about the other girls who are “unfortunate” enough to be born as a girl! It is believed that as girls, we would have more to lose compared to guys. I’ve always believed in gender equality. I personally do not need a guy to protect me.I'm not an invalid!

I don’t need Prince Charming to fight my dragons; I can do that on my own. I’ve known lots of girls who would call AAM the moment they encounter a flat tire! I doubt they even knowhow to change a tire!! I also know girls who depend on guys to send them home because they’re afraid of driving alone late at night!

Because of such incidences, people have the perception that girls are incapable of taking care of themselves. We all know of girls who are so afraid of the world and are incapable to care for themselves! In a way, such girls make ideal girlfriends. Their vulnerability fuels a guy’s ego that he has someone to take care!! Guys know that girls like that, are the type that will depend on them and are docile. Girls like that are just too annoying!!

I understand that girls are sometimes more vulnerable but discrimination is still discrimination, no matter what. Period. I’m just so pissed that I got discriminated positively by my own parents!! Well, I guess I should be a big girl and just suck it up!

Well, class starts next week. Or at least that’s when I decide to go back to class! Looking forward to Consumer Behavior, PR: Contemporary Approaches and Communication Research to kick start my semester! Well, wish me luck!!! Will be graduating next year!! No idea if I’m looking forward to it or I’m trying to prolong my studies!! I’m so uncertain about my future!! I’ve no idea on how to start my life!!

Besides that, another issue that I hate about people is the ones that take advantage of others! Sad to say even my own family members do that. Taking advantage of a generous person is not only shrewed and low, but also disgusting!! I’m not referring to those little things like a free meal but I’m referring to those huge things like a free holiday, free life? It just downright disgusting that the amount of people who succumbs to such things!! I’m beginning to doubt if there’s any dignity in them!

I’m glad that my parents raised me to be a strong and independent person. At least they did something right in their lives, they raised me well. Oh, I just have to gloat about my new wallpaper!!! It’s so hot, it’s kinky!! It’s a picture of Kate Moss in the kinkiest lingerie from Agent Provocateur!! Those who have no idea, Agent what? It’s a really kinky lingerie store that sells naughty, sexy lingerie and “toys” to fulfill your every fantasy! I’m soooo lovin it!!! (not that I intend to buy! I’m just merely admiring!) Till then…

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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