Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I love this pix!! It's like 2 different people who found love and each other!

“I’m a textbook definition of a rebel” –Kat DeLuna (In The End)

That’s me! and all this while I love being alone, living my life for myself and not sharing my life with anyone. I didn’t have to think about anything or anyone except myself. I don’t have to answer to anyone or explain anything to anyone.

Ii was like a breeze in the night passing by. I had no problems being the lamp post for XY and AT. LOL! Anyways, I’m happy about the way I live my life and I’m going to admit that it was nice letting someone care for me.

I’ve been with BF since a few months end of last year and already we had broken up once before this. Only close friends of mine knows about him because I like to keep my personal life, well, personal. People are used to me being single and they I know people will treat you differently if your personal status changed.

For example, When I’m single, guys treat me really well and all but once I’m in a relationship, they treat me differently by distancing themselves away from me. I understand but they don’t have to worry. My BF is not some traditional thinking green eyed monster!

If you treat me differently, you do not know me! My BF is open and he’s not even here to have a say so why are you so silly? We’re both still young and he understands that I don’t want someone who ties me down. He also knows me well enough that I can be with anyone but I chose to be with him because I love him enough to do so.

My BF also knows me well enough that I’m very open minded and I have a LOT of guy friends that I’m close with and he doesn’t suffer from low esteem or lack of confidence to suspect that I’m sleeping with ALL my guy friends!

He understands in that term and that’s what I love the most about him. He understands that I need my friends because he’s not here to be with me. I know LDR (Long Distance Relationship) will hurt a lot but I’ve always been in LDRs because I’m the type of girl that wants my cake and eat it too!

Anyways, I don’t want to be treated any differently and yes, I love my BF. For the record, it’s not easy for a guy to share my life. Like what Inspector Closseau said in Pink Panther, “I can’t be with any girl; the girl would have to be so great to be able to be with me!”

I’m not saying that I’m such an amazing person but a person have to be very patient and understanding to be with me and that makes him a great person!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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