Saturday, May 30, 2009


The decor is like a library! Me likes!!!

MUST TRY!! SOME durian pancake thingy!!

Yan Yan cheh the Hongkie and her "tim pan" (dessert)

Joss kor who ordered two tim pan coz he can't make up his mind!

Had "Tim Pan" (desserts HK style!) at Honeymoon @ 1U... Yea, You guessed it right, we love 1U!!! The good thing is that they have so many choices that after 2 pages, you just don't bother reading the whole menu anymore...

But, what they sell is mostly the same... It's just that some have more ingredients and some has a little less ingredients! But the must try is the durian pancake thing!It's really awesomely good!

~you know you trust me~
Michelle May

First Friday (05/29/2009)

We're so happy that our 1/4 is back!!! Waiting for the other 1/4!!!

Waaaaa!!!! So Lala ar???

And yes, we were cam whoring in the urban jungle!

Ili insisted that her boobies got bigger!!! I just felt to see if her statement was a myth or a fact!

Hongkie and his pineapple fried rice!!

Me and Shi Nee @ Eckywoobee, Plaza TTDI

Ili was saying "UP THERE!!!" and Shi Nee was like, "WHAT??? UP WHERE?? HOW??"

Tiger hasn't arrived yet so we had to "do" Heinekens!!!

We always call buckets! Had fun playing beer games! and believe it or not, we wanted to order another bucket!!!


Since EVERYONE was busy on the Friday that ili got back, we were so happy to meet up!!! We had Sushi Zanmai @ 1U and it was delish!!! We couldn't get enough of it! It was reasonable and we ate till we couldn't eat anymore! (Total bill was 93MYR)

Then we met the Hongkie at Garden and he had Pineapple Fried Rice while I had my Tiramisu which I thought was really nice anyways!! (Total bill was 20smtgMYR)

Then after lots of Waaa!!! and cam whoring, Ili had to leave cause she has to meet her parents for dinner. So, Shi Nee and I decided to go to Eckywoobee @ Plaza TTDI. Had our usual bucket but Tiger wasn't around so a bucket of Heineken and dices kept us there till 9PM!! (Total bill was 60MYR)

We had so much of fun and my Prof Comm exam was great! At least i get to answer most questions! I feel really blessed and happy right now! I've been so many places, done so many things, have so many really good dependable friends and only God knows how lucky and happy I feel right now!

I can't wait for Ann to come back so that we will be complete! Like I said before, I'm gonna party and go crazy till they all leave in August!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May


My Communication & Conflict class with our lecturer Ms. Doris!

I can't believe another semester has come and gone. It's still so surreal that I have 1 last semester, 1 last subject more to go (may take another Business subject but that's a different story!)

I took TVC, Communication & Conflict and Professional Communication and out of those 3, my favourite subject has got to be Comm & Conflict. I love my classmates (even though I rarely speak to some of them!) and the lecturer! (Been in Ms. Doris class for 2 semesters now and still counting!)

I really enjoy her classes and she's really knowledgable and approachable. My classmates don't give me problems like the other juniors in my other classes! Overall, I'm really grateful for such a great subject, lecturer and classmates!

Anyways, this picture was taken after our Final presentation on Thursday and as you can see, EVERYONE EXCEPT my group members were in their Sunday's Best!Do I look hang-overed? I was actually high and alcohol was still in my bloodstream at the moment I was presenting!

Yea, I presented while I was under the influence! But you can't see that I'm drunk here right? Only seasonal alcoholics can pull the natural, normal look off while under the influence! I don't mean to blow my own horn but *toot* *toot*

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

PENANG with the Girls!

Had the most AMAZING TIME nad the MOST MEMORABLE AND FUN vacation with the crazy girls! I LOVE CHYNAR for everything, Naledi Majasi for saving me from hotel security, Naledi Paledi for bringing on the fun, and Carol Mokomane for being such a great companion!

We had the best vacation of our lives, just us girls and doing spontaneous things! And of course, attracting attention and getting in trouble with security! But then again, it's all good, clean fun!

~you know you envy me~
Michelle May

Madrekins Birthday and Garden @ 1U

Celebrated Madrekins birthday 2 days in a row at Garden, 1U coz she loved it there! I think the Tiramisu is highly orgasmic!

There's some random pictures in Winter Warmers where we went for tea but too lazy to upload each and every sigle picture!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Clubbing with ma peeps!

Yes, Even though I was so stoned, I managed to go out and have fun with Isaac, Darrell and Cally!

And instead of bar hopping, we were club hopping! From MCircle to Maison! Well, like I said, I'm open to all possibilities!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May

Monday, May 25, 2009


After much persuasion from me, Parentals decided to roadtrip to Malacca! Well, I've never been to Malacca and of course, the deprived cam whore me had to snap pictures everywhere!

Well, i saw so many weird stuff like rice balls as big as ping pong balls and forts and old antique stuff... anyways, really enjoyed my trip!

~you know you love me~
Michelle May