Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A. Roz's House

I still remember little fluffball here!! Remember him from all my previous posts?
It was an impromptu snap! I loved the water feature!!
And the generous amount of mirrors + strategically and thoughtfully placed ornaments/fixtures!
This basin is strategically placed near the dramatic dining table!
The dining table is dramatically situated on an elevated wooden platform! Gorgeous!!
I've always loved houses with foyers and it's rare to be able to find foyers in the usual terrace houses but this is beautiful!! Have to admire the amazing choice of foliage!
This is the pretty water feature! I'm here with the kitty attempting to catch some fish!
Visited A. Roz's house after quite a while and finally decided to take some time off and take a 30 mins drive to the 'outskirts' to visit her. Her house was gorgeous and I especially *HEART* the foyer!!
I've always felt that the foyer is a must in every house but only the rich can afford having a foyer. I forgot that I miss Fluffball so much!! It's been difficult after the kitties 'moved on'
I was so tired that I fell asleep on the way home and went straight to bed. Woke up to a dark and empty house and decided not to turn the lights off to participate in Horas Terra! Try eating Tandoori in the dark!!
I really pushed myself to my limits this week and I thought of getting my much deserved rest during the weekends but as usual, activities.... and will be doing Cheng Meng things tomorrow! Will probably visit Grandpa...
Anyways, classes is waaaayyyy better than the first 2 weeks cause of Tuli, Mauco and Sam! Well, not so much on Sam coz Sam hates school and Sam has issues! LOL!! As usual, I somehow could only hang out with International students. Sigh...
The weirdest thing in a good way? that Tuli said to me was that I'm as African as African can get! Woot!! LOL!! Does that make me a chigger? GO BOTS!!! :) My life is on the right track and I just ned to manage my schedule a little better! And I FINALLY WATCHED SHOPAHOLIC since XY and AT made me!! WAS AWESOME!!! really enjoyed it!!
Just so people out there would know, there's no such brand as Denni & George by Henri Bendel for the upteenth time!! Denni & George is FICTIONAL!! Oh, for those who has yet to watch the movie, Denni & George is where Bex got the MOST BEAUTIFUL GREEN SCARF that she named her column after; The Girl with the Green Scarf.
~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lakeside Photoshoot

This was our venue for the shooting! Beautiful pier isn't it?

We had to turn AT's Latio into a mobile changing room!

We had to be creative with our resources...

Nevertheless, we were VERY CREATIVE!!

He spins my head right round, right round, wen he goes down, wen he goes down, down!!! LOL!! Nothing to do with the picture, Just that the ficture in the playground does just that!! Go round!!

A very futuristic spiderwoman!! XY is the female version of Johnny Depp!! First she was Jane Sparrow (Female version of Jack Sparrow!), then now Spiderwoman!!

Me loves the futuristic playground!! There's a space craft, etc... You just need to bring your imagination..

Jason Mraz wannabe!!

Shortly after this was taken, we had a difficult time standing up!!

Don't I look like I'm a tourist in Aussie??? Howdy, Mate??? That's Texan + Outback Sheila!!

A glimpse of what we do the whole bloody day!! XY had to pose and I had to snap!

Sharing a little private moment!! And yes, I'm the lamp post/ spot light again!!

A view of an international student studying at the pier in Aussie!

Fixing some wardrobe malfunction!! LOL!!

Beautiful people who reads my blog,

Here's a behind the scenes glimpse of our little unofficial photo shoot in Aussie (LOL!) that I've promised you!! Decided to don the hat and be an Outback Sheila!!! In case of those people who don't read my blog, We're diversifying our economy and decided to have a new line.

We had fun and it's purely for business... I've never believed in mixing business with leisure anyways!! I want to thank God for giving us the PERFECT atmosphere and weather to be able to shoot the whole day!!It wasn't hot or cold!

Our little photoshoot managed to accumulate enough audiences!! But I pity the plants and the fish... Wanna know why? Cause the gardeners was too busy ogling XY until they overfed the fishes and overdid the garden... It was ewww... Men are disgusting!!

Anyways, it was a good day and I'm back to finishing so many pending, soon-to-be-due assignments!! Gosh, I hate it!! Take care!!

Oh, I'm looking for an Outback Jack!! Know anyone? Hook me up??

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Sunday, March 22, 2009

1st Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

Another cute one called Nelly B... A hot air balloon in the shape of a pink elephant!!
The amount of people took just to put up a hot air balloon is unimaginable!! Instead of stupid How many ________ does it take to fix a lightbulb joke, make one about How Many People Does it take to put up a hot air balloon??!!

The most beautiful balloon!! In the shape of a peacock!! When prophane was fired into the balloon, note it's lighted up butt!!

Josh loving the Nescafe one!!

OK, if i'm not mistaken, i think the Jack in the Box one is from Belgium!

Cool isn't it?? One side, it's smiling, and the other it's sad! awww...

Nothing beats watching those balloons float off, decorating the skies of Putrajaya!

I'm such a hater!! I'm so hating those people who got a ride!!
If you can see, you'll be able to see little dots of kites all over!!

Attended the 1st Hot Air Balloon Festival at Putrajaya and it was marvellous! How often could one watch how the experts inflate those huge hot air balloons?? I meant watching them do it UP CLOSE!!!

It was so amazing!! I've always loved balloons, imagine my troubles and releasing it!! When I broke up 2 years ago, God must've been amazed by the number of balloons I sent up to the sky!! I love beautiful kites and unfortunately, living in the city, you rarely get to fly any

So, if there's any good sites to fly a kite, do tell!! Anyways, If you read the website, they actually offer a 5 minutes ride for 10MYR and I can tell you that it's so dissappointing!!

The tickets were sold out and any like minded human being would ASSUME that the hot air balloon ride would literally mean floating hundreds of metres in the sky but they're version is just a hover.

It was a terrible management, cars parking haphazardly, jam all the way in AND out, Malaysian timing and etc... We had to leave before the Lightshow at night and watch it from the bridge. Well, it was even better... away from the crowd, under the stars and fresh, clean air!!

Anyways, I'm looking forward to my fashion shoot to launch the business on Tuesday and this is the PLACE to get the first view and the view behind the scenes!!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Blend of Turkmenistan, Turkey and Botswana!

The view from Chynar's condo! Breathtakingly beautiful!
Chynar and Naledi
Goodies for tea comprised of lots of chocolatey goodies washed down with some good tea!
Chynar being the mother and serving us.. her little hungry kids!
This is one of the Turkish food called yaprak sarma which was good! Its rice and spices wrapped with grape leaves!
We had Plov (Which is Turkmenistan's national dish! Really good I must say!), Cacik (Turkish yogurt salad), Salad and Mutton Samosa (Which got burnt coz Chynar was too busy!)

Me and Naledi!
Carol and I
Yes, Carol can cook!!

Had a great day with the girls talking about girlie stuff and just cooking. This is how I envision spending a quiet holiday! Had lunch at Chynar's with Carol and Naledi!

Learnt so much about food and culture, it's like out of classroom learning! Now I may just have to add Botswana, South Africa, Turkmenistan, and Turkey to my list of places to visit!
A little known fact about Turkmenistan from my view! All Turkmen believe in "mhyman atadan uly" which means that the guest is higher than the father. Guest status only lasts for 3 days! The majority of the population are Muslim and Turkmenistan is in Central Asia just below Russia!
A little known fact about Botswana and South Africa from my view! South Africa is one of the first nation in Africa to legalize same sex marriages. Men are caught raping lesbians to "correct" them!

Anyways, Good food, good company, good view equals to good times with me!! We should do this more often!! Hoping that our plan to Penang works itself out!! It's going to be fun!!

XY, i miss you so!!! Ich vermisse dich, Le echo!! Don't forget my bags, dresses, etc!! :p

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's & Eckywoobee

Eckywoobee a casual hang out spot where LOTS of making out happened! It's at PLaza TTDI!
Shinishameless drinking her fill!

Juleshameless as well! Tanni buddies!

Cheers to a girls nite out with a sexy Tiger and dirty talk!

Really nice piccies of us!

Breeness and Izzudin the future bride and groom!! Outside St. Patrick's!

St. Patricks was AMAZING! There's mechanical bulls, Zorb, Guiness, etc!
A stage for the performers from Aussie and etc!

The redemption booth!
XY, I and Breeness! As usual, I'm the lamp post but today, I was the spotlight!! XY and AT / Bree and Izzudin!! I outdo myself!
Friday was the bomb! Spent whole day playing Chots with the MIA girl Breeness who's getting married by the way! I so *HEART* weddings!!! Now the tough part is finding a partner to go with! I have my choices but sigh... We'll see!
Then we ALL had to look for a job, 2 FULL TIME and me PART TIME! *hint hint* ANY JOBS? and we had a nice time teaching Breeness profanities and buying so many books! By late evening, Breeness had to leave for dinner at the in-laws while AT had to send XY home.
So, decided to bar hop with Shinishameless and Jules!! It was great fun to be able to talk dirty, talk sex, talk crap while enjoying a nice draft! After that, we travelled to Eckywoobee at TTDI! It was a nice, casual place and more girly talks!
Had fun!! Now I'm looking forward to Monday!!! Will be hanging out with Chynar, Naledi and Carol... Pictures will also be up soon!! Lookie my social life is baaaaccckkk!!!!
THE SONG TO LISTEN TO RIGHT NOW: PRINCE OF DENMARK'S MARCH by Jeremiah Clarke! (If not, you'll probably listen it on my wedding as I walk down the aisle!)
~you know you hate me~
Michelle May