Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pre and Post PASSION and Sushi with Family

XY finally took me out for dinner and had Red Rubies which was good nearby her house!

It was a huge serving, enough for 2! Greedy me!!

On Sunday, we had a Congregational Worship at M.B.S in Kundang, Rawang... Very serene place!!

AT was there.. Well, he HAS to cause he's in the same church!

and so is Mr. Kenny and Lik Ee who's sharing a very "personal" thing here..

After that, we attended PASSION at Sunway Convention Centre and i had a very good time!! Sat with Mr. Ken and all i recorded was Mr. Ken's shoutings!! lol!!

The founder of PASSION: Mr. Louie Gigli

The amazingly cute and talented Chris Tomlin... Really enjoyed his songs especially God of this City!!

I can't remember his name... If any knows, drop me a line... He was good as well... Loves his solo!!
Post PASSION is photo time!!! This is with SS!!
Had to take 3 times with Mr. Ken because he was making funny faces!! Then he did "jumping" shots!! really funny!!!
Had to wake up really early and rushed to 1U to meet Shi Nee Lee and to satify my Belgian Waffle craving!! This is taken at Chocolate @ 1U.. Cost around 14.90 MYR
This is Shi Nee Lee's Pancakes with Sultanas and Pistachios... Not bad.. I love the presentation.. Beautiful isn't it?
For lunch we had Sakae Sushi after picking mom and Kishant up... Went to Bangsar Village for Sakae.. AND SHE pigged out!! hahaha...
Kishant and his sushi overload look!! Never they had so much sushi before!!
It was so funny that we were all arguing to pop the sushi into our mouths!!! Eating sushi has never been this fun!! We all had to pop the sushi into our mouths at the same time at the count of 3!
We ate this much!!! Total cost of sushi for 4 people inclusive of drinks and 3 jellies was 120MYR..
It was very filling and sushi overload... We've collected enough receipts to apply for the privilege card... Can't believe we and them had 500 MYR worth of sushi in 3 months!!! Well, another great excuse to overload on sushi again!! :)
PASSION was really enlightening especially Gigli's story on Ashley & The Fruitcake... And after so long finally had a serious conversation with Mr. Ken... And we were out the whole day!!! Woke up at 7-ish and travelled to Kundang, Rawang for Congregation and still managed to arrive late!!
MBS was so beautiful!! so peaceful with the pools and greens!! After that, went to Centrepoint for a little while to chat and to wait for Yoke Kheng for transport to Sunway... Met Yuney, Michele Chin, Phoebe, Yee San, Pei Ling and loads of other people that I have not met since I last left school!! PASSION finished earlier than expected and had supper at Asia Cafe and arrived at XY's home at 12-ish.. Great day but extremely tiring!! Till then...
More pictures can be found at http://michellegohym.spaces.live.com/ scroll all the way to the bottom to my PHOTO ALBUM section.. ALL photos are there..
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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