Monday, April 27, 2009

Hiatus... Again!

Well, I've been doing nothing except those society dinners every alternate week and studying! I'm freaking dead serious about my studies now. I hope to raise my GPA to 4 or at least 3.8! I spent 1 week researching and writing my TVC Research Essay and spent another whole day deleting around 1000 words!

The requirement is 3000 words max but I somehow had a lot of redundant sentences of 1000! LOL! Then, just as I'm about to give it to my lecturer to check/ go through my work, Murdoch decided to change the questions. Now, Instead of sending him my work, I'm sending him my appeal letters. sigh....

I had a great day and today was the perfect day for blogging since it's RAINING!!! and it's Breeness birthday! Which also happens to be Samuel Morse's birthday! Look at your Google page today!

Due to the fact that I'll be awfully busy this week with my interview, appeals, wedding, and another dinner, I'll resume blogging once I've cleared and edited all the pictures! Till then, enjoy my little unprofessional review on yesterday's Bahrain race!

I was watching the F1 race in Bahrain and I have to say that I have a love-hate relationship with Bahrain. I got hooked on F1, Spanish, and Bahrain because of The Ex. I was kinda disappointed with the race because there weren’t any major accidents. I personally feel Nakajima is the root cause of it but he’s car just skidded and that’s about it.

Then, Massa’s KERS won’t work and yes, I love watching KERS in action. When the race started, It was depressing since Glock was leading and once Button took the lead, I was already jumping for joy!! I was however, hoping Barrichello would take at least the 3rd place but I’m not going to push my luck.

I have to seriously start looking out for Glock. I mean, he was leading and somehow ended at 7. I don’t think he drives very well but then again, we can just see how well he drives in Spain. If Button keeps this up, I hope he wins and Brawn – Mercedes will win the Constructor title.

Team Brawn has proven that their cars are better, they have better strategies but they tend to play it safe. I guess Ecclestone knew they had the potential. Well, I’ll be supporting Brawn all the way! I loved every second of the pit stop and how every seconds count! I’ll be savoring Button’s 7.1 seconds ahead of Vettel’s win!!

You know what would be the best cherry on the top? If Button wins at my favorite track in Monaco! Well, I can only hope so!

~you know that you love me~
Michelle May

Saturday, April 25, 2009


NatNat checking someone out! LOL! Some culturally confused Rempit Lala! (Hence, CULTURALLY CONFUSED!)

She laughs so much! I think she's funny!! ;p

She loves to cam whore... i think she suspects that I'm taking pictures of her! (Eh, at least its not your normal cam whore pose!!)

And yes, we LOVED ROOT BEER WITH ICE CREAM!!! ahahaha.... It's been quite some time since I last had A & W Root Beer!! And with the ice cream! WOW! It's like drinks for the God!

Before meeting NatNat, had to attend some Anti Smoking Campaign with Nick. Well, Nick had to seriously explain to me why people (more on H&T Students) actually bother having such campaigns since it's entirely up to an individual whether they want to quit or not. Personally, I think anti smoking campaigns are just publicity stunts (albeit a safe one!) and a waste of good money and time. Smokers are just weak people who can't control their mind and allowed their mind to control them. Simple as that! Well, when Nick was so focused, I think I destroyed some foliage out of habit! lol..

Well, I've had 2 good days back to back. Thursday was fun cause "willingly got myself kidnapped" by Nick, finally met XY and AT (after she yelled at me!), met Musaab after so long and had an adventure in Cheras with Madrekins, A. Candy, A. Irene and A. Jessica.

Had some good food and just technically had fun! Got home kinda late and NatNat wanted to meet on Friday. Well, classes was cancelled on Friday cause of Paintball. Besides that, I got my marks for my essays and it's been great!

Anyways, we watched The Uninvited which was Moderately OK. It's just a tried concept of MTV Music Videos where the singers don't know they're dead and the camera angling of the people? MTV videos such as Shayne Ward-No Promises and Ne-Yo-MAD.But NatNat actually got scared watching the preview of Coming Soon! Damn funny right that girl?

Anyways, I had fun for the past 2 days and I'm looking forward to next week. I hope my interview doesn't get postphoned again on Tuesday, Another dinner on Thurday and my long awaited Bree's wedding on Friday!

Right now, I'm going to start my painting and gardening again. I thank God for making me feel so blessed. Times like these, read Paolo Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die and you'll start feeling happy for everything that you have and that we take for granted!

Anyways, to read more on NatNat, Please visit her blog at ---->

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Monday, April 20, 2009

Touch me but don't trust me!

I *HEART* this song from 3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me!!!

Black dress with the tights underneath
I've got the breath of a last cigarette on my teeth
And shes an actress but she ain't got no need
She's got money from her parents in a trust fund back east

T-t-t-tongues always pressed to your cheeks,
while my tongue is on the inside of some other girl's teeth
tell your boyfriend
If he says hes got beef
that I'm a vegetarian
And I ain't fucking scared of him

She wants to touch me, whoa oh
She wants to love me, whoa oh
She'll never leave me, whoa oh whoa oh oh oh
Don't trust a ho
Never trust a ho
Won't trust a ho, cuz a ho won't trust me
She wants to touch me, whoa oh
She wants to love me, whoa oh
She'll never leave me, whoa oh, whoa oh oh oh
Don't trust a ho
Never trust a ho
Won't trust a ho, cuz a ho won't trust me

X's on the back of your hands
Wash them in the bathroom to drink like the bands
And the set list
You stole off the stage
Has red and purple lipstick all over the page

B-b-b-bruises cover your arms shaking in the
Fingers with the bottle in your palm
And the best is
No one knows who you are
Just another girl, alone at the bar


Shush girl, shut your lips
Do the Helen Keller
And talk with your hips
I said shush girl, shut your lips
Do the Helen Keller
And talk with your hips
I said shush girl, shut your lips
Do the Helen Keller
And talk with your hips


This song is just amazingly great!! Even though it may not make much sense, me love it! Madrekins took the news of Mr. C pretty well and it's good. At least I know that she won't kick him out of the house and disown me!

The weather is pretty bad nowadays and it's exceptionally warm (In other words, It's bloody, effing HOT!) I think this are the effects of global warming. I have to admit that I've been taking 3 showers for more than 30 mins a day and I don't usually do that!

I have to keep the fan on just to "cool" the place down and generally i've been wasting water and electricity! But hey, I've stopped using the heather, so in a way I save electricity?

Been really excited about Bree's wedding and I've finally decided to take *drumrolls* my BESTIE; Shi Nee!!! Well, i've been pondering on which guy to take since I heard of it months ago! Guys come and go but besties stay on forever!

Besides, she's practically my sister since her family adopted me many years ago! So, its settled and I have to focus on my life right now. Juggling my studies, work, job, friends, family, social life, baby, and 2 guys is tough!

I'm not complaining since I asked for it! Now, it's just to decide what dress to wear!Like the song said; Don't trust me!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Friday, April 10, 2009


I really need a place to organize my thoughts! Had Sakae and the usual Ms. Read with Hindraf earlier and we just spoke non stop about Mr. Continental. Mr. C is the bad boy that I don't normally date but somehow I got entangled and enamoured by him.

He's not the type that you can bring home and introduce to your parents. If I do, my parents will definitely wonder whether I've slept with him or not and then they would most probably throw him out and disown me.

I hate myself for being a slut and lying to my BF while having a good time with Mr. C. Maybe I'm just going out with Mr. C because of the adrenaline and I love it that he loves me. I know that my friends aren't his biggest fan and that he's bad for me but he's like my favourite drug.

I tried to pull away but I keep going back to him for more. I keep telling myself it's just physical attraction but it has become so bad that I think about him every single passing moment! I don't think that I've ever put this much thought on my BF!!

He has his own little way that works on me like a spell... Every little thing he does is magic! (don't mind the pun!) I really don't know how long I can do this. My BF would be so hurt if he ever finds out.

You know the feeling? You feel so good but after that, you can't even look at yourself in the mirror? You can't face yourself, your family, your friends, etc? Like I said, I know it's wrong and he's like chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes all rolled in one, I know it's bad for me but I just can't leave it alone!!!

Why does stuff thats supposedly bad for you, are always more interesting? The worst they are for you, the more badly you want it? I think it's just a typical bad boy phase but I need to control myself before I make even more mistakes.

All this while, I've dated all types, men twice my age, different culture, etc but they all have one thing in common, they are all presentable, smart, responsible, excelling academically and make perfect husbands. Even the BF has all these attributes.

Anyways, I just can't do it the way the "Mink" does it! I don't even want to be like her! I really thank God that I have someone like Hindraf who's rational and is there to comfort and advice me. Gosh! I love her so much!! And I miss Mink so much too!!

I have yet to decide on my next course of action but as advised, I need to end it with Mr. C before more people gets hurt. Now I'm already in too deep with him, I need to save myself.

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

Monday, April 06, 2009

How Do You Sleep??

How Do You Sleep? by Jesse McCartney feat Ludacris.

Come to think about it, it's been 2-3 years since I broke up with Scott.

"It's been a year now, Ain't seen or heard from you, I've been missing you crazy, How do you, How do you sleep?"

I remembered how close we were and how crazy in love we were but I've missed him ever since THAT fight and he left without saying goodbye. Even until now, I can't think of airports without thinking of him.

Sometimes I still stay awake thinking of him. Sometimes I wonder whether you're also thinking of me? I hate this. I remembered how much he's hurt me, I still have to go on with my life like nothing has happened. After him, I didn't think I could love anyone like I loved him.

They say " Don't do unto others, what you don't want others to do unto you" but I treat my BF the same way he treated me. I feel bad. I feel stupid that he's no longer with me and I still think about him!

I like to think that I've moved on but it's been years and I still think about him. I can't tell anyone cause they'll just think I'm stupid. "Not only do I miss your ways, But I miss the conversation too, Tell me that you've been gettin no sleep, Can't think, can't eat until you come and see me"

How I wish you could feel my pain. How could you??? I couldn't get you off my mind even if I tried. I keep thinking of what could've been!

And yes, due to the current economic recession, I won't be able to attend AMUNC this year. Because of that, I'm terribly upset and devastated. Also because of the recession, Padrekins won't be going to NY this July as well. I think he's upset that there's no more spending twice a year in NY anymore. God only knows how much he loves NY! sigh.

~you know you love me~
Michelle May