Saturday, November 29, 2008

Merchant Solutions 1st Anniversary!!

The big time sales people!! LOL!!
This is Tay and James!!

This is Jesmine from JB office and Wang

L-R: Jason, Justin, Tay and James

Abby and I.

Aunty Miow Khee and her boss Christopher.

Blowing Merchant Solutions B'day Cake!!

Cake courtesy of RedBox, Gardens!!

We celebrated it with a BANG!


She's as new as I am... Lily!

Deco courtesy of May!

1 week after I joined Merchant Solutions, they celebrated their 1st ANNIVERSARY!! For those who have no idea who or what Merchat Solutions is, we are an outsourceof Standard Chartered Bank and First Data (US) dealing mainly with merchant banking.
Meaning that, we sell those credit card terminals that is used to swipe your credit cards. It's just a major business and i learnt a lot working here. Mainly about banking and merchant sector.
This place keeps me busy but i'm not complaining since I get paid quite well compared to other part timers and the best thing is that I actually do get headhunted!! LOL!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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