Saturday, October 04, 2008

10 Things!

10 Reasons why I enjoyed 2/10-4/10 immensely…

1) I had so many people singing Happy Birthday to me.

2) I learnt the difficult way of cooking MANUALLY for 30 people.

3) I had my cake and ate it too!

4) I was reminded of how much I missed and enjoyed Dan's company...

5) I was pleasantly surprised by Paulie Wallie!!! I miss u!! Ur mean!!

6) Got a huge box with a bow waiting for me in my room!! Will wait patiently to open it on the 8th!

7) My boring nerdy mode life just turned into a full blown soap opera.

8) Experienced and cam whored at a fish spa!

9) Blessed to have shared and celebrated my birthday with so many close and beautiful friends!

10) I don’t have to face my unappreciative parents.

The past days have been amazing! I’ve never felt so blessed to have so many great friends. I just want to thank XY for giving me an experience I’ll never forget. I shall tell my guest at my wedding that you’re the first friend to throw a party for me and the October babies!

Cooking MANUALLY for 30 people is no easy feat. I had to chop the cabbage finely for the coleslaw because the blender doesn’t work and mash the potato by hand. A big, huge, fabulous thanks to XY’s maid for her help and her family for opening and welcoming their beautiful house to us and our guests.

Despite a slight damper on everyone’s feelings attempted by some sadistic, pathetic, and a whiner, we still managed to have fun celebrating 2 days straight!! Maybe parties are just more fun without whiners? But then again, it’s the harsh reality of the kinds of people in the world. This is to proof that not everyone can handle rejection well.

When I first read what “HE” wrote, I was outraged that someone can call my best friend a two faced person just because HE doesn’t know the whole truth about why HE wasn’t invited. Times like these, I can say my Western upbringing is way effective than the Asian side because Asians tend to protect the other party’s feelings while the Western concept is more open and honesty as sharp as a dagger. Maybe our approach is too Asian and we worry whether HE can handle the truth but I think its always better to yanked a plaster out than to slowly peel it off.

“Finally, my life doesn’t seem so bad, it’s the best I ever had!!” – Fergie

Times like this, you’ll know how rich you are… not financially but rich in friendship. People who turn a birthday party into a birthday bash! I feel so blessed already! Now, I’m just being the “real” materialistic me and look forward to my presents!! *grins*

~you know you love me~
Michelle May


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