Friday, September 05, 2008

Lala Chinks...

It’s been exactly 2 weeks since Ann and Ili left. Through Facebook, looks like Ann is the only one having fun. Ili still looks kinda homesick. I really, truly miss her so daym much!! Had a hectic week and in some twisted manner, I actually enjoyed it!

Being busy, I tend to not miss them so much. Once the momentum slows down, the feeling of sadness comes back. I guess I never really got over it. I’ve not seen Shi Nee for almost a week and I miss her too.

While waiting for Madrekins for 30 minutes, some bunch of Chinky freshmen started gathering near me. People who don’t know me well, knows that I HATE it when people I don’t know, is at such a close proximity. I mean the entrance was like huge and there were a lot of other places for them to gather but they have to gather near me!

The worst part, I hate those chinky lalas!! I mean, they were like talking to each other as if their friends are at another end of the building. Imagine, bad mood + chinky lalas attempting to attract attention? I was so close to yelling at them! Like what Phyo says, “Those Fugly people will talk damn loud because that’s the ONLY WAY for them to attract attention “

Not only that, I CANNOT imagine them! So high school!! After that the chinky lala guys cracked some “joke” (supposedly!) and I was like, “Was that even a joke?” but the chinky lala girls laughed so loud as if the joke was the funniest they’ve ever heard. After that, those chinky lala girls started chasing the guy to hit him! It was then, I thought, “Grow effing up!!!”

Now let me talk about their ‘fashion’ sense. People just don’t get it do they?
1) The SUN Glasses- To protect your eyes from the SUN!! Let me spell it out again, S-U-N! I never really get it when people wear their SUN glasses when there isn’t a SUN!! Well, unless you got punched in the eyes or blind, wear those SUNnies all the time! This applies to both sexes!

2) The SKINNY Jeans- Made popular by uber SKINNY Kate Moss. Unless you’re a size 0, please spare our eyesights and keep those SKINNY jeans at home!! Which I want to add that it shows off ALL your bulges!! This applies to both sexes!

3) The MUSCLE tee- Made popular back in the 80’s because of the gym/ body building fad at that time. Men worked out at the gyms and wanted a piece of clothing to show off their hard work at the gym. As the name says, MUSCLE tee, please wear only when you have MUSCLES to be shown off!! If you’re a skinny fart, stick with a tee shirt!!

4) The Boots- Unless you’re in construction or CURRENTLY IN a WINTER country, leave the boots at home. The MALAYSIAN weather is hot only hot, it’s humid and I would HATE to imagine the smell that permeates once you remove your boots! Especially when its leather!

5) The Knee Length Sock- This is ultimate lala straight out of LalaLand. It may be a fad in China/ Taiwan/ Japan or Korea but in MALAYSIA, it just makes you look extremely stupid! Let me spell that out : S-T-U-P-I-D!!! You look like an effing clown walking down the street unless that street happens to be Petaling Street or Sungei Wang.

6) The Neck Scarves- In Malaysia, however cold it is, it’s not practical. Google scarves and its all WINTER/ WARM scarves!! On a girl, it just makes you look ‘sesat’ because in COLDER countries, people tuck it into their coats. Over here, it just makes you look sick! Even worst when you’re a guy!

7) The Chain Jeans- I know you’re in love with Jibb’s Chain Hang Low but in Malaysia, you look extremely lala wearing those jeans with enough chains to perform S&M/ Bondage sex or whatever sick thing that people do to “spice things up”

8) The Baggy Jeans- The reason why more people got gunned down in the Bronx than anywhere else in America? It’s because their jeans was so baggy, they can’t run to save their lives!! I mean, if I have a gun in my hand wondering who to shoot next, I’ll definitely consider those people with baggy jeans because they can’t run to save their lives! Why would anyone want to wear jeans resembling a sack that makes their butt “hang”? In Malaysia, it only makes you look like a wannabe!!

9) Graphic/Word Tees- I have nothing against them if their words are readable. READABLE AS IN, PEOPLE GET THE MESSAGE ONCE THE SEE THE TEE!! If you’re struggling to read it yourself, shove it!! Another criteria is that, the message HAS TO MAKE SENSE and GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT. If it doesn’t, I’m just smart and you’re just dumb!

10) Leather Jacket- Unless you’re in some Harley Davidson biker in US, shove the jacket. In high school, there’s this guy in the “lower IQ” class who wore his leather jacket EVERYDAY, RAIN OR SHINE!! When he removed it, I felt like dying!! IT STINKS like Fark!!! And I would ASSUME that’s how fark would smell like!!

One rule to dressing for college is NEVER WEAR WHAT YOU WOULD WEAR FOR CLUBBING! It’s not tasteful and it just makes you look like a whore. Besides defeating the purpose of attending an INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING, you look skanky and looking skanky is just so juvenile! My rule and Victoria Beckham’s rule is to “show one, and hide another”

For example, if you’re wearing a low cut top, wear something less revealing at the bottom. NOT wear a short micro mini because it just makes you look like those prostitutes in Thailand that stands at the side of the road looking for “customers” In other words, CHEAP.

I’m sorry if you consider this fashionable. Like I always say, If you love me then, thank you, if you hate me then, f**k you.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May


Lay Hun said...

If only college students know that they should never dressed up like as though they are going for clubbing, how nice. But sadly, guess both you and me had seen it enough when I was still in kdu right?

Michelle May said...

Well, we've definitely seen too much! literally!