Sunday, May 03, 2009

Bree's Wedding

The beautiful bouquet in the rightful place: The centrepiece of my room!

Well, I caught the bouquet when Bree threw it! LOL! I was the only one who wanted to catch it anyways!

Nothing wash a good wedding down like a cold Tiger! We bar hopped again! This time, not to Ecky but to Sid's and the bar is cool! Like a community, people talking loudly to everyone kinda cool!

To the greatest partner any single girl could ask for; HER BFF! Thanks so much for ALWAYS being there when I needed you!... (even though you may say otherwise!)

This is XY'a partner for the night! AT!! (I think they're the one who'll get married next even though I caught the bouquet!!)

The really cute couple!! XY+AT!! This was like the most hilarious thing she said, "You two crazy ar? You're seriously going clubbing in THOSE clothes??? But they're so.... erm, Cultural!!!"

The 3 girls!! No wonder my parents are beginning to think I'm lesbian!

Me favourite picture of the night!!! The Groom; Izzudin, The Bride; Breeness, Me!, My Partner; Shi Nee and The Bestie; XY!!!

Another picture!! To show off our pretty dresses!!! XY is very English in hers, Shi Nee is very Malay in hers and I'm wearing some Thai designer! (Hope he'll be famous someday!)

The funniest thing Shi Nee said, "Are you sure it's gonna be Vera Wang and NOT Sg. Wang???" Those bitches are hilarious!!!

"It's so nice to get dressed up for something besides clubbing!!!" - Shi Nee.

I absolutely agree!!! Breeness is like our first friend to actually, really get married! I mean, it's a pretty big deal. I actually thought she was kidding when she passed me the wedding invitation!

Since the invite states that I was to bring a partner, I was thinking of which guy to bring but since i'm single, I might as well enjoy the night and not be self conscious and I decided that my BFF is my plus 1. But Shi Nee spent the whole night in utter disbelief that Breeness is married!! She's someone's wife!

It was really, fun! we cam whored, we talked crappy stuff and we just relaxed and had fun! But the day didn't begin well. Everyone was lying! Everyone should've been there from 7.30PM onwards and Breeness will walk down the aisle at 8.30PM sharp.

I was delayed, Shi Nee was the only one who was there ON TIME!!!(No, Indian Delayed Timing!) and we actually sat in the car and waited for the lovebirds to arrive! Spent the whole night trying to delay Bree but to no avail!

It all started with AT and XY being late! Thus, delaying us watching Bree walking down the aisle!Then, we went to the wrong place! We ended up at Rastaman instead of Puteri Restaurant! Then, we had to park and etc...

It was such a rush but things relaxed down when we had our dinner and started joking around! The night ended with me and Shi Nee just bar hopping... AGAIN! It was the perfect day! Sigh...

Now, I've been bitten by the wedding bug and I'm seriously contemplating whether I should start booking THE PLAZA for my wedding since it's practically booked till the next milennium!!! It's better being on the waiting list than not in any list!!!

~you know you hate me~
Michelle May

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