Monday, August 11, 2008

Sofireena's Wedding

My cousin (the most general term!) got married on the day that 100 over couples decided to tie the knot, on the 08.08.08. Their ceremony was only held on the 10.08.08 at the Kelab Darul Ehsan. For those who are confused right now, my father's side is a mix of British-Indonesian and Chinese. It's a long story and complicated one with many loop holes!!

We'll, no point dwelling and being obsessive about the past when we can celebrate our lives in the present and look forward to more happy occasions in the future!! It was a beautiful wedding. Full of love and the normal expected sanctity of a wedding. Reena was looking gorgeous in her gold and blue shimmering baju and so were her groom!!

It was a whole purely Malay wedding with "merenjis" ceremony and all. Then followed by a heart touching speech from Kak Lira and Illyia. Anyways, its just a beautiful wedding ceremony and Grandma Nomi and her sis was looking pretty wit a rose in her hair!!

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