Monday, March 16, 2009

A Blend of Turkmenistan, Turkey and Botswana!

The view from Chynar's condo! Breathtakingly beautiful!
Chynar and Naledi
Goodies for tea comprised of lots of chocolatey goodies washed down with some good tea!
Chynar being the mother and serving us.. her little hungry kids!
This is one of the Turkish food called yaprak sarma which was good! Its rice and spices wrapped with grape leaves!
We had Plov (Which is Turkmenistan's national dish! Really good I must say!), Cacik (Turkish yogurt salad), Salad and Mutton Samosa (Which got burnt coz Chynar was too busy!)

Me and Naledi!
Carol and I
Yes, Carol can cook!!

Had a great day with the girls talking about girlie stuff and just cooking. This is how I envision spending a quiet holiday! Had lunch at Chynar's with Carol and Naledi!

Learnt so much about food and culture, it's like out of classroom learning! Now I may just have to add Botswana, South Africa, Turkmenistan, and Turkey to my list of places to visit!
A little known fact about Turkmenistan from my view! All Turkmen believe in "mhyman atadan uly" which means that the guest is higher than the father. Guest status only lasts for 3 days! The majority of the population are Muslim and Turkmenistan is in Central Asia just below Russia!
A little known fact about Botswana and South Africa from my view! South Africa is one of the first nation in Africa to legalize same sex marriages. Men are caught raping lesbians to "correct" them!

Anyways, Good food, good company, good view equals to good times with me!! We should do this more often!! Hoping that our plan to Penang works itself out!! It's going to be fun!!

XY, i miss you so!!! Ich vermisse dich, Le echo!! Don't forget my bags, dresses, etc!! :p

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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