Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Happenings

My EXTREMELY THOUGHTFUL gift from Hindraf!!! Gosh!! It was really thoughtful... All of our good times together... Binge drinking, Octoberfest, Langkawi, Genting, Sushi-ing, Dressing rooming, lala-ing, etc....

I call my latest creation "Spoon Salad" simply because you need to use a spoon!! It contains roast chicken, apple, egg, pine nuts, raisins and potatoes... Yummylicious!

Presents galore!! Actually there more but i couldn't wait so i tore it all!!

Another cake!! However, i'm not complaining... This is my fav Pralinosa Mascarpone cake! note the writing on the cake!

Thai salad Tofu @ Tua Huat!! Not bad but i just hate the name of the restaurant!!

Fried chicken wings @ Tua Huat...

Some chinese wine vinegar noodle also @ Tua Huat

Fish cake @ Tua Huat...

Since Parentals love Chinese food, they recently discovered Tua Huat in PJ near the Lisa De Inn roundabout. Besides its Chink name, I'm not complaining about the food. It taste good and by 7 the whole restaurant is packed to the brim!! But i have something against the name Tua Huat!!

I had another cake!! I've been having my cake and eating it too... (Literally!) But i'm not gonna complain, I'm just gonna exercise more.. Fucking cake tasted damn fucking good!! And in a depressed state of mind, It's just consoling... Gosh! I hate myself!!

I just noticed something, there's so many October babies!!! Gosh! One can go broke!! I got loads of good presents and i love them all!!! I guess, Hindraf gave me the best thoughtful gift ever! (She and I have an agreement to get each other thoughful gifts for b'days!) She made a huge collage of all my good times with my friends into a huge picture! Everyone that matters to me is in the collage!

Well, I had a great October so far albeit some issues that need some working out. I'm glad i have all my gorgeous, fabulous, fun friends!!! Love ya loads!! And I don't wanna jinx it but Padrekins has plans for me to go "home"!! I think he's finally letting go... till then...
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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