Friday, February 20, 2009

The Importance of English

The ongoing debate in Malaysia that fascinates me is the teaching of Maths and Sciences in English or Bahasa. This is so freaking ridiculous because the answer is right there. It only fascinates me because our politicians are out there arguing about teaching Maths and Sciences in English or Bahasa rather than solving other more important matters such as the crime rate, unemployment rate and etc.

Ever since the education system abolished the British English and turned it into Bahasa, the unemployment rate has risen. The public schools keep churning out useless grads that not only deteriorates our economy and grads with a string of “qualifications” but unable to even speak Basic English. This is an insult to our country that prides itself as one of the best in the world.

There is also the ever persistent Globalization and Malaysia feels like their losing their culture. A culture isn’t a way of life but what drives culture is the language. By trading Bahasa with English, they felt threatened because they’re out of their comfort zone and as written in the Malaysian constitution, Bahasa is the legitimate and official language of Malaysia.

It is an insult to the inventors, theorist, mathematicians and scientist that all their work is translated to Bahasa and does not and most of the time alters its actual founding principles. Maths and sciences doesn’t only involve numerical but most fundamentals involve ENGLISH theories, concepts, and methodologies.

Besides that, once the students graduates from public secondary schools and enters colleges, they would have to study everything in English. All reference books will be in English and NOT Bahasa or Chinese. It doesn’t necessarily means that by using English, you forget your identity, and it just shows that you’re adaptable and versatile.

I’m doing my Australian degree in Malaysia and I still have classmates who have made it to degree level with their atrocious English. Their level of proficiency is literally nonexistent. They are just lucky that the lecturers grade their work based on key concepts and not grammar or English.

English is the language of the world whether we like it or not and the only form of literature where English needn’t be grammatically correct is in the form of poetry. People do not understand that poetry is just a flow of one’s thoughts and feelings. By telling others to correct their English in poetry is so amateur and how can one ‘correct’ their thoughts and feelings?

Anyways, this is just an opionated piece from me and I can’t bloody hell give two shits about what the results are. I’ve done my time and I’m free. In fact, I could barely remember anything about Bahasa anymore. I could barely remember anything about this country anymore.

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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