Friday, September 19, 2008

Biological/ Adoptive...

I don’t trust anyone not even my siblings because they can betray me for money but I know for certain that my parents will never do anything to hurt me. If I had to trust someone, I’ll trust only my parents” – Ms. Crystal

I learnt a lot of her especially in the topic of perseverance, family and life. I somehow disagree with what she said but to a certain extent; I think her statement is true. When my Padrekins wanted to set up his office in NY, no one could financially support his dream. No one but his friend.

Today, they’re both successful just because his friend trusted and believed in Padrekins. Shi Nee, Ili and XY knows more about me than my parents do. I mean, Madrekins is ok, she knows how bitchy I can get, but Padrekins unfortunately, still thinks I’m still a little girl.

I can still remember that my Depressed state, I still go to Madrekins and cry. So, in a way, I guess I do trust them. Recently, was at a coffee shop and while waiting for it to stop raining, was just chatting with XY about people who are adopted.

She thinks that it’s ok for people who are adopted to act out their disappointment, their lack of identity and lack of parents. I beg to differ.

These people have no idea how lucky they are. True that it’s sad your biological parents abandoned you but you should be lucky that God also gave you some kind hearted stranger that never loved you any less.

Personally, those parents are more deserving than your biological parents. Think about it, a husband and wife who took a baby into their home, feeding it, bathing it, and giving it shelter, food, clothes and education. Most importantly, sacrificing for a baby who’s not even theirs! You think it’s cheap to raise a child? And it’s not even their child!! They’re not obligated to raise the child, and yet, they did and never loved the child any less.

It’s not an excuse to hate your adoptive parents just because they’re not your real parents! Boo-hoo that your real parents are irresponsible but you should be thankful you have an adoptive parent that loves you and are willing to sacrifice for you! Get over it!! I have friends who have lost their mothers and yet, they’re still great kids.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t treat them like your parents! There are no justifications for your irresponsible, callous, and stupid behavior! Oh, this post is to lash out at some guy in college. I’m sick and tired that he uses the fact that he’s adopted to gain our sympathy and pity!!! So, he’s going to run away from home… and all I want to say is good luck with that!! And if I’m his family; Good riddance!!!

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