Friday, February 27, 2009


The usual Michelle as usual doesn’t take advice very well. Despite Dr. Margeret’s advice to stay off my ankle for 3 weeks and I have an MC to last me until then, I decided to go to college!! (Can I have a standing ovation?)

I’ll be taking Prof Communication with Mr. Moses, Campaign Management with Ms. Doris and TVC with Mr. Nizam and I adore all my lecturers. Classes with Doris are great since she’s a great lecturer and Mr. Moses is equally great. I personally think he’s a celeb because he’s quite a prominent figure in the journalism field. I discovered that he knows most of my friend’s in The Star!

TVC is a whole new field because I don’t watch much Malaysian programmes and the movies, I rarely watch much movies and even if I do, I enjoy stupid movies because most of the time, I’m dealing with “smart” issues and I need to relax and I like movies that can make me laugh and don’t really have to make much sense…

Well, this is apparently not enough for TVC and I need to watch local programmes… As if there’s anything worth watching! (I would rather flash someone than watch Academy Fantasia!!) I have generally no problems with my timetable (which is really good and it allows me to work and study at the same time!) or my lecturers.

I only have a LOT of problems with the other student EXCEPT those from Doris’s class. I predict this semester will be difficult but by God’s grace, I won’t have anything to do with them unless I want 5% of my participation marks… And I don’t!

I guess this is what people call the generation gap and maybe I’m too matured for my age. I mean, I spent the whole night at Isaac’s party talking to his dad’s engineer friend and his sister’s husband from NZ!! Most Saturdays are also spent hanging out with my mom’s friends.

I’m not saying that I’m better or whatever but seriously, they’re just like little kids! You know those annoying brats? I mean come on!! Grow up!! Even lecturers think that they are rude, superfluous and most Business lecturers have a bad impression of the Mass Comm students now.

Even though it’s only 2/3 years gap, the way we act is so different. With them, it’s like high school all over again! My rule in high school was “If you’re not laughing with them, they’re laughing at you!” It comes a time where you don’t really care about what people think or say anymore.

For me, I’m not worried about them laughing at me but I’m just so God damn annoyed at their lame jokes that make Knock-Knock jokes seem like the most absofuckingly hilarious joke ever! Their gaggle usually consists of some rameras, hurensohn, munsch, fotze, etc…

Anyways, I really thank God that I don’t need to have anything to do with them. I’m just going to go to class, do my work, try my best, pass the subject, continue 1 more last semester, do the same thing, graduate and go to Aussie.

Maybe next week will be much better since Musaab will be with me! Hopefully!! (Keeping fingers and toes crossed!) Now, I have to find a job. I really, really want a job at Border’s and the minute my ankle heals, Michelle will come a-knockin!

It's not a good sign but I'm really feeling Katy Perry, Thinking of You... "He kissed my lips, I taste your mouth... He pulled me in, I was disgusted with myself!"

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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