Saturday, April 25, 2009


NatNat checking someone out! LOL! Some culturally confused Rempit Lala! (Hence, CULTURALLY CONFUSED!)

She laughs so much! I think she's funny!! ;p

She loves to cam whore... i think she suspects that I'm taking pictures of her! (Eh, at least its not your normal cam whore pose!!)

And yes, we LOVED ROOT BEER WITH ICE CREAM!!! ahahaha.... It's been quite some time since I last had A & W Root Beer!! And with the ice cream! WOW! It's like drinks for the God!

Before meeting NatNat, had to attend some Anti Smoking Campaign with Nick. Well, Nick had to seriously explain to me why people (more on H&T Students) actually bother having such campaigns since it's entirely up to an individual whether they want to quit or not. Personally, I think anti smoking campaigns are just publicity stunts (albeit a safe one!) and a waste of good money and time. Smokers are just weak people who can't control their mind and allowed their mind to control them. Simple as that! Well, when Nick was so focused, I think I destroyed some foliage out of habit! lol..

Well, I've had 2 good days back to back. Thursday was fun cause "willingly got myself kidnapped" by Nick, finally met XY and AT (after she yelled at me!), met Musaab after so long and had an adventure in Cheras with Madrekins, A. Candy, A. Irene and A. Jessica.

Had some good food and just technically had fun! Got home kinda late and NatNat wanted to meet on Friday. Well, classes was cancelled on Friday cause of Paintball. Besides that, I got my marks for my essays and it's been great!

Anyways, we watched The Uninvited which was Moderately OK. It's just a tried concept of MTV Music Videos where the singers don't know they're dead and the camera angling of the people? MTV videos such as Shayne Ward-No Promises and Ne-Yo-MAD.But NatNat actually got scared watching the preview of Coming Soon! Damn funny right that girl?

Anyways, I had fun for the past 2 days and I'm looking forward to next week. I hope my interview doesn't get postphoned again on Tuesday, Another dinner on Thurday and my long awaited Bree's wedding on Friday!

Right now, I'm going to start my painting and gardening again. I thank God for making me feel so blessed. Times like these, read Paolo Coelho's Veronika Decides to Die and you'll start feeling happy for everything that you have and that we take for granted!

Anyways, to read more on NatNat, Please visit her blog at ---->

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

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