Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Lakeside Photoshoot

This was our venue for the shooting! Beautiful pier isn't it?

We had to turn AT's Latio into a mobile changing room!

We had to be creative with our resources...

Nevertheless, we were VERY CREATIVE!!

He spins my head right round, right round, wen he goes down, wen he goes down, down!!! LOL!! Nothing to do with the picture, Just that the ficture in the playground does just that!! Go round!!

A very futuristic spiderwoman!! XY is the female version of Johnny Depp!! First she was Jane Sparrow (Female version of Jack Sparrow!), then now Spiderwoman!!

Me loves the futuristic playground!! There's a space craft, etc... You just need to bring your imagination..

Jason Mraz wannabe!!

Shortly after this was taken, we had a difficult time standing up!!

Don't I look like I'm a tourist in Aussie??? Howdy, Mate??? That's Texan + Outback Sheila!!

A glimpse of what we do the whole bloody day!! XY had to pose and I had to snap!

Sharing a little private moment!! And yes, I'm the lamp post/ spot light again!!

A view of an international student studying at the pier in Aussie!

Fixing some wardrobe malfunction!! LOL!!

Beautiful people who reads my blog,

Here's a behind the scenes glimpse of our little unofficial photo shoot in Aussie (LOL!) that I've promised you!! Decided to don the hat and be an Outback Sheila!!! In case of those people who don't read my blog, We're diversifying our economy and decided to have a new line.

We had fun and it's purely for business... I've never believed in mixing business with leisure anyways!! I want to thank God for giving us the PERFECT atmosphere and weather to be able to shoot the whole day!!It wasn't hot or cold!

Our little photoshoot managed to accumulate enough audiences!! But I pity the plants and the fish... Wanna know why? Cause the gardeners was too busy ogling XY until they overfed the fishes and overdid the garden... It was ewww... Men are disgusting!!

Anyways, it was a good day and I'm back to finishing so many pending, soon-to-be-due assignments!! Gosh, I hate it!! Take care!!

Oh, I'm looking for an Outback Jack!! Know anyone? Hook me up??

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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