Thursday, October 09, 2008

LOOK FOR YOUR NAME: Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams..

I want to take this rare opportunity to say a big, huge, humongous THANK YOU to those who have made my 21st b'day extra special.... By sending me ur very kind wishes and keeping in touch and some of you even went the extra mile to do really sweet things for me... Here is my thank you list as of 12AM:

1) ROBERT who was the first to wish me complete with the countdown all the way from Germany!!

2) WEE XIYING my dear friend who has been trying to give me a b'day i'll always remember by throwing me parties and surprising me in college with pretty cuppacakes!Thanks for making me feel so blessed!!

3) DARRELL GOH my bro who made me wait for a week before i could finally tear open my present!!

4) CHAN SOON SENG aka HONGKIE & MELISSA LIM who sang me Happy B'day after Consumer Behaviour class and presenting me their supposedly "HAND MADE AND HOME BAKED" chocolate muffin which was delectable!!

5) CHRIS HUANG WEI from China who presented and surprised me with a slice of beautiful Black Forest cake in the morning!!

6) ILI ALIA BAKHTIAR aka MINK who called and messaged me all the way from the land of OZ, Kansas!! Sorry babe, was in class when you called!!

7) SHINEE LEE FREEMAN aka HINDRAF the BFF that's supposed to get me something thoughtful.. wonder what you'll get me!!

8) ADELINE RAMONA who didn't forget my b'day and dedicated her MSN display to me for 1 whole day even though she's in Gold Coast!

9) ETHAN ADRIAN who came all the way from across town just to wish me a Happy Birthday!

10) MUSAAB ADAM my Sudanese bestie who wished me a be-early Happy B'day and didn't realise it was 12.07AM and that it was my b'day!

11) NATALIE YUEN who took the time to wish me a happy birthday and she still do after being friends since Standard 3..

12) ANITA RAJAMOHAN who i have not kept in touch with and yet, she still remember my b'day!

13) XAVIER QUAH who was too broke to send me any present from Sydney but he's still my favourite cousin.. It's the thought that counts anyway! (PS, Don't tell Jooee!)

14) MANDY aka BABY who asked me to behave myself on my b'day!

15) JEAN CHAN who wished me at the side of the KDU road under the hot sun!!

16) MR. BENEDICT my friendly Philipino lecturer who wished me 3 days in the row and i'll remind you to buy me my b'day present when you're in Bali ok?

17) MS. MAHA my very smart Sudanese Programme Leader who was not too busy to wish me!

18) MR. RULY my another Phillipino lecturer who taught me to reflect what I want from life.

19) CHYNAR USHMEKOVA my CB bestie from Turkmenistan who still wished me even though she's dead tired!!

20) MR. KENNY CHEW PHYE KEN for hosting Alpha and kind thoughtful prayer in my b'day honor.

21) MICHAEL YAO who was born with the natural talent of irritating b'day boy/girl!

22) ROY LIM who is forever making me make fun of him!! thanks for the comic relief!!

23) DANIEL SIM my de facto "spouse" who always make me laugh with his extremely blur look!!

24) AARON TAM who always make me smile by being random and looking so sneaky!!

25) MUNNIE NG who was too busy serving KDU students that she has to be reminded of my b'day!

26) TAMMY DIONG the "tai kah cheh" that brings out the profanity in me!

27) ZACHARY who spends his time at CC!!

28) JASON SNG who never fail to amuse me!!

29) ISAAC YAP who will give me a payable note instead of a present!!

30) YUNEY who gave me a fantasy involving knights, maidens and queens...

31) BREE DEANDRA who was MIA until she sent me a sms...

32) JEBBRINE GOH my dear cousin who was the first to wish me on my wall all the way from Adelaide!

33) RICKY AWL who wished me many days in advance...

34) CAROL MOKOMANE from Botswana who i keep bumping into and still look so lovely!!

35) NIGEL GOH my cousin who alwasy have nothing much to say!

36) ANDREW MARK FERNANDES who asked the great question of whether i feel old or age is just a number!

37) NANIE who went off to Ho Chi Minh City on my b'day!!

38) JUNE WONG who took the trouble to drop me a b'day wish..

39) PUIYEE KHONG who did the same even though she's all the way in Sheffield!! me miss ya!!

40) GLENN TAN who gave the wish of getting everything that i want...

41) MELANIE NG whom i miss all the way in Murdoch, Perth!! Classes are boring without you!

42) WILSON CHEAH who i have not seen in a very long time!

43) JESLYN LEE the 'leng lui'

44) CHICO JO who failed to surprise me by not coming to KDU like last year!

45) NALEDI THOPS the Botswana hottie who is dressed to kill...

46) JOSHUA NEW who is desperate for people to go for his party!!

47) PAULIE WALLIE my "ramera" who surprised me during XY's party!! I still love u!!

48) DAVE who never fails to remember my b'day!

49) NUHA SUZALY my Jagermeister exporter from the land of castles, Germany whom i miss very, very much!!!

50) HUI EN who surprised me with a b'day wish while in UK!! Thanks gurl!

51) SYAR ALIA who also wished me despite being in Australia...

52) JOSS KOR my NY bro who i'm currently extorting present from!!

53) RYSSA the high school sweetheart whom i have not met since high school ended!! me miss ya loads!!

54) CRYSTEL GOH my beautiful cousin... Thanks for your wishes!!

55) BAVANI the crazy girl!!! Me miss u too!!!

56) MJ who is no longer caught up with my drama and my spotlight is dimming... I'll still remember you even thought you're in Perth right now... I'm still the Drama Queen!!

57) CLEMENT MUNDIA my Kenyan buddy who wished me just in time and i miss you!!

58) MARY ANN VERGIS who wished me but due to my perceived presentation, i forgot to reply... sorry!

59) KUGAN the Kuggie!!! Thanks for your wishes!!! me miss u!!

60) YEE TING, CARYN LIM, SIMON LAU, MS. CRYSTAL for their kind wishes!!

61) SHADOW my Botwana Stats friend who i have not seen in ages!! Get FB!!

62) MENG TEE who I thought forgotten my b'day!!

63) MUN YEE who has been my friend since primary school and have also not met since high school... Thank you so much!!!

64) INTAN JULIANA aka JULES who i miss dreadfully!!! thanks for ur wish!! ;)

65) WENDY LOW my dear cousin!! thanks again!! ;)

66) NEBYLA KAMARUZAMAN my beloved cousin whom i'll hopefully be seeing next week!! Thanks for your wish!!

67) DYG BAQDIAH who just welcomed me into CLUB 21!! lol!! Thanks gurl!!

68) PAUL GUI who just managed to wish me!!

69) MENG KHENG TAN my coursemate who's also in Murdoch, Perth!! Thanks for your wish!!

70) ELLA my Stats buddy that left for Murdoch, Perth this sem!!! Me love ya and miss ya loads too!!!

71) LEON CONNELLY for a birthday card!!Those who barely made it but i still appreciate it!!!

72) JASON JON my busy friend who has wished me a thousandth time! and yes, i've never had SO much of cake in my life before!!

73) CYNDEE LOW my dear cousin who remembered!!

74) KAORI my Jap friend in US!! Thank u so much!!!

75) KAI YUUEN the girl i'll always adore!!! My one and only friend who wished me to be sick so i can get my well deserved rest!! me miss ya!!

76) CANDY LOW for your wish and your hug!! :)

77) KEN KEN by colleague from The Star that is so funny!! Thanks for your wish!! And it's ok.. your thoughts are way better than a present!! :)

78) JUANITA for always keeping an eye out for me!! Thanks babe!! We will get high again... soon..

79) WEN CHIEN for a belated wish... at least it came all the way from NZ!! lol!! thank dear!! you need to slow down!! Stop being so busy!

If you wished me and your name isn't here, tell me... I'll rectify it immediately!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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