Monday, September 29, 2008

TV Series and Movies

I finally bought my WD HDD after so very long. I had to search from 1U-Curve-Section 16!! 1U was out of the question because they don’t even sell it at all while Curve was more promising because I wanted Red and they have Red and Blue! Unfortunately, at 299MYR, it’s too expensive! I had no choice but to buy it from Section 16 for 219MYR in Black. Bear in mind that it is only 160GB!!

I felt so happy when I discovered that Cold Storage sells Pop Tarts!! *YAY* unfortunately, it’s very limited and they don’t have the frozen ones! They only have Strawberry, Cherry, Smores, and Blueberry. As long as they have my favorite Cherry, I’m good! It’s also cheaper than K-Mart or Walmart in US!! Each box retails at 12MYR.

After getting my External, I stole my movies from bro. I need to get one of those torrent programs in my lap top. Till then, I just use his. I finally watched Enchanted and Penelope. I enjoyed Penelope immensely but Enchanted is a slight disappointment because I don’t see Giselle SLOWLY having feelings for Robert but more like WHAM! She suddenly falls for Robert. Penelope on the other hand is more subtle with the messages which I find refreshingly entertaining and positive and I would want my daughter to watch it. I can’t seem to get enough of TV series! My current favs, PUSHING DAISIES and REAPER!!!! Gosh, the series is absoeffingly good!!

Penelope is about a girl born into a family with a century year’s old curse and that she looks like a pig. Not pig per se but she has a pig’s snout as her nose and pig’s ears as her ears. The curse will only be broken ‘one who will love her faithfully’. This is because her family is blue blooded and rich through old money. Her mother who is very image conscious tries to find her a blue blooded husband to break the curse. She keeps telling Penelope that she’s not her snout, her real self inside trying to get out.

Penelope on the other hand, living with her mother’s constant criticism, began to see herself as a pig rather than a girl. I think Penelope is really good because they try to send out the message that “What Makes Us Different, Makes Us Beautiful” and also in order for someone to love you, you’ll have to sincerely love yourself first. The cast are Christina Ricci as Penelope, James McAvoy as the handsome scruffy Max and Reese Witherspoon as Penelope’s friend Annie. Stellar cast+ good storyline= AMAZING Movie!!

One word to describe Pushing Daisies is ‘whimsical’. As a fan of Bryan Fuller’s previous series; Wonderfalls, I instantly took to this series. While Wonderfalls is very brooding and dark, Pushing Daisies is all out with the color and graphics. Pushing Daisies is about Ned (Lee Pace) who has the power to bring the dead back to life by just touching them but he can’t touch them again because then, they’ll forever be dead. However, if the dead is brought back to life, another has to be dead in place of the other.

He and Emerson (Chi McBride) will solve the mystery surrounding the dead by letting the dead speak for 1 minute so that they will stay dead while they collect the reward for solving the mystery. Joining them is his back from the dead Charlotte “Chuck” (Anna Friel) the girl who gave him his first and last kiss and her eccentric aunts; Vivian and Lily Charles. It has a potential to be as successful as main stream series such as Lost, Supernatural but till then, it remains a favorite with fans from previous series such as Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.

Another great series is Reaper. Ray Wise as the Devil most probably for his suave good looking wickedness that is so entertaining. The series is about Sam (Brett Harrison) who works as the Devil’s soul bounty hunter when his parents sold his soul to the Devil before he was born. Helping him is Sock (Tyler Labine) and Ben (Rick Gonzalez) and the girl he’s dying to ask out on a date, Andi (Missy Peregrym) I hope to see following seasons. For now, I’m happy with Season 1.
~you know you love me~
Michelle May


I just have to show off my pretty IKEA treated glass vase and little daisies... Beautiful, No?
I made those pretty flowers you see now... Add a pretty ribbon for it to look like a bouquet! Who said fake flowers aren't pretty?

Our family is complicated. We’re all too busy that there is very little family time (much to Padrekins’s dismay!) and the most family thing we ever do is to have dinner on weekdays and Sunday. So, our form of family bonding came in the form of a stinky plant.

The stinky plant wasn’t stinky before, in fact, it smells nice! I used to love the heady jasmine, lemony flowers that blossom. I have no idea what plant it was, but in Chinese it’s called “por lok”. Chinese people use the leaves to bathe for good luck! Anyways, during the rainy season, and the family was just too busy to do the necessary gardening to loosen up the soil so the rain water was stagnant for weeks until it finally stank and the plant died. Take note that the plant is huge and heavy!

So, Padrekins a firm believer of Chinese crap and it was considered bad “feng shui” for dead things to be in the environment. So, we had to DRAG the plant out from our house to the field to discard it. To do so, we need one hell of a MO (Modus Operandi) because that freaking thing is stuck in the vase and it’s not only huge but effing heavy!

The only car that was available in the house was Padrekins precious Merc and he lined the back seat with newspaper so we ASSUMED that he wanted to drive the plant and discard it somewhere else. So, me and bro was contemplating how to get it into the car when Padrekins came out shrieking. He thought we were crazy because there were still residual of the stinky water in the vase.

So, the 3 of us thought up of a suitable MO to get the plant out without the neighbors noticing that we were dragging a freakingly huge and smelly plant out. We managed to drag it out of our house but the plant wouldn’t budge on the road so bro tipped the plant over and started dragging it.

Obviously, the smelly water spilled out and whilst dragging it, a trail of mud and vase was obviously on the road in front of the other 2 neighbour’s house! Halfway, the plant got loose from the vase and Padrekins and bro just left the bloody vase in the middle of the road while they were bickering about where to throw the plant; in the flood drain or at the side of the road.

Cars were swerving to avoid our vase until I had to remove it. After the bickering, we looked in horror at the trail of mud and smelly water that came from our house until the plant’s final resting place. We just started laughing. Laughing in that crazy manner of realization that we had spent the last 30 minutes not feeling the need to kill each other.

I’ve not been a pleasant person lately. I seem to argue with everyone about my ‘big 2-1!!” Not arguing about my birthday plans but instead the non-existent birthday plans. On the week of my birthday, I have a focus group exercise, a presentation and 8 weeks journal due. I have no time to celebrate my birthday. Even lunch with Hindraf has to be pushed to Friday! Argument with Hindraf because I apparently ‘wallow in self pity’ and with Madrekins because I ‘refused to be involved in celebrating and choosing my cake’

I have loads of plans this week!! *yay* I finally feel like a social butterfly again! I have not felt like that since the end of Party Season in July. Well, I’m going to be at XY’s place for a tea party (literally!), and maybe a picnic. Looking at the calendar, I realized that Nuha is going back to Germany soon!! :’( so, will and MUST meet up before she leaves!! Also received a call from Musaab to play fireworks at his place and maybe a movie and I would love to go for that cause I’ve never really played fireworks before. *sheepish look*

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I Miss Him

I miss him so, so much! Words cannot describe how badly I want him here, beside me. I miss the times we shared and I miss his warmth. I miss the idea of him, I miss teasing him and I miss having someone to talk to. I’ve been feeling nothing but absolute loneliness.

I’m messed up, lonely and alone and I want him here now. I’m so emotional that silly songs like Last Plane Home by Daniel Powter, Love Story by Taylor Swift, and She Misses Him by Keith Urban makes me cry. I even have to think about you holding me before I fall asleep and kissing me goodnight.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Most Anticipated

The most anticiaped album by Taylor Swift will be released on November 11!!! Titled Fearless, and i've already fallen deeply, madly in love with the single Love Story!!

The album features 13 new tracks all written or co-written by Taylor Swift herself!! The promo box CD which I'm DYING to own cost 75USD and it comes with the FEARLESS CD, Tee, Leather Bracelet, Photo Album, Sticker, all packaged in a beautiful collector's box!!

I highly doubt Malaysia will have stocks!! Taylor Swift is really talented and beautiful and her latest video is just so Pride & Prejudice!!! I *HEART* it!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, September 19, 2008

Biological/ Adoptive...

I don’t trust anyone not even my siblings because they can betray me for money but I know for certain that my parents will never do anything to hurt me. If I had to trust someone, I’ll trust only my parents” – Ms. Crystal

I learnt a lot of her especially in the topic of perseverance, family and life. I somehow disagree with what she said but to a certain extent; I think her statement is true. When my Padrekins wanted to set up his office in NY, no one could financially support his dream. No one but his friend.

Today, they’re both successful just because his friend trusted and believed in Padrekins. Shi Nee, Ili and XY knows more about me than my parents do. I mean, Madrekins is ok, she knows how bitchy I can get, but Padrekins unfortunately, still thinks I’m still a little girl.

I can still remember that my Depressed state, I still go to Madrekins and cry. So, in a way, I guess I do trust them. Recently, was at a coffee shop and while waiting for it to stop raining, was just chatting with XY about people who are adopted.

She thinks that it’s ok for people who are adopted to act out their disappointment, their lack of identity and lack of parents. I beg to differ.

These people have no idea how lucky they are. True that it’s sad your biological parents abandoned you but you should be lucky that God also gave you some kind hearted stranger that never loved you any less.

Personally, those parents are more deserving than your biological parents. Think about it, a husband and wife who took a baby into their home, feeding it, bathing it, and giving it shelter, food, clothes and education. Most importantly, sacrificing for a baby who’s not even theirs! You think it’s cheap to raise a child? And it’s not even their child!! They’re not obligated to raise the child, and yet, they did and never loved the child any less.

It’s not an excuse to hate your adoptive parents just because they’re not your real parents! Boo-hoo that your real parents are irresponsible but you should be thankful you have an adoptive parent that loves you and are willing to sacrifice for you! Get over it!! I have friends who have lost their mothers and yet, they’re still great kids.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t treat them like your parents! There are no justifications for your irresponsible, callous, and stupid behavior! Oh, this post is to lash out at some guy in college. I’m sick and tired that he uses the fact that he’s adopted to gain our sympathy and pity!!! So, he’s going to run away from home… and all I want to say is good luck with that!! And if I’m his family; Good riddance!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tonight I Wanna Cry...

“I've never been the kind
To ever let my feelings show
And I thought that being strong
Meant never losing my self-control
But I'm just drunk enough
To let go of my pain
To hell with this pride
Let it fall like rain from my eyes
Tonight I wanna cry…” – Keith Urban

The best way to hide your pain is to smile. I guess I’ve mastered that art. I could be the perfect Bree Van De Kamp-Hodge right now. Just smile and pretend that everything is ok.

My self-perception is a strong and independent person. I guess, sometimes we still dream that someone will rescue us. I know I do and I hate myself for that. I keep thinking that it’s my moments of weakness.

Being strong, I lost everything. Sometimes, guys just want to be the hero. And sometimes, we should just let them. Just think that they have something to prove and just be supportive.

Then it comes to the part when ili was here and we used to get drunk every Friday!! In a way, it’s just to let go of the pain, pride, stripped bare and open up to the ones we love.

I love Rascall Flatts and Keith Urban because they just sing with such emotions that I can relate to. Right now, I’m being so emotional with What Hurts The Most and Tonight I Wanna Cry.

Tonight I Wanna Cry is so hauntingly sad with his voice and distant piano. When I’m sad, I’m not a Ben and Jerry’s kinda girl, but more of a JW, Absolut, JC and JD kinda girl. But, when it doesn’t work, a good dose of Keith Urban and Rascall Flatts does wonders!!

I really missed her!!! She looks so small!! And we look really stoned here! Had too much laughs!!

She's the most adorable person!! and one of the nicest!! And yes, I will visit you in Ilmenau!!

I had my first social activity after 3 weeks! Had a good time watching Babylon AD with Nuha!! Was too busy and only managed to meet her 2 weeks after she got back from Germany!!

I’ve forgotten how much I’ve missed her!! Because of her, I need to rethink my life... I thought about being in Australia to “reflect” but when I come back, It’s either I join Raleigh in Niracagua or visit Nuha and Robert in Germany... And would love to pay a visit to France and Amsterdam.

Germany is so tempting right now. Thanks to Nuha and Robert!! Europe especially France, the country of origin of my name and Amsterdam, Space brownie heaven!! Besides, lodging is already provided.

Besides that, I’m also thinking about more ways to make money. Either through entrepreneurship or forex. I have a sudden fascination with foreign currency or just dealing with it. Should get one of those Making Money books. Sigh... I know I’m an adult now, but it’s so stressful making adult decisions...

~you know you love me~

Michelle May


Friday, September 12, 2008

Cultural Imperialism

The good Ol' times: L-R: Mink, Simpson, Hindraf and India

This week has been very unpleasant due to 3 assignments and 1 presentation being due at the same time. I don’t think I have a problem with time management because if I did, so would all the other students. Mass communication is tough. Tough isn’t the intellectual level but more of the time constraints.

It’s been 3 long weeks since I actually last hung out with Hindraf. Missing her loads!! In fact, there’s nothing to blog about. I can’t talk about life because I’m lacking in that department. Besides, the only emotion I happen to feel nowadays is annoyance, and anger towards the general people.

People who has no consideration whatsoever towards the others, such as in the library when it’s supposed to be quiet. These people just speak loudly and despite lots of angry glances from the other students, they’re just not bothered. These people are proudly the students of KDU College.

Sometimes, I seriously wonder how they were brought up. I was brought up to be a considerate person in fact 2 weeks ago, while I was stealing some moments of solidarity by listening to Mr. Piano Guy played in the Curve, this old lady sat beside me and started talking to me.

There I was playing with my PSP and being a typical teen where I’m in my own world, this old lady came up and started pouring her life story to me. I didn’t want to seem rude so, I gave her my full attention. The PSP will just have to wait.

Here’s what she told me. She is a very poor financially and she has 3 kids with a useless husband who’s an alkie. She single handedly brought them up and sent them overseas to study. Today, her eldest son is some specialist in UK, her daughter is a chartered accountant and her youngest son is an engineer, both in Singapore while she lives in Penang in a small house with 12 people.

She refuses to live with any of them because she values her independence and she taught me one most important thing during the length of our discussion. “Chinese are the worst kind of people in the world.”

I seriously don’t know why the government bothers advertising racial harmony in tourism advertisements when it’s far from the truth. As long as there are people who are culturally imperialism, racial harmony will never happen. Note the recent “pendatang” (immigrant) case.

Chinese are the worst kind of people is because they’re selfish. They are the kind that will step on someone else just to get what they want. They have no qualms getting rid of you just to achieve what they want. I know I’m bias but I swear on my life this is what she told me. You want to know something? She’s Chinese.

One of the reasons why Ili, Hindraf and I could be such good friends is because we have no problems discussing and making fun of our own race. So what is the Malays are Rempits and are lazy? Who cares if Indians are alcoholics? Who cares if Chinese are manipulative, calculative and selfish?

We are the new generation who are more open- minded and acceptable of other cultures unlike our shallow government. We get along really well because we can laugh at ourselves. We can critique each other and yet, still have a good laugh about it.

Hence our nicknames for each other, Anndrina (India), Ili (Mink), Shini (Hindraf) and I (Simpson) because I’m yellow on the outside and white on the inside! And we love our nicknames. In fact, that’s what we call each other.

Nobody is perfect and all human are equal. No one is better than the other. In fact, I don’t use the word stupid because I believe that no one is. Everyone is good at something. I may be good in writing and speaking and linguistics skills but I cannot even re format my SSD card! Or draw people.

God is fair. He made us all equal. And yet, there are still who uses race, sex and age to discriminate against others. The worst case is racism. There was a clause in my Business prepatory sheet asking us to evaluate our group members.

One of the clauses is whether we are culturally (something) against other cultures. I find it disturbing that someone would even check that box! My group members are Chynar (Turkmenistan), Ntawi Mary Ann (Botswana), Huang Wei Chris (China) and Ily (Malay) and my Communication Research partner is Musaab (Sudanese)

I can tell you that being around so many international people, makes me feel right at home. I’m not a Malaysian, American or Chinese. I’m a citizen of the world. Besides that, I’m close to my Programme Leader, Ms. Maha (Sudan), Mr. Benedict (Philipines) and Mr. Ruly (Philipines)

I know of people who are uncomfortable working with other races or nationalities but they are the nicest people I’ve met! In fact they’re so much better than local Malaysians! They taught me a lot of things about their countries. Some ignorant idiots still think that Africa is a country!!

For those who are not aware, Africa is a continent! And yes, they have building and shopping malls just like Malaysia! Do you even know where Turkmenistan is? It’s near Russia and their currency is Manat. Do you guys even know that Sudan has more pyramids than Egypt? Not huge Tomb Raider kind of pyramids but taller and way smaller! Bet you guys didn’t know that!

Stuff like these are not taught in schools. Thanks to National Geographic or Discovery, people think that Africa is a desert with animals and all Africans are from tribes! I really enjoy learning stuff from my friends and I’m glad I have the opportunity to meet each and every one of them!

See, we’re not so different after all. Every time I speak to them, I learn something new. Racism is like bugs, they're difficult to swallow.. So, what’s with the discrimination?

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Monday, September 08, 2008

Vienna Bagels

I love the box!! It doubles up as a carrier... I got so many people staring and wondering where I bought and what!

The latest addition to 1U is Vienna Bagels... Its not as good as those sold in NY in a little cart and its a little pricey at RM3.20 a piece!!
For a limited time only, BUY 1 FREE 1!! This is Oreo choc.. My bro loved it.. but I was hoping for Sour Cream and Onion and/or Cinnamon Sugar but they don't have it.. Since its baked, its healthier than donuts!!
This is Jalapeno or Italiano or something... Another must try is their amazing Aloe Vera juice... Good for everything!! The people are friendly and the food and drinks are not bad... Make sure they heat it up first!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, September 05, 2008

Lala Chinks...

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since Ann and Ili left. Through Facebook, looks like Ann is the only one having fun. Ili still looks kinda homesick. I really, truly miss her so daym much!! Had a hectic week and in some twisted manner, I actually enjoyed it!

Being busy, I tend to not miss them so much. Once the momentum slows down, the feeling of sadness comes back. I guess I never really got over it. I’ve not seen Shi Nee for almost a week and I miss her too.

While waiting for Madrekins for 30 minutes, some bunch of Chinky freshmen started gathering near me. People who don’t know me well, knows that I HATE it when people I don’t know, is at such a close proximity. I mean the entrance was like huge and there were a lot of other places for them to gather but they have to gather near me!

The worst part, I hate those chinky lalas!! I mean, they were like talking to each other as if their friends are at another end of the building. Imagine, bad mood + chinky lalas attempting to attract attention? I was so close to yelling at them! Like what Phyo says, “Those Fugly people will talk damn loud because that’s the ONLY WAY for them to attract attention “

Not only that, I CANNOT imagine them! So high school!! After that the chinky lala guys cracked some “joke” (supposedly!) and I was like, “Was that even a joke?” but the chinky lala girls laughed so loud as if the joke was the funniest they’ve ever heard. After that, those chinky lala girls started chasing the guy to hit him! It was then, I thought, “Grow effing up!!!”

Now let me talk about their ‘fashion’ sense. People just don’t get it do they?
1) The SUN Glasses- To protect your eyes from the SUN!! Let me spell it out again, S-U-N! I never really get it when people wear their SUN glasses when there isn’t a SUN!! Well, unless you got punched in the eyes or blind, wear those SUNnies all the time! This applies to both sexes!

2) The SKINNY Jeans- Made popular by uber SKINNY Kate Moss. Unless you’re a size 0, please spare our eyesights and keep those SKINNY jeans at home!! Which I want to add that it shows off ALL your bulges!! This applies to both sexes!

3) The MUSCLE tee- Made popular back in the 80’s because of the gym/ body building fad at that time. Men worked out at the gyms and wanted a piece of clothing to show off their hard work at the gym. As the name says, MUSCLE tee, please wear only when you have MUSCLES to be shown off!! If you’re a skinny fart, stick with a tee shirt!!

4) The Boots- Unless you’re in construction or CURRENTLY IN a WINTER country, leave the boots at home. The MALAYSIAN weather is hot only hot, it’s humid and I would HATE to imagine the smell that permeates once you remove your boots! Especially when its leather!

5) The Knee Length Sock- This is ultimate lala straight out of LalaLand. It may be a fad in China/ Taiwan/ Japan or Korea but in MALAYSIA, it just makes you look extremely stupid! Let me spell that out : S-T-U-P-I-D!!! You look like an effing clown walking down the street unless that street happens to be Petaling Street or Sungei Wang.

6) The Neck Scarves- In Malaysia, however cold it is, it’s not practical. Google scarves and its all WINTER/ WARM scarves!! On a girl, it just makes you look ‘sesat’ because in COLDER countries, people tuck it into their coats. Over here, it just makes you look sick! Even worst when you’re a guy!

7) The Chain Jeans- I know you’re in love with Jibb’s Chain Hang Low but in Malaysia, you look extremely lala wearing those jeans with enough chains to perform S&M/ Bondage sex or whatever sick thing that people do to “spice things up”

8) The Baggy Jeans- The reason why more people got gunned down in the Bronx than anywhere else in America? It’s because their jeans was so baggy, they can’t run to save their lives!! I mean, if I have a gun in my hand wondering who to shoot next, I’ll definitely consider those people with baggy jeans because they can’t run to save their lives! Why would anyone want to wear jeans resembling a sack that makes their butt “hang”? In Malaysia, it only makes you look like a wannabe!!

9) Graphic/Word Tees- I have nothing against them if their words are readable. READABLE AS IN, PEOPLE GET THE MESSAGE ONCE THE SEE THE TEE!! If you’re struggling to read it yourself, shove it!! Another criteria is that, the message HAS TO MAKE SENSE and GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. If it doesn’t, I’m just smart and you’re just dumb!

10) Leather Jacket- Unless you’re in some Harley Davidson biker in US, shove the jacket. In high school, there’s this guy in the “lower IQ” class who wore his leather jacket EVERYDAY, RAIN OR SHINE!! When he removed it, I felt like dying!! IT STINKS like Fark!!! And I would ASSUME that’s how fark would smell like!!

One rule to dressing for college is NEVER WEAR WHAT YOU WOULD WEAR FOR CLUBBING! It’s not tasteful and it just makes you look like a whore. Besides defeating the purpose of attending an INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING, you look skanky and looking skanky is just so juvenile! My rule and Victoria Beckham’s rule is to “show one, and hide another”

For example, if you’re wearing a low cut top, wear something less revealing at the bottom. NOT wear a short micro mini because it just makes you look like those prostitutes in Thailand that stands at the side of the road looking for “customers” In other words, CHEAP.

I’m sorry if you consider this fashionable. Like I always say, If you love me then, thank you, if you hate me then, f**k you.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Gifts from US of A Part 2...

Theres something very consoling about Teddy biscuits... Not only they are cute, they taste good too!! Something extremely difficult to get in Malaysia. Which in a way, sucks... Anyways, Teddy Grahams are AMAZING!
Filo pastries are the way to go. You can never get this in Malaysia unless its some poor substitution. Filo pastries are litke, so great and easy to work with.
This are packets of pine nuts. Ever since i tasted them in my Mediterranean Salad in Ms. Read, I loved it!! Its really different from the normal nuts and thats why i love it.
I know, Pop Tarts overload. I swear by this!! I mean its so convenient and its filling. Taste good too!
My books!! Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons, Practically Posh by Robyn Moreno and The Compassionate Carnivore by Catherine Friend.
Apparently the best flu meds there... Zyrtec.. Have to give it a try!
OMG!!! If healthy food tasted this good, I may live on them forever!! This cereal tastes so good!!

Yea, you guessed it, Padrekins just came back from US again!! This time he couldn't get most of my stuff but at least he managed to get something!! Albeit the food, cause it was Madrekins who made him bring back all the pine nuts!

Now he's no longer be going to NY as often, i guess its more to LA... Well, there's always Vert and Dash there!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

The magic of Filo

The end product of the pie.. Don't mind if i dig in!!
The sheets of Filo pastry.
Its just like paper!!
Little empty baking dishes..
The filling of English stew which consist of potatoes, carrots and little bits of chicken..
The gorgeous baked brown pie.. So wholesomely good!!! PERFECT when you're feeling a little down, and the weather is a little chilly and when the whole world seems just too much to handle!!

West Tobacco

I like mine all done for me and i hate all sorts of comlications until i found this... According to my bro, its cheap! Its like a D-I-Y kit to make your own ciggies!

This is the main makers. Cute isn't it? Its surprisingly easy to function too!!
Just put the tobacco in the middle of the device and put an empty unfilled ciggie into the white end and pull!
Got this from Embershoppe in Curve. Oh, my bro is horrible at giving directions so I've not been there yet!

This is the little cute canister of tobacco.. Awfully cute!! Very impressive!!
Besides that, It smells heavenly!!
This is the ciggarete tubes... As you can see, there's 100 tubes..
Tubes mean that its empty.. As in Like....
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

First Escargot @ Logenhaus

I was so fascinated with this little device. Its... erm, well... I have no idea what its called but i know that you have to use it to eat the escargot..
The escargot with garlic sauce.. When it comes to eating, i'm really picky!! But then again, I told myself that i'll take baby steps in my resolution to start living life like i'm dying... so, what the heck?! I popped an escargot into my mouth.. its chewy, but i guess the garlic sauce masked the whole experience..

I even had 2!! The first one i felt like puking, but after the second one, it gets better.. i guess its an acquired taste!
And this is our meal!! The best roast chicken in town!! Its even better than Kenny Rogers or whatever.. I love this place because its cosy in a German warmness and the steakhaus fries is absolutely amazing if served warm with sour cream!!

This is precious little Kerwin...
And this is Serene... She's actually listening to her music... I remember when i was just like her!!
She ordered the Lamb Shank.. Which wasn't as good as the Chicken!! Another MUST TRY is the Tiramisu ice cream... It taste a lot like Rum & Raisin maybe because of the rum in the ice cream!! Its like i've died and gone to heaven!!
This is the kid's menu.. Chicken chop... its not bad too...
Madrekins and Candy cheh!! As usual, gossipping!!! hahaha...
I've blogged about this place as long as i could remember and i just can't stop!! Logenhaus is just a too nice of a place!! Good service, comfy, cosy ambiance, great food, what else do you want?
I can't tell you the exact address but its in Taipan, USJ, Subang Jaya near Maybank, Naili's Place, Pattiserie France, Coffeebean / Starbuck I'm not so sure... Try it out!!
~you know you love me~
Michelle May