Sunday, March 15, 2009

St. Patrick's & Eckywoobee

Eckywoobee a casual hang out spot where LOTS of making out happened! It's at PLaza TTDI!
Shinishameless drinking her fill!

Juleshameless as well! Tanni buddies!

Cheers to a girls nite out with a sexy Tiger and dirty talk!

Really nice piccies of us!

Breeness and Izzudin the future bride and groom!! Outside St. Patrick's!

St. Patricks was AMAZING! There's mechanical bulls, Zorb, Guiness, etc!
A stage for the performers from Aussie and etc!

The redemption booth!
XY, I and Breeness! As usual, I'm the lamp post but today, I was the spotlight!! XY and AT / Bree and Izzudin!! I outdo myself!
Friday was the bomb! Spent whole day playing Chots with the MIA girl Breeness who's getting married by the way! I so *HEART* weddings!!! Now the tough part is finding a partner to go with! I have my choices but sigh... We'll see!
Then we ALL had to look for a job, 2 FULL TIME and me PART TIME! *hint hint* ANY JOBS? and we had a nice time teaching Breeness profanities and buying so many books! By late evening, Breeness had to leave for dinner at the in-laws while AT had to send XY home.
So, decided to bar hop with Shinishameless and Jules!! It was great fun to be able to talk dirty, talk sex, talk crap while enjoying a nice draft! After that, we travelled to Eckywoobee at TTDI! It was a nice, casual place and more girly talks!
Had fun!! Now I'm looking forward to Monday!!! Will be hanging out with Chynar, Naledi and Carol... Pictures will also be up soon!! Lookie my social life is baaaaccckkk!!!!
THE SONG TO LISTEN TO RIGHT NOW: PRINCE OF DENMARK'S MARCH by Jeremiah Clarke! (If not, you'll probably listen it on my wedding as I walk down the aisle!)
~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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