Thursday, December 25, 2008


Believe it or not, I sometimes feel ashamed of myself. I feel ashamed that Padrekins has to travel to NY and LA frequently, I feel ashamed that I speak English and a smattering of Spanish better than anybody. I feel ashamed of my Double Major. I feel ashamed of my labeled clothes and tailored dresses. You may think I’m bragging and all but I’m not. Seriously. Period.

I was in the LRT and my colleague called me regarding the software and obviously I was speaking English. Immediately, people in the LRT started looking at me like I’ve suddenly grown 3 eyes, and had sharp fangs! I feel like its wrong for me to speak in English!!

I’ve been in Mid Valley area and commutes using KTM and LRT daily and yet, I don’t feel like a sense of belonging like I have in Damansara area. It’s like I’m an outsider. I don’t belong. It’s as if I can’t conform and I could never be one of them. Them is subjective because I don’t even know how to conform to “them”

Mid Valley isn’t a foreign land or a new frontier, I mean, before 1U, MV was my second home. I hang out there with Shi Ni every subsequent day and I felt like I belonged, someway or another. Maybe I just think too much. Maybe I’m just paranoid.

I can’t wait to go back to Damansara where I feel like I belong. December has been very generous to me. Here’s what I got this month:

1) Loads of new and pretty clothes.
3) I WON EURAIL’S PRINCESS AND A BACKPACK BOOK!! (I *HEART* Eurail and the author handpicked 5 winner across the globe for a copy of a signed book from her!!)
4) I settled my debts!! (Credit card debts!)
5) Got 800MYR e-voucher from Air Asia for delaying my return flight!! (Blessing in disguise!)
6) Managed to keep up my results!! (Passed ALL with flying colours!!)
7) Got so many bonuses from DiGi and Maxis!!
9) I’m going to PHUKET tomorrow!!!!

I’ve never thought it was possible for a person to feel so ashamed of what they are and what they have. I’m most ashamed of my worldly, material stuff… It’s a sin!! I came to a conclusion recently that if you have a string of bad luck, you have to do charity.

You see, when you do charity, you’re indirectly “giving” your bad luck away to an under privileged person who already has bad luck. When you “give” your bad luck to another person who has bad luck, it neutralizes the situation and both of you will end up with good luck!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Green New Me!!

I get really pissed off at people who don’t make the effort to conserve the environment by reducing, re-using and recycling. Those people who are selfish are unfortunately those of the lower class and the uneducated.

Every time I walk into Tesco, I see those parents blowing up those transparent plastic bags, turning it into a balloon for their kids to play with. At the Tesco check out cashier, those selfish parents not only pack 2 little items into a big plastic carrier bag and not only that, they take and use more bags than an average environmentally conscious consumer.

Like the cycle of poverty where a few and minimal children of poverty stricken family that will succeed, it’s difficult to remove the poverty element in their lives. I call this the Un-Green cycle where the children will think its ok to turn plastic bags into balloons and use more plastic bags than they require.

I don’t blame them because they receive little education and they’re more concerned about themselves and their 5 kids than the environment. I just pity those kids who’ll be playing at dumpsites in the future and their parents salvaging that rubbish.

Are these people just plain selfish or ignorant? I can accept ignorance but I hate those selfish people. I’m happy to say that our familia has taken gradual steps towards a more greener lifestyle. First, we cut down on the amount of plastics used especially plastic bags and water bottles.

Secondly, we try to buy more environmentally friendly products to reduce our carbon footprints. We start by eliminating most China products and use mainly International or local substitute. This is because China products are unhealthy and very unfriendly. Besides, when the food arrives home, it has already created a carbon footprint bigger than Bigfoot’s!!

We also pay attention to the label of the product and especially the County-of-Origin (COO) of the product. We love Toasted Oats because it’s healthy and it’s environmentally friendly. We also love the organic soya beans from Aussie, and my environmentally friendly Acca Kappa toothbrush and toothpaste. I agree that it costs slightly higher than normal stuff but I don’t mind since I love the trees!!

Another thing we always do is to ask the shop to remove the shoebox and just dump it into a bag. The shoebox is useless, bulky and cost a tree. Another noteworthy local corporation is Padini Holdings because they changed all their plastic bags into environmentally friendly ones.

Another thing is that I try to refuse when shops pack my purchase into plastic bags. The last time I went shopping, I was almost yelling at the Metrojaya cashier. She wanted to bag our purchases into a plastic bag and then into a paper bag. My Madrekins and I was like, just dump it into the paper bag!! And she still looked blur after we told her for like 3 times!

When I bought a skirt from Tribal Spirit in 1U, I refused the plastic bag and dumped the skirt into my many paper bags. Little acts such as these are helpful even though we might think that it’s not significant. I’m a firm believer that if everyone does their little part, take little baby steps and start by refusing a plastic bag, we would have a greener future. I’m not having a baby because the future now seems so bleak, barren, dark and dirty!!

So, my resolution for year 2009 is to step up my efforts such as using non woven bags instead of plastic ones and do more for the environment. Maybe to turn my living space into a greener area?

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopped till I dropped!

These were just a small part of our shopping!

My fav Acca Kappa products!!! I love Acca Kappa so much that I parted with my money willingly, gladly and happily!!

Had to splurge on LaSenza cause i recently got my claws on the Prestige card and all purchase is on 10% off!!

Saw this cheap and pretty black eyelet skirt at Tribal Spirit and it was a save!!

This is one beautiful smocked dress which I got form Carven Ong... It was a splurge, i admit!! but i wore it in the dressing room for 30 minutes (yes, I hogged the dressing room!) before finally deciding to buy it!!! No regrets!!

It's not Christmas without some sexy-candy-canes!! I personally think that candy canes are sexier than Lollipops!! Lollipops are just vulgar while candy canes are subtly sexy!! lol!! Maybe it's just me?

It's been ages since i last shopped till i dropped and i had to drag Madrekins to 1U, Curve, Ikano and Ikea. Shopped from morning 10AM sharp till late at night!! I marvel at ourselves. Anyways, I had fun and became all materialistic again...

Whoever said that money can't buy happiness clearly and obviously have not been shopping!! Like i always say, I'm a firm believer in Retail Theraphy and Good-Starbucks-Morning..

Retail theraphy cures all form of depression. I'm depressed because of a certain colleague which i have some difficulty with.

Good-Starbucks-Morning is when I had a rough morning and I need something to lift my spirits. Christians have some form of prayers to lift their and I have Starbucks! My office mornings has been great that colleagues now call me Ms-Addicted-To-Starbucks! I HEART Starbucks!! A great morning starts with a Sausage, Ham and Cheese on a warm toasted Ciabatta! Heaven on Earth!! lol!!
Till then,
~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Valentines in December???

It's been a while since i last sat down and slowly type my thoughts out. Magic, Hope and Faith isn't the only thing that make this season so jolly!! Apparently, Love is. Let me congratulate these love-birds first:

1) Isaac+Anonymous!! (I'm still expecting a play by play and explicit details!)
2) AT+XY!! (It's about time!!)
3) Glenn+Becky!! (You finally found someone to annoy!!)

While everyone is busy falling in love, I'm busy working my ass off and spending like crazy!!! And oh, thanks to my recent Single status, my "saham naik" again!! I'm flattered but I really don't have the time for a relationship right now. My PM on MSN and FB is just a joke and attention seeking!

Those who knows me well enough knows that I really enjoy being single and how busy I am. Well, I received enough dates to last me through 2009 but if you can't stand my priorities, you're just not understanding enough to deserve me. .. and i'm not playing hard to get however way you see it!!

Now my Precious got infected with a heriditary skin disease whihc is common in Cocker Spaniels. Since, he's a pure breed.. He suffers all diseases that mix breeding could remove. But, I still love him to bits!Oh, he has flaky skin and hairless patches and the vet fees costs a bomb!!

Medications have to be applied twice a day and he has to eat all sort of pills and formulas. Everyone knows that I have trouble waking up and for the whole month I would have to do that so I can prepare his medications and apply his creams!I mean, I love him no questions asked but I know that I have sacrificed so much for him... Waking up early isn't the worst sacrifice i've made. Nat knows me well that I won't leave Malaysia as long as Precious is here..

I was supposed to spend a year in Aus but because of him, I have to say no... resulting in me changing my Majors.I have also given up relationships because of him because it's unfair to my bf that my dog comes first. They can't accept it that I treat my dog better than them.

Whenever my dog whine or bark, I'll drop whatever i'm doing and rush to him... But when a guy calls or sms-es, I'll only return the calls and sms-es after a day or so if i'm not busy. Well, but the joy he brings to my life is endless. I cannot imagine loving anyone else as much as i love him!

My personal life is a wreck right now. I seriously need to differenciate between LOVE and LUST. I know I can't love M because it's just LUST!! but everytime I draw a line, he has to cross it by showing me that he cares and shyte! I HATE that!! I tend to fall for guys who does the little things and M has been doing so many little things!! I also hate it that he's Hot and he's Cold!! Shyte!!! It's nothing but Lust!

Why does the people that you love never loves you back but the ones that you don't loves you? Who do i choose? The one that I love? or the one that loves me? That's why at the end of the day, I rather be single and love myself and Precious!!!

Discovered some really good singers:
1) Дима Билан - Это была любовь
2) จังหวะหัวใจ - คือฉันรักเธอ
3) ว่าน - ระยะปลอดภัย

Anyways, my priorities right now is to make as much money working and cure Precious... So, looking forward to my Phuket trip on Christmas!!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May