Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Octoberfest baby!!

Double Click on the image to enlarge for more details!!

I think everyone should know that my favourite festival is Octoberfest. I love the beers, the food, and most importantly, the entertainment. Its that one day, i feel my happiest and relaxed.

I was complaining to everyone who is willing to listen about how much i've missed Octoberfest because 1U didn't put up the posters and all. So, i assumed that there wouldn't be Octoberfest this year. But I'M SO HAPPY TO BE WRONG!!

This year, they're back!!!! *whistles* *claps* *throws confetti* and i'm oh-so-happy right now! Unfortunately, Nuha was supposed to be here!! But she has to go back to Germany and The Mink and India should so be here!!! But they're in US now. sigh!!

I really hope Hongkie can take time off to come for it... Its our TRADITION!!! and who am i to break it?? Gosh! I really hope i have enough people to attend Octoberfest!!! Or it wouldn't be fun!!!

Anyways, hope to see you there!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's All About The Sex!

“Having sex is ok, just don’t document it” – Mi Madrekins.

I recently saw some scandalous and not to mention disgusting pictures of 2 Malaysian Chinese girls with a Pakistani guy. They were in very compromising positions and those 2 sluts are from LimKokWing. WOW!!

I never expected it from Malaysia Chinks!! It’s like they’re majoring in Sex and Anatomy 101. Well, I have nothing against them except that I think they can have a bright future in Malaysian “Sam Kap Pin” home made porn.

Like what my mom said, it’s ok to do but just don’t document it. They are knows as the “Foosball Chicks" Jane Lo Li & Allyssa Yin Yi aka Snowkisz aka Yinyi aka Allyssa Kwan. I have no idea what are their names per se but who cares?

I’m just disgusted and maybe the saying that Chinks will do anything for the money is true. Not that proud to be Chinese now huh? Anyways, if want to see the pictures, just follow this link.

Personally, I think sex is so over-rated!! It’s like so technical, the penis goes into the vagina. It’s just so technical isn’t it? And yet, everyone wants to get laid, needs to get laid, and the whole city is awake trying to get laid.

Sex is a private thing between 2 individuals where the connect and according to the bible; Where 2 becomes 1. I also heard another rumour that during the Hennessy The Art of Mixing presents Flo Rida, he actually picked a girl to have sex with. The song that comes to mind was, " She got LOW with Flo Rida" and "her legs were IN THE AYER".... Food for thought.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nothing Feels Right When I'm Not With You

Age is just a number of how long you have lived. What is important is how many years you have lived and how far have you achieved in your life- Christy Yong

I’ve turned 21 for almost 2 weeks now. Nothing has changed; there are no wrinkles, no saggy skin, no “laugh lines” and definitely no signs of ageing. Those who knows me well, knows how obsessed I am against ageing. I’ll fly to the nearest reflective surface to check for wrinkles at the mere mention of the O (old) word.

The only thing that has changed is me. I’ve become a stronger person. I’ve learnt to let go. I remembered that I’m the type that tries to work things out. I do that not because I love the person but more on the comfort and I’m too afraid that others won’t accept me. I’ve broken out with the BF and it’s a big step for me.

I know he won’t be able to make up his mind and by breaking up, I hope I’ve help him choose. He was a great guy, honest and all but he’s as confused as hell! He broke up with his ex and got together with me. After a few months, she started calling him and asking him to meet up with her.

That idiot actually went and met her to “hear her out” and at least he told me about it. She wanted him back and he has no idea how he feels about that. He loves me but he likes her. I would have probably stayed with him but I guess I’m adult enough to make such decisions.

Why would I want a guy who is confused about who he wants? Even though he’s with me, He should put me first. Not his ex. And he should’ve said no when she wanted to meet him. Anyways, I can’t do this anymore and one of us has to be the adult and let go.

I was depressed and all and managed to finish a whole cake and I can’t help but cry every time I hear to T-Shirt by Shonelle. “I don’t know if I’m ever gonna let you go, Nothing feels right when I’m not with you, Sick of this dress and this Jimmy Choos, Taking them off coz I feel like a fool, Trying to dress up when I’m missing you, With nothing but you T-Shirt on, Coz I miss you...”

Besides that, I walked to 1U from Uptown and then I actually took the PUBLIC bus to 1U yesterday. I’m more adventurous in terms of doing silly things. I was at Pedlars, 1U (THE BEST SHOP EVER!!) and after some coaxing, I got out of my clothes and tried on the most AMAZING silk, maxi dress that was so gorgeous!!! It’s only 159MYR for the most luxurious silk against your skin!! I couldn’t get it cause it’s not something you can wear to college!

I saw another gorgeous dress in Warehouse and it was just beautiful! It is a simple V-neck dress but the design of the material is of Chinese motifs and it’s just beautiful. Looking for a similar cloth so I could get the tailor to sew the exact dress.

Another thing that I changed is the way I handle my money. I guess, I have more restraining power over myself now. I have enough money to buy the new iPod Chromatic that I’ve been eyeing, the Blackberry that I need and I’m considering the new PSP3000, acute little Guinea Piggy, My trip to HK, and the Coach and Burberry watch I’ve been dreaming of since last year. I know I’m materialistic... Spare me the lecture.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Happenings

My EXTREMELY THOUGHTFUL gift from Hindraf!!! Gosh!! It was really thoughtful... All of our good times together... Binge drinking, Octoberfest, Langkawi, Genting, Sushi-ing, Dressing rooming, lala-ing, etc....

I call my latest creation "Spoon Salad" simply because you need to use a spoon!! It contains roast chicken, apple, egg, pine nuts, raisins and potatoes... Yummylicious!

Presents galore!! Actually there more but i couldn't wait so i tore it all!!

Another cake!! However, i'm not complaining... This is my fav Pralinosa Mascarpone cake! note the writing on the cake!

Thai salad Tofu @ Tua Huat!! Not bad but i just hate the name of the restaurant!!

Fried chicken wings @ Tua Huat...

Some chinese wine vinegar noodle also @ Tua Huat

Fish cake @ Tua Huat...

Since Parentals love Chinese food, they recently discovered Tua Huat in PJ near the Lisa De Inn roundabout. Besides its Chink name, I'm not complaining about the food. It taste good and by 7 the whole restaurant is packed to the brim!! But i have something against the name Tua Huat!!

I had another cake!! I've been having my cake and eating it too... (Literally!) But i'm not gonna complain, I'm just gonna exercise more.. Fucking cake tasted damn fucking good!! And in a depressed state of mind, It's just consoling... Gosh! I hate myself!!

I just noticed something, there's so many October babies!!! Gosh! One can go broke!! I got loads of good presents and i love them all!!! I guess, Hindraf gave me the best thoughtful gift ever! (She and I have an agreement to get each other thoughful gifts for b'days!) She made a huge collage of all my good times with my friends into a huge picture! Everyone that matters to me is in the collage!

Well, I had a great October so far albeit some issues that need some working out. I'm glad i have all my gorgeous, fabulous, fun friends!!! Love ya loads!! And I don't wanna jinx it but Padrekins has plans for me to go "home"!! I think he's finally letting go... till then...
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Surprise 21st B'day Party...

My pretty cupcakes!! Gorgeous, aren't they? And they taste good too!!!

L-R: Jean, XY, Me, Shini, Dyg! The girls!!

The house phone downstairs started ringing at 6.40AM and Madrekins was running up and down to pick it up and Padrekins was yelling, “Who died?” You see, morning calls like these normally means death in our family and when I drowsily looked at my phone I saw 40 missed calls on my Nokia and another 15 on my Motorola and 3 SMS-es in my 016.

I HAD to postpone my study plans and dragged myself up to go to 1U at 11 something. When I arrived there, got into an argument with MPH staff and finally met Shini. She was telling me about how she got drunk and woke up in a certain asshole’s bed the next day 2 weeks ago.

I started lecturing her about loving herself and my famed, “You-Don’t-Need-A-Guy-To-Be-Happy” Speech. I insisted on going to Fish & Co for Fish and Chips but she made such a fuss that we ended up going to TGIF.

When I stepped into TGIF, and walked to a corner, I was shocked and surprised to see Xiying, AT, Hongkie, and Jean and they started shouting, “SURPRISE” and for that few moments, I was seriously blank and in my mind, I wanted to ask, “What are you guys doing here?” But stopped when I saw XY dressed in her Sunshine Yellow tube dress from Forever 21 and they started giving me presents.

I was furious at Shini but still loved her. It was all good, we ordered, drank, cam whored and had fun until they brought out a huge plate filled with the prettiest cupcakes that spelt MICH and TGIF staff made me stand on the chair while they sang some inaudible song and made a huge deal! Then I made a speech using a Ketchup bottle and had to blow my candle while I’m still standing on the chair!

The experience was humiliating to say the least but I know they meant well and I wanted to be sporting after watching Mamma Mia yesterday! Nothing is more sporting than that! Anyways, I had a pleasant cause Dayang and Juanita joined us later! I had lots of gifts that required thoughts and Shini’s gift really was thoughtful because she gave me a huge picture frame filled with pictures of those important to me!

I feel loved and blessed. This year has been a great year! I’ve had a few parties to my name, a surprised one, so many people singing Happy Birthday to me, and my friends who put in a lot of thoughts and effort to give me a memorable 21st b’day! I really had fun and I’ll never forget my 21st even if I wanted to!

Another part of me, feels sad that Boyfie, Ili and Ann couldn’t be here to get the jokes, to make sarcastic remarks and to make me feel like killing someone else besides XY and Shini. Feeling so happy, makes me miss them so, so, so, much!!! I guess I’ll be extremely happy if they were here to celebrate and share my happiness!

Anyways, I cannot thank my dear gorgeous friends enough. And XY, don’t worry… I’ll surprise you on your b’day!!! By taking you to Choy Kee!!! It’s surprising enough right? OK la… I’ll even get KDUCF to sing you Happy Birthday…

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Feathers from the Nest by Beth Moore

I finally watched Mamma Mia! The Movie and I LOVED it!! I’ve never immensely enjoyed such a movie in my life before! It was truly a beautiful movie. I’ve heard from Padrekins all about the enthralling beauty of the musical as he managed to catch the musical while he was in New York. Apparently, it’s a very successful and well-loved musical in NY and tickets were priced from 120USD but it’s worth every cent!

Then Darry watched it twice and will be watching it again this weekend. Personally, I don’t mind watching it again, again, again and again!! Many things happened on my birthday. I realized that I am indeed truly blessed with so many friends who took the time to wish me from all over the world and like Jason Jon put it, ”I’ve never had so much cake!!” and bestie’s break up with his girlfriend.

In the evening, Padrekins was being very emotional. Here’s an excerpt:

Pa: You’re rich now… what are you gonna do with all the money?

Me: Saving to go to Germany…

Pa: Why all you young people like to leave the house? You know, from the day you’re born, you were never apart from the family? You want to be like Ah Mah’s daughter is it? Marry a kwai lo and leave the 2 old folks in Malaysia? (voice getting higher by the decibel)

Me: So, you want me to stay in Malaysia and rot and die here and you wouldn’t let me leave even though you know how sad and angry I am?

Pa: Why can’t you just stay here? Why you all think Malaysia is such a bad place? You have to think, about your responsibilities to your family? By the way, who’s in Germany?

Me: I cannot realize and live my life in Malaysia. I won’t be happy. I have big dreams and Malaysia is too small for dreams like mine. I got friends in Germany la…

Pa: You think it’s easy ar? We pay so much for your education and you’re just gonna leave us and go away? This is what’s wrong with you… You mix too much with all those rich, spoilt kids and think it’s so Westernized and I really regret not bringing you up in a Chinese way!! (by now, he’s technically screaming!)

Me: You’re being unreasonable… I’m gonna have to leave someday whether you like it or not and you either have to let me go happily or angrily… Your choice? Because I DO NOT want to stay in Malaysia!!

Pa: You all like to think you’re so Westernized and all that you’ve forgotten that the “blood that runs through your veins, your heritage is Chinese!” (People who know me well enough knows this famous line by Eddy Goh!)

Me: STOP CALLING ME CHINK!!!! Discussion close ok? I’m leaving and that’s that!!

I think all parents want their children to be happy. Even Donna (Meryl Streep) in Mamma Mia that supported her 20 year-old daughter Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) when she decided to marry Sky. Even though she’s upset and angry, she agreed as long as her daughter is happy.

My parents brought me up and gave me everything I want and not a single cent is spared for my education because they want me to have an advantage in life. They want me to succeed so they can be even more proud of me. But at the end of the day, they want us to be happy. I guess my parents won’t let me go without a fight and when the time comes, I want them to let me go.

In conclusion, parents never give us enough credit. I do understand what they’re going through. I know the world is a big, bad place but they have to have faith, faith in themselves. Faith that they have raised us well enough that we can take care of ourselves since we inherit half of our father’s personality and another half from our mother.
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

LOOK FOR YOUR NAME: Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams..

I want to take this rare opportunity to say a big, huge, humongous THANK YOU to those who have made my 21st b'day extra special.... By sending me ur very kind wishes and keeping in touch and some of you even went the extra mile to do really sweet things for me... Here is my thank you list as of 12AM:

1) ROBERT who was the first to wish me complete with the countdown all the way from Germany!!

2) WEE XIYING my dear friend who has been trying to give me a b'day i'll always remember by throwing me parties and surprising me in college with pretty cuppacakes!Thanks for making me feel so blessed!!

3) DARRELL GOH my bro who made me wait for a week before i could finally tear open my present!!

4) CHAN SOON SENG aka HONGKIE & MELISSA LIM who sang me Happy B'day after Consumer Behaviour class and presenting me their supposedly "HAND MADE AND HOME BAKED" chocolate muffin which was delectable!!

5) CHRIS HUANG WEI from China who presented and surprised me with a slice of beautiful Black Forest cake in the morning!!

6) ILI ALIA BAKHTIAR aka MINK who called and messaged me all the way from the land of OZ, Kansas!! Sorry babe, was in class when you called!!

7) SHINEE LEE FREEMAN aka HINDRAF the BFF that's supposed to get me something thoughtful.. wonder what you'll get me!!

8) ADELINE RAMONA who didn't forget my b'day and dedicated her MSN display to me for 1 whole day even though she's in Gold Coast!

9) ETHAN ADRIAN who came all the way from across town just to wish me a Happy Birthday!

10) MUSAAB ADAM my Sudanese bestie who wished me a be-early Happy B'day and didn't realise it was 12.07AM and that it was my b'day!

11) NATALIE YUEN who took the time to wish me a happy birthday and she still do after being friends since Standard 3..

12) ANITA RAJAMOHAN who i have not kept in touch with and yet, she still remember my b'day!

13) XAVIER QUAH who was too broke to send me any present from Sydney but he's still my favourite cousin.. It's the thought that counts anyway! (PS, Don't tell Jooee!)

14) MANDY aka BABY who asked me to behave myself on my b'day!

15) JEAN CHAN who wished me at the side of the KDU road under the hot sun!!

16) MR. BENEDICT my friendly Philipino lecturer who wished me 3 days in the row and i'll remind you to buy me my b'day present when you're in Bali ok?

17) MS. MAHA my very smart Sudanese Programme Leader who was not too busy to wish me!

18) MR. RULY my another Phillipino lecturer who taught me to reflect what I want from life.

19) CHYNAR USHMEKOVA my CB bestie from Turkmenistan who still wished me even though she's dead tired!!

20) MR. KENNY CHEW PHYE KEN for hosting Alpha and kind thoughtful prayer in my b'day honor.

21) MICHAEL YAO who was born with the natural talent of irritating b'day boy/girl!

22) ROY LIM who is forever making me make fun of him!! thanks for the comic relief!!

23) DANIEL SIM my de facto "spouse" who always make me laugh with his extremely blur look!!

24) AARON TAM who always make me smile by being random and looking so sneaky!!

25) MUNNIE NG who was too busy serving KDU students that she has to be reminded of my b'day!

26) TAMMY DIONG the "tai kah cheh" that brings out the profanity in me!

27) ZACHARY who spends his time at CC!!

28) JASON SNG who never fail to amuse me!!

29) ISAAC YAP who will give me a payable note instead of a present!!

30) YUNEY who gave me a fantasy involving knights, maidens and queens...

31) BREE DEANDRA who was MIA until she sent me a sms...

32) JEBBRINE GOH my dear cousin who was the first to wish me on my wall all the way from Adelaide!

33) RICKY AWL who wished me many days in advance...

34) CAROL MOKOMANE from Botswana who i keep bumping into and still look so lovely!!

35) NIGEL GOH my cousin who alwasy have nothing much to say!

36) ANDREW MARK FERNANDES who asked the great question of whether i feel old or age is just a number!

37) NANIE who went off to Ho Chi Minh City on my b'day!!

38) JUNE WONG who took the trouble to drop me a b'day wish..

39) PUIYEE KHONG who did the same even though she's all the way in Sheffield!! me miss ya!!

40) GLENN TAN who gave the wish of getting everything that i want...

41) MELANIE NG whom i miss all the way in Murdoch, Perth!! Classes are boring without you!

42) WILSON CHEAH who i have not seen in a very long time!

43) JESLYN LEE the 'leng lui'

44) CHICO JO who failed to surprise me by not coming to KDU like last year!

45) NALEDI THOPS the Botswana hottie who is dressed to kill...

46) JOSHUA NEW who is desperate for people to go for his party!!

47) PAULIE WALLIE my "ramera" who surprised me during XY's party!! I still love u!!

48) DAVE who never fails to remember my b'day!

49) NUHA SUZALY my Jagermeister exporter from the land of castles, Germany whom i miss very, very much!!!

50) HUI EN who surprised me with a b'day wish while in UK!! Thanks gurl!

51) SYAR ALIA who also wished me despite being in Australia...

52) JOSS KOR my NY bro who i'm currently extorting present from!!

53) RYSSA the high school sweetheart whom i have not met since high school ended!! me miss ya loads!!

54) CRYSTEL GOH my beautiful cousin... Thanks for your wishes!!

55) BAVANI the crazy girl!!! Me miss u too!!!

56) MJ who is no longer caught up with my drama and my spotlight is dimming... I'll still remember you even thought you're in Perth right now... I'm still the Drama Queen!!

57) CLEMENT MUNDIA my Kenyan buddy who wished me just in time and i miss you!!

58) MARY ANN VERGIS who wished me but due to my perceived presentation, i forgot to reply... sorry!

59) KUGAN the Kuggie!!! Thanks for your wishes!!! me miss u!!

60) YEE TING, CARYN LIM, SIMON LAU, MS. CRYSTAL for their kind wishes!!

61) SHADOW my Botwana Stats friend who i have not seen in ages!! Get FB!!

62) MENG TEE who I thought forgotten my b'day!!

63) MUN YEE who has been my friend since primary school and have also not met since high school... Thank you so much!!!

64) INTAN JULIANA aka JULES who i miss dreadfully!!! thanks for ur wish!! ;)

65) WENDY LOW my dear cousin!! thanks again!! ;)

66) NEBYLA KAMARUZAMAN my beloved cousin whom i'll hopefully be seeing next week!! Thanks for your wish!!

67) DYG BAQDIAH who just welcomed me into CLUB 21!! lol!! Thanks gurl!!

68) PAUL GUI who just managed to wish me!!

69) MENG KHENG TAN my coursemate who's also in Murdoch, Perth!! Thanks for your wish!!

70) ELLA my Stats buddy that left for Murdoch, Perth this sem!!! Me love ya and miss ya loads too!!!

71) LEON CONNELLY for a birthday card!!Those who barely made it but i still appreciate it!!!

72) JASON JON my busy friend who has wished me a thousandth time! and yes, i've never had SO much of cake in my life before!!

73) CYNDEE LOW my dear cousin who remembered!!

74) KAORI my Jap friend in US!! Thank u so much!!!

75) KAI YUUEN the girl i'll always adore!!! My one and only friend who wished me to be sick so i can get my well deserved rest!! me miss ya!!

76) CANDY LOW for your wish and your hug!! :)

77) KEN KEN by colleague from The Star that is so funny!! Thanks for your wish!! And it's ok.. your thoughts are way better than a present!! :)

78) JUANITA for always keeping an eye out for me!! Thanks babe!! We will get high again... soon..

79) WEN CHIEN for a belated wish... at least it came all the way from NZ!! lol!! thank dear!! you need to slow down!! Stop being so busy!

If you wished me and your name isn't here, tell me... I'll rectify it immediately!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Saturday, October 04, 2008

10 Things!

10 Reasons why I enjoyed 2/10-4/10 immensely…

1) I had so many people singing Happy Birthday to me.

2) I learnt the difficult way of cooking MANUALLY for 30 people.

3) I had my cake and ate it too!

4) I was reminded of how much I missed and enjoyed Dan's company...

5) I was pleasantly surprised by Paulie Wallie!!! I miss u!! Ur mean!!

6) Got a huge box with a bow waiting for me in my room!! Will wait patiently to open it on the 8th!

7) My boring nerdy mode life just turned into a full blown soap opera.

8) Experienced and cam whored at a fish spa!

9) Blessed to have shared and celebrated my birthday with so many close and beautiful friends!

10) I don’t have to face my unappreciative parents.

The past days have been amazing! I’ve never felt so blessed to have so many great friends. I just want to thank XY for giving me an experience I’ll never forget. I shall tell my guest at my wedding that you’re the first friend to throw a party for me and the October babies!

Cooking MANUALLY for 30 people is no easy feat. I had to chop the cabbage finely for the coleslaw because the blender doesn’t work and mash the potato by hand. A big, huge, fabulous thanks to XY’s maid for her help and her family for opening and welcoming their beautiful house to us and our guests.

Despite a slight damper on everyone’s feelings attempted by some sadistic, pathetic, and a whiner, we still managed to have fun celebrating 2 days straight!! Maybe parties are just more fun without whiners? But then again, it’s the harsh reality of the kinds of people in the world. This is to proof that not everyone can handle rejection well.

When I first read what “HE” wrote, I was outraged that someone can call my best friend a two faced person just because HE doesn’t know the whole truth about why HE wasn’t invited. Times like these, I can say my Western upbringing is way effective than the Asian side because Asians tend to protect the other party’s feelings while the Western concept is more open and honesty as sharp as a dagger. Maybe our approach is too Asian and we worry whether HE can handle the truth but I think its always better to yanked a plaster out than to slowly peel it off.

“Finally, my life doesn’t seem so bad, it’s the best I ever had!!” – Fergie

Times like this, you’ll know how rich you are… not financially but rich in friendship. People who turn a birthday party into a birthday bash! I feel so blessed already! Now, I’m just being the “real” materialistic me and look forward to my presents!! *grins*

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

October Babies

Recently celebrated the October birthdays and it was fun!! I never had so many people sang Happy Birthday to me before!! lol!! Anyways, the pictures from 2 parties back to back are in my Photo Album at the bottom of my SPACES page!!

Beachy Affair and Jason Jon's B'day and Fish Spa..

~you know you love me~
Michelle May