Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's All About The Sex!

“Having sex is ok, just don’t document it” – Mi Madrekins.

I recently saw some scandalous and not to mention disgusting pictures of 2 Malaysian Chinese girls with a Pakistani guy. They were in very compromising positions and those 2 sluts are from LimKokWing. WOW!!

I never expected it from Malaysia Chinks!! It’s like they’re majoring in Sex and Anatomy 101. Well, I have nothing against them except that I think they can have a bright future in Malaysian “Sam Kap Pin” home made porn.

Like what my mom said, it’s ok to do but just don’t document it. They are knows as the “Foosball Chicks" Jane Lo Li & Allyssa Yin Yi aka Snowkisz aka Yinyi aka Allyssa Kwan. I have no idea what are their names per se but who cares?

I’m just disgusted and maybe the saying that Chinks will do anything for the money is true. Not that proud to be Chinese now huh? Anyways, if want to see the pictures, just follow this link.

Personally, I think sex is so over-rated!! It’s like so technical, the penis goes into the vagina. It’s just so technical isn’t it? And yet, everyone wants to get laid, needs to get laid, and the whole city is awake trying to get laid.

Sex is a private thing between 2 individuals where the connect and according to the bible; Where 2 becomes 1. I also heard another rumour that during the Hennessy The Art of Mixing presents Flo Rida, he actually picked a girl to have sex with. The song that comes to mind was, " She got LOW with Flo Rida" and "her legs were IN THE AYER".... Food for thought.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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