Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just My "Luck"!

My bad luck all started last week Oct 30, 2008 when I attempted to deposit around 200MYR cash into the cash deposit machine at Bandar Puteri Puchong and just as I place my money into the slot of the machine, the machine somehow hanged and spewed my ATM card out and subsequently the notice that the machine has malfunctioned appeared on the screen.

I was advised to go and file a complaint the next day I was told to meet a Ms. Yeong or something. After filling up some forms, she told me to wait for 3 days for the money because the machines were under some outsource company and after some standard procedure, will I only receive my money. She will notify me when the money is cleared.

After those morons took one week, I called Ms. Yeong up again and started yelling at her. Turns out, the outsource company had a “technical problem” and after further yelling and all, the money was banked into my account. Those morons have no idea I had to live 7 days without money!!! Cost incurred: 25MYR for calling their Toll Free number and screwing another outsource employee!

On November 8, 2008 when I was at 1U at (the one near some money changer right after you go down the escalator from PUMA) to top up both my phones. I gave that Pengkit (a female but dresses like a guy) 60MYR to top up 30MYR Digi and 30MYR Maxis.

That moron gave me 30MYR Digi and 10MYR Maxis but I didn’t noticed until I had topped that amount up. I had to walk half way back to the bloody fucking shop to demand my remaining 20MYR! She had to give it to me in 2 denominations of 10MYR. After screwing her ass, I went on my way and nicely topped my phone.

After I used all 3 coupons, I noticed that my credit expiry was 10 days from then. I had to call Maxis Toll Free line again and those morons said that they can’t do anything because I topped up 30MYR in 3 denominations of 10MYR!!

After yelling at that Bastard, Hurensohn in front of Guardian, they can’t do anything as usual. Sometimes, I wonder what can they actually do??? Cost incurred: 16MYR for calling their Toll Free number and screwing another outsource employee!

I have no idea why these big companies in Malaysia expects their customers to pay for their Customer Service. I’m beyond upset because I never expected all this to happen to me. I’m generally a happy person but all this shyte that I don’t deserve is slowly turning me into the bitch I once was.

I can run a car over a kid and yet not feel bad about it. I never expected things like these to happen because I’m Michelle. I live a blessed life albeit a stressful one but I’m not the type of person to break a heel, have a door slammed on my finger, etc… That’s more xy not me! I’m the type that wins contest, finds money, etc.

Now, I’m like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode and I’m warning those who might offend me or they’ll fucking get it from me. And the poor person will not only get it, they’ll get it 3X bad!! I’m sick and tired of this country called Malaysia that is governed and run by idiots.

Besides that, I got a job, bought my curtains and material to make my dress!! I’m opening a new Hong Leong bank account as soon as I have the time so that I can close my CIMB and Maybank account. Both are incompetent and have inconvenienced me so much!! As for Maxis, My loyalty to you will be given to either U Mobile or I’m just gonna bear with it for another year or so until I leave. You can count on that! As for, the only reason I buy my monthly top up from you is because I can collect my OneCard points but since they said that it’s not applicable for top up, I’m taking my business elsewhere! If you don’t wanna experience what I’ve experienced, you should too!

~you know you love to hate me~
Michelle May

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