Tuesday, November 04, 2008

October Events!

I LOVE the Bold but Maxis Blackberry plan is so difficult to understand!!! Will have to drop by the shop!
Since my ipod is half dead and Zune isn't available in Malaysia, will most likely to get Chromatic or worst comes to worst, get Padrekins or Josh to bring a Zune in!!
Aunty Margeret from Singapore managed to celebrate her Halloween birthday with us!

I surprised XY on her birthday!!! lol! She's not the only one who can surprise me!!

Octoberfest which was just so-so! Even the entertainers were local! Just love the 1MYR beer! Wishing Mink, Hindraf and India were there!!

I was really busy the past weeks until MT has to remind me to update my long ignored blogs. Well, I’m officially done with all those social life sucking assignments. Words cannot describe how extremely happy I am!! 1 Finals paper down, 2 more to go!! I celebrated so many things this month.

Let’s see, I managed to celebrate XY’s birthday and Aunty Margeret came back from Singapore and we managed to celebrate her birthday as well. OH!!! My favorite festival Octoberfest isn’t as happening as last year! This year wasn’t that fun! Maybe I’m just missing Mink, Hindraf, India, and Bilal!!

Well, I have made many plans but I’m really hoping it will all materialize! Now, I’m just counting down to my Phuket trip!!! So gonna soak up the sun!! The sun, sea, spa, sand and sparkling water is like heaven to me!!

I think I’ll really miss my Consumer Behavior class of all things to miss!! I’ve really enjoyed the company of Ms. Crystal, and my classmates! I will really miss them next semester. The only thing good this semester that I look forward to is my CB class! My favorite days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays when I have CB classes.

I’m thinking whether I should get an iPod, Blackberry Bold or save the money for as holiday?? I’m guilty of counting chickens before the eggs hatch!

I’ve noticed something, ever since I wrote about the LimKokWing sluts, the traffic to my blogspot has doubled, tripled and quadrupled!!! They all left my blog via gutterpost! It’s obscene!! I’m not promoting gutterpost but whatever!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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