Thursday, September 04, 2008

First Escargot @ Logenhaus

I was so fascinated with this little device. Its... erm, well... I have no idea what its called but i know that you have to use it to eat the escargot..
The escargot with garlic sauce.. When it comes to eating, i'm really picky!! But then again, I told myself that i'll take baby steps in my resolution to start living life like i'm dying... so, what the heck?! I popped an escargot into my mouth.. its chewy, but i guess the garlic sauce masked the whole experience..

I even had 2!! The first one i felt like puking, but after the second one, it gets better.. i guess its an acquired taste!
And this is our meal!! The best roast chicken in town!! Its even better than Kenny Rogers or whatever.. I love this place because its cosy in a German warmness and the steakhaus fries is absolutely amazing if served warm with sour cream!!

This is precious little Kerwin...
And this is Serene... She's actually listening to her music... I remember when i was just like her!!
She ordered the Lamb Shank.. Which wasn't as good as the Chicken!! Another MUST TRY is the Tiramisu ice cream... It taste a lot like Rum & Raisin maybe because of the rum in the ice cream!! Its like i've died and gone to heaven!!
This is the kid's menu.. Chicken chop... its not bad too...
Madrekins and Candy cheh!! As usual, gossipping!!! hahaha...
I've blogged about this place as long as i could remember and i just can't stop!! Logenhaus is just a too nice of a place!! Good service, comfy, cosy ambiance, great food, what else do you want?
I can't tell you the exact address but its in Taipan, USJ, Subang Jaya near Maybank, Naili's Place, Pattiserie France, Coffeebean / Starbuck I'm not so sure... Try it out!!
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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