Thursday, January 01, 2009

Pretty, Summer, Floral Dresses for SALE!

I started out buying these dresses for myself but it just doesn't make sense owning 15 similiar dresses rite? I knnow that we can't have too many pretty, summer, floral dresses but i just can't AFFORD to. Shortly after i purchased them, The vert called and told me that my Precious needed surgery and as his sole guardian, I have to pay for that. So, will have to sell off these dresses just to get some money. Don't worry, these are brand new and still in their bags!

My Precious and I!!! He's been at the vet for more than a week already and i miss him!!

The details of the white dress. The trimmed Vneck, the ribbon at the waist and the pretty eyelet design! ONLY ONE(1) AVAILABLE PIECE!! MOST LIKELY TO FIT SIZES S/M..

This white dress is the sweetest!! Smocked at the back, Pure white, a ribboned waist, sleeveless and V-necked with the most petite lace trimming at the bottom!! It's just so sweet and pretty!! (150MYR)

This dress are for those who want something comfortable and yet casual for Malaysia's HOT weather!! This simple and pretty smocked dress is black with bright floral design and it's also a halter!! It's smocked fitting is good enough to fit ALL SIZES!! (60MYR)

The black background brings out the vivid and bright colorful flowers. Smocked around the waist and it's a halter top-dress. (60MYR) MOST LIKELY TO FIT SIZES S/M..

A red babydoll smocked dress!! Handsewn design decorates the bottom of the dress with luscious velvet straps! (6OMYR) Most likely to fit sizes S/M.

This simple and yet stunning gathered dress is smooth, comfy and practical! It's white and red combo is just gorgeous!! (60MYR)

This is a sweet pink floral smocked dress. Simple, sweet and feminine!! (60MYR)

A pretty button down floral dress. One of a kind and the button is only sewn on. Bright green little flirty summer dress!! The straps can be tied into pretty little ribbons! (60MYR)

This simple body flattering butterfly dress shows off your curves!! You can tie it up into a halter or just a sweet little flirty ribbon to the front! (70MYR) -SOLD-

IF you love summer, floral dresses, do buy these dresses!! I'm only selling these pieces that you see here and they are ALL LIMITED EDITIONS and I ONLY HAVE ONE (1) OF EACH!!

They are easy to wear casually and FREE SIZE! Not only are you guaranteed the prettiest dresses, you are guaranteed to be the ONLY ONE with it!!

To place an order, just send me a message at and I'll put it on hold for you. CASH TERMS ONLY AND CASH UPON DELIVERY. ONLY DAMANSARA/ PUCHONG AREA. FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!

These dresses are also on sale on my FACEBOOK page and in case of discrepancies, the earliest date of e-mail will get it. Please be informed that ALL SALES from your purchase will go towards Precious's surgery.

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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Mickey Rawashi Natalie said...

heyy the dresses here looks damn nice wey. i want ! hahaha