Monday, April 27, 2009

Hiatus... Again!

Well, I've been doing nothing except those society dinners every alternate week and studying! I'm freaking dead serious about my studies now. I hope to raise my GPA to 4 or at least 3.8! I spent 1 week researching and writing my TVC Research Essay and spent another whole day deleting around 1000 words!

The requirement is 3000 words max but I somehow had a lot of redundant sentences of 1000! LOL! Then, just as I'm about to give it to my lecturer to check/ go through my work, Murdoch decided to change the questions. Now, Instead of sending him my work, I'm sending him my appeal letters. sigh....

I had a great day and today was the perfect day for blogging since it's RAINING!!! and it's Breeness birthday! Which also happens to be Samuel Morse's birthday! Look at your Google page today!

Due to the fact that I'll be awfully busy this week with my interview, appeals, wedding, and another dinner, I'll resume blogging once I've cleared and edited all the pictures! Till then, enjoy my little unprofessional review on yesterday's Bahrain race!

I was watching the F1 race in Bahrain and I have to say that I have a love-hate relationship with Bahrain. I got hooked on F1, Spanish, and Bahrain because of The Ex. I was kinda disappointed with the race because there weren’t any major accidents. I personally feel Nakajima is the root cause of it but he’s car just skidded and that’s about it.

Then, Massa’s KERS won’t work and yes, I love watching KERS in action. When the race started, It was depressing since Glock was leading and once Button took the lead, I was already jumping for joy!! I was however, hoping Barrichello would take at least the 3rd place but I’m not going to push my luck.

I have to seriously start looking out for Glock. I mean, he was leading and somehow ended at 7. I don’t think he drives very well but then again, we can just see how well he drives in Spain. If Button keeps this up, I hope he wins and Brawn – Mercedes will win the Constructor title.

Team Brawn has proven that their cars are better, they have better strategies but they tend to play it safe. I guess Ecclestone knew they had the potential. Well, I’ll be supporting Brawn all the way! I loved every second of the pit stop and how every seconds count! I’ll be savoring Button’s 7.1 seconds ahead of Vettel’s win!!

You know what would be the best cherry on the top? If Button wins at my favorite track in Monaco! Well, I can only hope so!

~you know that you love me~
Michelle May

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